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Found 3 results

  1. SSLsplit + Module Working on the latest firmware > v2.5.4 Package / IPK (For advanced users): You can now find SSLSplit v0.5.5 on my github repo. šŸ˜‰ It's been compiled for the latest firmwares, and is working flawlessly for me, on both my Nano and Tetra! šŸ™‚ Manual installation of the package is for advanced users. The Module: I've also created a fork of the original SSLsplit Module, that you can find on a separate github. repo: https://github.com/adde88/SSLsplitNG It's been modified to install my package, and should work on firmware versions > 2.6.0 Module Installation: Download this tarball containing the module, and transfer it to your Pineapples /tmp directory, for example by using WinSCP, or "scp" on Linux. SSH to your Pineapple and run the commands below exactly as outlined. cd /tmp gunzip SSLsplitNG-1.6.tar.gz tar -xvf SSLsplitNG-1.6.tar cd SSLsplitNG-1.6 mkdir -p /pineapple/modules/SSLsplitNG cp -r * /pineapple/modules/SSLsplitNG/ Pineapple NANO: After completing the above steps, you need to create a sym-link to make the module appear in the web interface. You DON'T need to do this on the Pineapple TETRA. ln - s /sd/modules/SSLsplitNG /pineapple/modules/SSLsplitNG I'd appreciate feedback, especially if you encounter any errors! When pasting logs and such, please consider using pastebin to avoid filling the thread with debug-stuff. Donations: Are very much appreciated! Alot of my spare-time goes to keeping software up-to-date with the Pineapples on my various repositories, and helping out the community in general! It really helps me so i can continue on with this work. šŸ™‚ Click here if you want to support my projects over PayPal.
  2. pmurton


    There have been no updates to the Github payload repository for some time. Is this no longer being used as the mechanism for sharing payloads?
  3. Can someone (@Darren Kitchen) setup a separate branch in the BashBunny Repo so that it is easier to remotely download an updated Payloads library? E.g. Pressing a button and it downloading the ZIP of the branch (via zipball/<branch_name>) and unzipping it, overwriting the library folder (but obviously not the switches' folders)? Could also be more useful for community payloads, as they would be stored in a separate branch that is still linked to the root directory's master branch and can therefore manage payload pushes easier. Seems like a good idea in my head that seems easier and more convenient, but up to you.
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