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  1. I realize a year is a long time, but the next update will have been worth the wait.
  2. Yeah, not sure what went wrong there. Clouflare ¯\_(~.~)_/¯
  3. date and time

    Most of our products don't feature a Real-Time-Clock (RTC). While the Bash Bunny features a RTC, it isn't powered when the Bash Bunny is unplugged, so it cannot keep time. This means that the internal clock resets to January 1970 every time we (re)boot. This will cause all sorts of issues, such as thinking SSL certificates are expired. To prevent this type of issue, we look scan the filesystem for the newest file, grab that timestamp, and set our clock to that. This means that without an internet connection, we are going to set the time to that of the newest file present. When you have an internet connection, NTP will ensure that the time is kept up-to-date. This will in turn update a file, which will allow us to get "closer" to the real time.
  4. So our Cloudflare setup blocked your request because it detected a RCE attack. No idea why that would trigger from some links in the post, but I would suggest you try posting them again.
  5. uci: entry not found

    The issue here isn't with the firmware, but with the module. I have updated the module, so once you update all modules this issue should be fixed. If there are any more module issues, please send PR to https://github.com/hak5/lanturtle-modules.
  6. firmware v3 openvpn issue + fix

    Thanks for noticing this - we came to the same realization a little while ago and have rolled this fix into the next firmware.
  7. Modules

    We have something planned to make switching payloads a breeze :)
  8. I'd probably use something like external merge-sort for this, but a database like @noncenz suggested should be a good choice for this.
  9. Bash Bunny LED options/ commands

    Yeah, that was the case with 1.0. Sorry, I misread your post :)
  10. Bash Bunny LED options/ commands

    No you aren't. We make every combination possible available by a single char: R, G, B, Y, C, M, and W :)
  11. udisk not mounted !

    Serial / SSH in and execute "udisk reformat" to get everything setup properly again.
  12. [RELEASE] Bash Bunny Updater

    From time to time Hak5 releases firmware updates for the Bash Bunny including new features, bug fixes and security improvements. The easiest way to install these is with the Bash Bunny updater. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux – this utility will automatically update your Bash Bunny to the latest software version. The payload library on the Bash Bunny can also be kept up to date using this tool. When the updater runs it will not only check for firmware updates (and updates to the utility itself), it will also synchronize your copy of the /payloads/library folder with the official repository. Additionally it will update any available language files. Find out more at https://bashbunny.com/setup
  13. udisk not mounted !

    That's not how it works - when you are connected via arming mode, you won't see the udisk. Execute "udisk mount" to mount it.