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    How can I create a server?

    Ummmm, you should watch the hak5 video on hosting servers. https://youtu.be/BH4M7djZfew?t=5m57s This link should start from when they show you. If you still dont understand I will explain. 1. Download this https://github.com/CoreSecurity/impacket/ (Impacket) 2. Open Linux shell (terminal) and go the the directory of the file 3. Go to the example files 4. type ./smbserver.py or python smbserver.py If you do that it will show you the sequence IF you don't now how to do this still then you shouldn't have tried this in the first place NEXT PART IS IF YOU DONT KNOW 6. do ./smbserver.py tmp /tmp/ BOOOM You have a smb server running. You can of corse change the directory in this case which is /tmp/ You put whatever files inside the tmp file which is your drives start. you could do / or /tmp/root/ If you don't want to do any of that, I created my own mimikatz rubber ducky code. You dont need a server for this. Just need another usb stick. Here is the github link to it. https://github.com/DeDogeGod/mimiWIN8-RubberDucky
  2. You can't get more then 2 commands and only get 3 if they are specific ones. I had this problem for my mac update troll for full screen mode too. Just find another shortcut.
  3. DeDogeGod

    Ducky flasher red light

    I had this problem to twice. One was because I had a damaged micro sd and the other one was because the firmware was corrupted. So just flash the rubber ducky again and try using a different sd micro card. Also you get that problem if you name the inject.bin something else.
  4. DeDogeGod

    wifi script problem

    I had this problem so I made my own code. You can check it out and use it but dont steal it. Heres the github for it, https://github.com/DeDogeGod/DeWifiCreds-RubberDucky I explained it on the github page but there are 3 different types. One is similar to yours but I decided to use mostly keyboard binds and the other one uses a software to get it. The software one might get detected but virus defender and shiz but its REALLY FAST.
  5. DeDogeGod

    Rubber Ducky Discord

    I think its time we make a discord for the rubber ducky. We can see each other work way faster. So I created one. https://discord.gg/xF4SgXu I if you want to be admin IDC so sure.