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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I wrote a blog on my finding with a Smart LED Light bulb which uses Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, which i was able to reverse Engineer using no extra tool/hardware like BLE Sniffers. Check out the original blog post here: http://iayanpahwa.github.io/Reverse-Engineering-IoT-Devices/
  2. Hi everyone, I'm currently working on a project involving a DIY Portable EMP Jammer. I tested the device on a Samsung S7 (with LineageOS, distance 0.3-0.5 mm). It didn't have the effects I wished for, but some other effects that I think is interesting. I documented recorded the test with my phone. Effects on test device: 1. Open random applications. 2. Random zero touch button press. 3. Cant no longer connect to wi-fi. LoL Effects on unintended device (Android 9, distance approx 100 cm): 1. Camera flickers a little. 2. The phone sends an huge amount of QUIC-packages. 3. Gets blacklisted by my DOS-protection on my router. So my conclusion is: It seems possible to simulate a UDP overflow attack with electromagnetic fields on devices using QUIC protocol. The issue: I have a hard time figure out in which ways and if it's possible to utilize on that reaction. Anyways do anyone have any input on this, or think it sounds interesting? Best regard Paraply
  3. I have been poking at an IP camera for a while now, and have found a few cool things but I was wondering if anyone knew of some good youtubers or forums for specifically IOT hacking, I can't seem to find one. Also back to my project, looking at the traffic in Wireshark shows me that the traffic is unencrypted, would there be any way to watch the stream from within Wireshark? Or any other way to collect the packets and just watch the unencrypted stream? Also since the camera is motorized I am able to see the commands sent to the camera. How would I go about crafting and sending my own packets to the device to make it function? (just looking to be pointed in the right direction, not step by step) I'm guessing this would be some type of python package. Also if anyone has any other ideas for me I would love to hear them.
  4. Hi Everyone, So my latest obsession has been with embedded device hacking/reverse engineering. I've been having tons of fun discovering UART/JTAG ports/pins, dumping firmware, and walking the file systems. As far as binary analysis goes - I am looking for something comparable to IDA Pro. I've used it and like it, and from what I have read - it's considered the best; however it is also the most expensive. Does anyone know of any good alternatives the have a comparable feature set? I've been looking into Binary Ninja which is about $150 for a Hobbyist license - I am leaning towards that one so far. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, D
  5. Hey guys. I'm a standard idiot, little better than your average rock and stick. Used to watch Hak5 when it was on RevolutionTV and available on my tivo, but haven't since they moved. I find the whole tinkering world fascinating, but haven't used it for more than free wireless when my system goes down on vacation, at school, etc. Love the reaver! Anyway, I'm also an avid fisherman. As such I was extremely excited when Minn Kota, the premier trolling motor company, came out with a purely automatic, gps driven motor. You can drop your boat off the trailer, hit a button on a remote, and your boat will go park itself without human intervention. Awesome! Here's a demo: However.....being a somewhat wise member of the stick and rock family, I know that just because I can run a robot doesn't mean that someone else can't - occasionally very easily. So just before buying one of these $2300 add-ons I thought I should contact the company about security. The response? "We re-use the same code multiple times so hacking shouldn't be a problem". Huh? That sounds like exactly what I'd NOT want to hear. The last thing I need is some guy on the bank driving my boat into a rock, or over a dam, or into some idiot power-boater who probably isn't paying attention anyway. I'm sure at this point you're wondering, "Did you hack it?" - well no, I'm a rock, remember? I am concerned that all these IOT manufacturers think of security as "not an issue" though. There's go to be a better way! I suppose this post is more of a rant or a heads-up than anything, Though I'm angry enough I might just get started on this little project...
  6. Has anyone used the CUJO device to protect their home IOT devices and have you seen any potential attack that make you glad you bought it?
  7. Hello there! Anybody know about Warberry Pi ? I have a link which will take you to the code of it, but I don't have an exact idea about its technology and other stuff, and my question is what is the hardware required to use this? or only these scripts would work? Here's the link! https://github.com/secgroundzero/warberry
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