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  1. Fair point. Even the ones outside of the USA?
  2. Sounds like you have a DNS problem on your hands. See how your network adapter is configured and if you want to statically assign a DNS server I suggest
  3. Just curious why a security-driven community would block tor exit-nodes from accessing the forum?
  4. Hmmmm... I am not familiar with any laws surrounding collecting users MAC Addresses but I would suggest that you actually use two raspberry pi zeros instead. They are super cheap and you can probably write a python script to do exactly what you described in an hour.
  5. What firmware version are you on? What wifi pineapple are you using?
  6. Hey looks like the github link leads to a 404 😕
  7. Looks good! I was trying to search for more meaningful bugs but could only find one small one.🤷‍♂️ On line 29 of file "payload.txt" echo "- Can't find mode script" >> $LOG_PATH I am not sure if you did this on purpose but I believe you meant to type: echo "- Can't find $MODE script" >> $LOG_PATH Thanks for sharing your code I really liked it! 👍
  8. I don't know if anyone is familiar with this exploit framework but I have recently been messing around with it. I have a device on my network that has a vulnerable FTP with default creds. When I use the framework it is fine but once it "finds" the credentials it never displays them to the user. Anyone else have the same issue or know any fix? rsf (FTP Default Creds) > run [*] Running module... [*] Starting attack against FTP service [*] thread-0 thread is starting... [*] thread-1 thread is starting... [*] thread-2 thread is starting... [*] thread-3 thread is starting... [*] thread-4 thread is starting... [*] thread-5 thread is starting... [*] thread-6 thread is starting... [*] thread-7 thread is starting... [*] thread-0 thread is terminated. [*] thread-1 thread is terminated. [*] thread-2 thread is terminated. [*] thread-3 thread is terminated. [*] thread-4 thread is terminated. [*] thread-5 thread is terminated. [*] thread-6 thread is terminated. [*] thread-7 thread is terminated. [*] Elapsed time: 5.070053577423096 seconds [+] Credentials found!
  9. I have been poking at an IP camera for a while now, and have found a few cool things but I was wondering if anyone knew of some good youtubers or forums for specifically IOT hacking, I can't seem to find one. Also back to my project, looking at the traffic in Wireshark shows me that the traffic is unencrypted, would there be any way to watch the stream from within Wireshark? Or any other way to collect the packets and just watch the unencrypted stream? Also since the camera is motorized I am able to see the commands sent to the camera. How would I go about crafting and sending my own packets to the device to make it function? (just looking to be pointed in the right direction, not step by step) I'm guessing this would be some type of python package. Also if anyone has any other ideas for me I would love to hear them.
  10. Ohhh okay makes sense. What box are you using for pfsense?
  11. It's a cloud-based box that I set up using OpenVPN, I would be tunneling my traffic through tor but I think Hak5 forums blocks traffic if it detects a tor exit node. That's actually very interesting and yea I figured that if the government wanted to know who was running the box, they would just get a warrant from the parent company. Why would running all of my devices through the VPN cause leaks? I have done many DNS leak tests and have yet to experience one. Also in your opinion, do you feel it is better to trust a service such as NordVPN, who claims to not log, over creating your own server?
  12. That is true, but let's say they do.... the cool thing about tor is that I can change my route/ endpoint at any time. So I'm actually curious, how would they keep track of the endpoint I am currently using? I'm not saying the government can't track me I'm just saying I'm going to make it a pain in the ass for them ? So far I have everyone in my immediate family connected to my VPN and I haven't seen or experienced any throttling. As for streaming media, I typically use Youtube, Kodi or a movie service such as Netflix or Hulu on my firestick (That why I asked you about adding that to the VPN earlier today). Even watching youtube videos on my laptop, I have yet to see any noticeable difference from when I wasn't using the VPN.
  13. Yea! I tend to have it on even for home network use and of course, I don't trust my ISP/government/Network with information. I am not defending against anything, in particular, per say but more just seeing where the bounds of security and convenience lie for me.
  14. Hey, So I am curious what creative ways you guys use to protect yourselves while on any network. I also thought I would share some of the steps I personally take to stay security conscious. -I have a VPN always running that I am administering for all of my, and my families, devices. -In addition to the VPN I also am hooked up to the tor network, running ghostery, https everwhere and pixel block while in chrome. -I also take the usual physical security precautions such as having all of my drives encrypted and using a Kensington lock. There are probably other things as well that I just can't think of right now, just thought I would share to get the conversation started.
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