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  1. Ok, solved the mystery of not getting the email ..it seems this sendowl.com service is sending the email with non-deliverable mail so if you're having address verification turned on postfix it will bounce it back.
  2. Fun, nothing in spam folder only mail from shop@hak5.org with subject "Order #xxxxxx confirmed", but without any links to download. It only says "..Your order will ship as soon as possible — typically within 1-3business days."
  3. Hey, how can I download Hak5 Cloud C2; I've placed order and everything got Order confirmed email as well as "Invoice for that order", but no download link?
  4. @Darren Kitchen where to get one of those?
  5. @JediMasterX if you have no knowledge on 802.11 protocol (wireless) and never worked with WifiPineapple before then the book is good start
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