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  1. I already fixed with a lot of trying and changing settings all the time, thank you for your effort.
  2. Thanks man, I was thinking of that but your advice made me try it. The thing is; when they are all in UP it doesn't let me reach the pineapple GUI through my browser by I did all the basic configuration with my adapter sharing to changing ipv4 & dns. Disclaimer; I did a lot of research in networking but I would appreciate everybodies help! :)
  3. Hello Guys, The following thing has bothered me for some days now and I'm wondering if I do something wrong or if its normal for everybody. Few days ago I bought the Pineapple Mark V and I really like it, I have to learn much more about it but it's a beginning. Something bugs me: Everytime I take off the power off my Mark V I have to wait 5 minutes to start it up (fair enough) but also create a new password & a new monitor side SSD. Is this normal, do I have to same something on the SD card or do something with the Mode Selections Switches? Every comment with information about it will be appreciated, thank you in advance. Robbert Europe
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