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  1. Hello there guys! nice to see you! Just wanted to know about the power of python from you leets, im a beginner! trying to learn new things of python can you please tell me what are the things could be done with python?? Can I use python for IoT devices? is it gonna help me only in scripting ?
  2. How to make a USB hacking tool? how to hack into systems with a usb just by inserting and creating a backdoor of it?
  3. How to make free internet calls ? (VoIP) from computer? Anybody knows that?
  4. Hello there! Which is the best programming language to start with? I have already learned a bit of C and JAVA. May I know the best language to start with? I want to learn to make wireless hacking tools for linux with my own coding knowledge, kindly help! Thanks!
  5. What are the most possible things i can do with my Alfa AWUS036H? Other than wifi password hacking and flooding mode?
  6. I have the same afla card but my question is, what are the other things it can do than hacking wifi passwords and jammers?
  7. What are the alternatives of wifite and reaver to hack wifi ? ( If you don't have a word list i.e don't want to try brute force attack?
  8. So does this mean that anyone can send the de-auth packets to your hotspot and disable your wifi or make you login twice?
  9. Hello there! Anybody know about Warberry Pi ? I have a link which will take you to the code of it, but I don't have an exact idea about its technology and other stuff, and my question is what is the hardware required to use this? or only these scripts would work? Here's the link! https://github.com/secgroundzero/warberry
  10. Hey there! This is my first post! Just wanted to know on how to start with hacks and mods on this cool website? Any suggestions? I'm a moderate level beginner in hacking. Thanks in Advance!
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