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  1. MR.M

    Im new so hi

    All of you are the best thanks you so much for the help and cooper your right I should have worded that better I want to get in to technology I love it if want to be a software developer or technical engineer so yes I would like to know what to do like I said I only know some basic skills like notepad and cmd and I'm taking classes on codecademy
  2. MR.M

    Im new so hi

    I know I'm trying but I get lost I only know a little I know a little about notepad and cmd but I need help to put me on the right track I need help starting and from there I want to go it alone so please just get me started. Thank you
  3. Hi i am very new i just wanted to know if someone can help me i want to get into hacking and to get more skills with a computer i have a lot to learn and i was wondering is someone can help me please help me.
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