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  1. What is the packet squirrel?

    The last I have heard is that more details will be available in early October. When / how is up to Darren :) I'd love to say more, but my hands are tied.
  2. Ignoring the sarcasm, imagine unstable extroot on "unstable" sd cards..
  3. Extroot isn't stable enough unfortunately.
  4. Payload

  5. Random CD in Hak5 Envelope

    All packages are packed in the hak5 warehouse in California. This is rather odd though, and I am looking into it.
  6. Cow Milking Robot Hacks/Mods X11

    Quite likely, yeah.
  7. VERY Silly question about Partitioning

    Dual booting an SSD does not decrease it's lifespan. It's not like the SSD is now running two operating system simultaneously or is required to write more often than it would need to for the individuall OS.
  8. Languages

    Update your config.txt file (on your mass storage partition) to say "DUCKY_LANG de" instead of "DUCKY_LANG us". Also remove any mentions of DUCKY_LANG from the payloads you are running. In theory, no payloads should set the language at all, as this should now be done via the config.txt.
  9. [RELEASE] Bash Bunny Firmware v1.3

    You have to run the Bash Bunny updater twice. Once to upgrade the firmware, and again to update the payloads. The reason for this is that the upgrade changes the udisk, so pulling down payloads before the upgrade is completed doesn't make sense.
  10. OS X Payloads

    Use 1.3
  11. bunny_helpers.sh code please!

    @HarambeCute Please do not double post (this thread existed three times), and please do not use bunny_helpers anymore. They are now "extensions" and can be found in the Bash Bunny Payload repository.
  12. Difference between Upvote vs Like on posts

    In all seriousness, I think it's something to do with the fact that we can enable Q/A type forum categories. This means people can "upvote" answers to a question. If you don't want to upvote but show appreciation, you can like instead -- I think.
  13. What firmware is the best one?

    The interesting thing here is that firmware 1.1.3 did not change anything other than recon mode / profiling. Neither of these changes are firmware related, so it is rather odd that 1.1.2 would resolve your SD card issues. Either way, we are working on 1.2.0 right now, which will address a number of issues and generally clean up the WiFi Pineapple NANO and TETRA.
  14. Difference between Upvote vs Like on posts

  15. Sub Directory as Drive

    Yup, I'm well aware.