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  1. It just seems kind of lazy... Would be nice if these were updated to point to something that has more content or is actually used in some manner.
  2. I guess I just need to review the JS more now and figure out how to redirect properly.
  3. So it comes with a redirect function: <script type="text/javascript"> function redirect() { setTimeout(function() { window.location = "/captiveportal/index.php"; }, 100); } </script> When the form is filled out, you click next, then it closes out after you're done. I've changed the index.php to hello.html, and it redirects to hello.html but it's just the portal page without the fancy graphics, as opposed to the test html page for information on what happened.
  4. Hi! I'm working with evil portal right now and want to redirect from the evil portals login page to a page then warning about the dangers of using unknown networks like this and submitting information. I have a redirect in the PHP of the evil portal, but it doesn't seem to redirect properly. I click submit on the portal box and, on my iPhone, get redirected to captive.apple.com. Has anyone else done something similar?
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