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Found 12 results

  1. I'm using LimeChat on Mac OS. I receive the following error when trying to connect: The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error -9847.) The following are my settings in LimeChat for connecting to irc.hak5.org. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hello, I must be doing something totally wrong. When I try connecting to irc.hak5.org/6697 it takes me to the darkscience irc. I am using hexchat. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Hi everybody, I'm chatting on an IRC Website (That not allows simple users to connect by an IRC Client, but only Browsers ...). When spamming or flooding, I've been being banned with 3 Types of bans : 1. Banning the IP address (I simply Bypass this ban by rebooting my Wi-Fi Router because I have a dynamic IP address); 2. Banning the MAC address (I'm again capable of bypassing this by changing my MAC address with the freeware '' TMAC Changer '' ); 3. Banning the Browser connection (Here comes my problem, in other terms, even if I do a clean uninstall / install of my browser '' After changing IP + MAC addresses '' and keep changing my browsers Mozilla, Chrome, Chromium, Safari, Opera; I keep getting banned every-time ... So when I have no browser left to install, I MUST WIPE + FORMAT my PC to connect again to this site). My question is as so : what is the specific parameter in the browser that allow Operators and Admins in this IRC Website to catch me every-time, and how can I bypass this ?! Thank you in advance, and I hope you can help me !
  4. Are there any lively IRCs still around? I know that is how some people got started, I havent played in one for years. Was watching a movie today and it showed an Mock up IRC just kinda got me strolling down memory lane
  5. Parsec99

    IRC server

    Hello, I would like to be involved in IRC chat, but I'm not clear on what server it is located on. Could someone please assist me? Thank you
  6. Hi, I've been crunching away at this python3 script(s) for the past month and I would like some input on how to make it better. I based this bot off of Paul Mutton's work from the book “IRC Hacks.” Threading, having less hard coded variables, self healing, and making this code less dyslexic is definitely on the to do list! Let me know what you think :3 https://github.com/notpike/PikeBot
  7. Hi, This is a module that allows you to control your WiFi Pineapple over IRC. It uses a custom configuration file that you can edit in the Web Interface. The configuration file contains four sections, "Network", "Security", "Commands" and "Other". Firstly, "Network" contains the network information such as the server, port, nickname and channel to join. The new "Security" block contains the name of the Master and the trigger. "Commands" contains your commands in the format of "phrase: command to execute". Finally the "Other" block is for other options such as debugging. For more information on the config file format, see here. Heres some screenshots: Thanks! -Foxtrot
  8. Can anyone help me in making IRC website for my collage ? can i use raspberry (pi) and pineapple (mark 5) to do that? plz help me in doing that just give me instruction and i will also do my research to make that better..plz someone help me in this..... love hak5
  9. Infusion Versions : [03/10/13 15:14] -Version 0.1 - First Release (▬ = Unsupported/Old ▬ = Devel ▬ = Current/Supported) Infusion Info : Commander is an infusion for the WiFi Pineapple Mark V that connects to user-specified IRC servers and allows you to control the pineapple over the IRC protocol. This allows a fast, easy to use and (hopefully) reliable text-based service. The front-end for the infusion is made up of PHP and JavaScript, while the back-end is programmed in Python, thus requiring Python as a dependency. Tips : -To see a list of command currently used by Commander, once connected to an IRC server type your prefix and then "commands", for example "+commands" or "!commands". Disclaimer : This infusion has the power, if used incorrectly you could seriously mess up your pineapple, which could lead to you having to reflash or other unwanted action. 'Dangerous' commands that you need to be careful with are "rm, mv, execute" etc. An "are you sure?" will be implemented in a later version. That said, Please have fun using this infusion! Features in Development : -User Authentication -Ask to continue on certain commands -Possibly change PRIVMSG to NOTIFY to prevent populated channel spam.
  10. Hey guys! So for some reason our old #ducky channel on the IRC died, but now it's alive again! So there is now a place to discuss the Duck in IRC, too. The channel is on the official Hak5 IRC (Secfo), at either irc.hak5.org #ducky or irc.secfo.org #ducky on ports 6669 or 7000 for SSL! Come and join in :D -Foxtrot
  11. Hi guys, I'm new so please don't bite ;) I noticed Darren's section about setting up ZNC so he has always on connectivity with IRC. I'm just wondering if it's possible to do this with a Raspberry Pi instead of using a VPS. Ideally I'd be running my 'pi' as the VPS which saves on costs for me. Does anyone know if this is possible and if so can you point me in the right direction :) Thanks guys! DarkByD3sign
  12. i was wondering what the best app for irc in windows is? i'v tryd Irssi and Oirc and dislike both of them <_<
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