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Found 7 results

  1. 3D Printed Case for Pineapple Mark V

    Hi, I'm new to this community and just starting to learn to use a mark v Pineapple. I decided design a case for protection of the antenna when i carry it in my backpack. I posted my design on Thingiverse so if anyone has a 3D Printer and is interested.... here it is. free to all. My way of giving back to this community for now. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2378385 Enjoy and let me know if you print it i would love to see the results. Thank you
  2. SCP & SSH permission denied

    I am unable to SCP or SSH to the mark V. Getting "permission denied" error for both. This has been constant prior to today; however, today when minimizing infusions they will no longer maximize again and I cannot factory reset or even properly reboot the device. So I need to be able to reflash it over SSH. Any ideas? Am I overlooking something here? Using port 22 for both.
  3. Minimized infusions broken

    I have minimized several infusions and now they will not come back to the interface. Configuration is one of them so I cannot factory reset the pineapple. Trying to SSH in fails with permission denied. Is there a fix for this issue? How can i restore the infusions so they are accessible?
  4. hi anyone know why pineapple wifi mark MK5, ver 2.4.0 not capturing anything on sslstrip. I am not talking about the username or password, i know sslstrip don't work but it don't even display anything like pages i visit .. i have installed the module and enabled it. it show sslstrip running but nothing is displaying/capturing nothing is showing up.
  5. Power Issues when connected to batt

    Hello World, Ive had the Mark V for some time now and finally got around to picking up an external batt for mobile deployments. When I first booted it up I noted that the modules I have installed on the SD card are not displayed in the Web GUI. It shows up in the resources page as being mounted yet none of the modules installed on said card are displayed in the modules drop down menu. The only thing I am assuming is happening is that even though the battery is providing power to the pineapple, it may not be enough power to have the card display the modules? When its plugged into the wall, they show up. That being said the external batt is an Amazon Power Bank (16,100 mAh) which provides 5V output (10 watts). The DC barrel - USB cable I picked up from amazon as well. Any help troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.
  6. NO infusion is available

    Hello everyone, I have just upgraded my wifi pineapple to the latest version 2.4.0 manually since I couldn't do it from pineapple web gui Now I would like to install other infusion than the default ones' WHen I click on the pine bar and do a refresh no infusion is listed. WHat should I do to enhance my pineapple mark v Best regards,
  7. Mark V Error Connecting...obtaining IP

    I'm able to now connect and get internet connection through the Pineapple, but when I try to connect to get firmware updates or Show IP address, it gives Error Connecting. I have connection, obviously, through my AP, not understanding why I'm not able to get IP address on the Pineapple itself. It shows in Client Mode the connection that I have on wlan1 and that it has an IP. Is there a configuration setting that I missing? Did I set something wrong? Followed tutorials on setup and Linux connection sharing...using Kali Linux. bg