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Since I'm new here, would be nice to introduce myself:

Favorite game: Forza 2 (atm)

Favorite OS: changes with every new linux distro i'll lay my hands on

Favorite console: Xbox 360

Nationality: Polish

Sex: Male

Age: 21

Race: White

Height: 5'11"

Status: Single

Build: RC1

Favorite band: Rage Against the Machine

Favorite book: Bone collector

Favorite author: Tom Clancy

Favorite movie: Black Hawk Down

Favorite director: Quentin Tarantino

Favorite TV Show: Sopranos, The Big Bang Theory

Favorite actor: Jason Statham

Favorite actress: Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Other hobbies: Martial Arts (Muay Thai), Music

Car: none

Occupation: student. 2nd year, Bsc Computer Networks Security

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Hi My name is Dave aka 5h4rkbyte

Favorite computer: Commodore 64

Favorite OS: BASIC/Win XP/Win 7

Favorite Food: Italian

Favorite Movie: Bladerunner/Hackers

Favorite Pinup: Cheryl Tiegs

Nationality: Heinz 57 born in America

Sex: Male

Age: 46

Height: 5'8"

Status: Have gf

Build: Athletic

Favorite band: Currently Linkin Park

Favorite book: Anything by Poe

Favorite Comedian: Lewis Black/Sam Kinison

Other Hobbies: Saltwater Coral Reef tanks, Hockey

Car: 1970 GTO

Occupation: UA Pipefitter

"Isn't this where we do the talent portion of the contest?"

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Hi My name is Shadrac aka Shadrac

Favorite computer: The Brain

Favorite OS: WinXP/Ubuntu

Favorite Food: B33r

Favorite Movie: Princess Bride

Favorite Drink: again - B33r

Nationality: American (so they tell me)

Sex: love it !

Age: 37

Height: 5'10"

Status: Married

Build: Athletic

Other Hobbies: Construction

Occupation: IT Networking

Location: Under a rock

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My name is Jarkko.

Favourite game: NHL 09

Favourite OS: Windows 3.1

Favourite console: Xbox 360

Nationality: Finnish

Accent: Sexy

Sex: Male


Race: White

Height: 5' 9"

Build: Similar to a MAC truck

Favourite book: Digital Fortress

Favourite movie: Donnie Darko

Favourite TV Show: Eastbound & Down/ The Office

Favourite actor: Danny McBride

Favourite actress: Natalie Portman

Favourite Comedian: Mitch Hedberg

Other hobbies: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Ice Hockey, Mountaineering

Car: I live in Japan. Train Warrior!

Occupation: The dude.

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My name is Chris a.k.a numb3rs

Favorite game: Toss up between Starcraft (patiently awaiting SC2), Enemy Territory (Original) and Modern Warfare

Favorite OS: Windows XP, Learning Linux (Favorite Flavor: Ubuntu)

Favorite console: XBOX 360

Nationality: American

Accent: Mid-West or None idk.

Sex: Male


Race: White

Height: Who cares

Status: Engaged

Hobbies: Computer, Gaming, Being a father

Car: Luxury Sedan

Occupation: FT IT student

Nice to meet you all.

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My name is James a.k.a. Mazebane

Favourite game: Red Alert 2

Favourite OS: Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Favourite console: ZX Spectrum 48k (rubber Keyboard)

Nationality: Yorkshire

Accent: Yorkshire

Sex: Male

Age: 37

Race: Yorkshire

Height: 182 cm

Status: Married

Build: Version 0.9 rc 1

Favourite Band: Beastie Boys

Favourite Book: Feed the Goat: The Shaun Goater Story

Favourite Author: Peter F. Hamilton

Favourite Movie: Bad Santa

Favourite Dictator: Julius Caesar

Favorite Actor: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Favorite Actress:

Favorite Pinup: Blu-Tack

Favourite TV Show: Mock The Week

Favourite Comedian: Bill Bailey

Other Hobbies: Hockey and Football (translation for our American friends, Field Hockey and Soccer :P)

Occupation: IT Helpdesk Monkey

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hi, name is Blair AKA DigitalManiak

Favorite game: Halo

Favorite OS: WinXP & OSX

Favorite console: Xbox 360

Nationality: American

Accent: people up north say I have a southern accent, people down here say I "talk funny"

Sex: Male

Age: 27

Race: very white

Height: 6'

Status: Single

Build: let's just say I have the body of a Geek God LOL

Favorite Band: too many to list.

Favorite Book: iWoz, The Art of Deception

Favorite Movie: Sneakers

Favorite TV Show(s): Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Leverage, and of course Hak5 on the big screen

Other Hobbies: modifying cars, camping, golf

Car: '97 Mercury Grand Marquis

Occupation: Student, Major: Computer Science (cant get a decent IT job around here w/o a BA or BS degree, even after a decade in the field as a tech)

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My name is Casey Parman

Favourite game: COD4

Favourite OS: XP/windows 7

Favourite console: Ps3

Nationality: US

Accent: midwest????

Sex: Male

Age: 22

Race: White American

Height: 6'3"

Status: married

Build: Custom (dont really feel like listing)

Favourite band: i have many favorite bands i enjoy almost all music

Favourite book: any programming book.

Favourite author: who knows.

Favourite movie: i watch way to many movies to remember most of them

Favourite director: not sure.

Favourite TV Show: heroes, chuck,leverage,fringe

Favourite actor: eh to many

Favourite actress: well.. again to many

Favourite Pinup:.....???

Favourite Comedian: Pablo Francisco

Other hobbies: most of the time i forget what my hobbies are because the time i get to myself normally i dont want to get off the couch. (programming(beginner)(video games)(learning about computer)(catching up watching Hak5 at work)

Car: 2003 VW Passat

Occupation: CAD TECH

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My name is Brian

(My) Favorite game: The Cardigans

Favourite OS: The one I'm using at the time

Favourite console: RCA Victor Deluxe

Nationality: American

Accent: Southern

Sex: Male

Age: 35

Race: White

Height: 6'1"

Status: Single

Build: Hammer & Nails

Other Hobbies: Search and Rescue, Geocaching, Emergency Management, Augmented Reality

Car: 2008 Dodge Ram Quad Cab

Occupation: IT Professional

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Thought I had better update mine.

Favourite game: Starcraft

Favourite OS: ubuntu

Favorite console: PS2

Nationality: Australian

Accent: English Queenslander hey

Sex: Male

Age: 29

Race: White

Height: 5'10

Status: Married with 3 nooblets

Build: Getting a bit tubby now

Favourite band: Cannibal Corpse and Onyx

Favourite book: Hannibal

Favourite author: -

Favourite movie: I like a fair few movies.

Favourite director: Kevin Smith

Favourite TV Show: Sons of Anarchy, Dexter and Star Trek

Favourite actor: Deniro and Pacino

Favourite actress: No idea

Favourite Pinup: V8 Falcons

Favourite Comedian: Billy Connolly and John Cleese

Other hobbies: Pissing off Apple fan boys, sacarstic observations, IRC, d&d

Occupation: Internal IT support

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My name is Cata a.k.a many things, you can call me zoiks

Favourite game: 3D Shooter: Minesweeper , Cars : WoW, RPG: Urban Terror, Open Arena etc.

Favourite OS: Ubuntu

Favourite console: none

Nationality: Romanian

Accent: Could be a bit russian like

Sex: yes, male

Age:26 (for now)

Status: Customized

Favourite band: Spice Girls

Favourite book: I don't read

Favourite author: I don't usually care

Favourite movie: The Hangover mmmm

Car: The Bus/Cab

Occupation: Developer

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now: Oh well, in the mirror i guess. Just like now.

Personal Projects: Building alien attack robots in my room to take over the world mwahaha.

Favorite Quote: realmendontusethespacebar

Hobby: World Peace!

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Names Ghost_System

Favorite Game: most shooters, open arena, fable 2, elder scrolls 4, etc...

Favorite OS: Windows vista (would run a version of linux if i could get another computer for cheap)

Favorite console: xbox 360, although mine shut down on me


accent: none that i know of

sex: male

age: 17 (don't judge because of age)

status: taken

favorite band: rise against, mostly alternative music

favorite book: too many to count...

favorite author: none

favorite movie: fight club, pulp fiction, etc

car: none yet

occupation: hope to start a computer repair service in my area, but otherwise unemployed...unless you count school as a job

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Hey Hey, thought I would finally get around to posting. So hello to you all, long time watcher of Hak5 and glad to see you guys on season 6 now.

I wish you all the best for the coming season and for the future ones to come. I'm going to post a few of my projects on the site in time and most likely some questions and hopefully answer a few IT questions from some of the users.

So Good Job. Keep those episodes coming.


Favourite game: Counterstrike:Source

Favourite OS: Fedora 11 with ext3 / Windows 7

Favourite console: Amega CD32 - Still works!

Nationality: Scottish

Accent: Scottish

Sex: Male


Race: Caucasian

Height: 5' 11"

Status: With Girlfriend

Build: Normal..

Favourite band: 2 many DJ's

Favourite book: A song of Ice and Fire

Favourite director: Harold Ramis

Favourite TV Show: The Wire

Favourite Comedian: Billy Connolly

Other hobbies: Partying, IT, socilising, IT, Drinking.. etc..

Occupation: IT System Administrator

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Wow I only just discovered this thread! :)

Favorite game: Team Fortress 2

Favorite OS: Windows 7

Favorite console: PC

Nationality: Australian

Sex: Male

Age: 16

Height: ~1.7m

Favorite book: Six Sacred Stones

Favorite author: Matthew Reilly

Favorite movie: Independence Day

Favorite TV Show: The Chasers War on Everything (ended :'()

Other hobbies: Pwning noobs, reading, minor programming, messing around in virtual machines

Car: I wish

Occupation: Student

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Name: Corey (Shouldn't have been that hard to guess)

Favorite Game: Stuff on my iPhone (not a big gamer)

Favorite OS: Mac OSX but i use everything

Nationality: American

Sex: Male

Age: 16

Status: Single

Height: 5' 4" or 1.6 meters for you metric people

Favorite Author: Dan Brown

Favorite Movie: Eagle Eye

Favorite TV Show: NCIS

Hobbies: Programming and Archery

Occupation: High School Student

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Hi, im FreeRunner

I watched your show a few dozen times like everyone else here and simply loved it. Had a great laugh bout the 90s show tbh, brought back loads of memories. Just gonna drop the info like the rest of you guys

Favourite game: Bullfrog: Syndicate or SWG(precu)

Favourite OS: OSX or Ubuntu..depends on what the need is

Favourite console: Atari 2600, my first love

Nationality: Danish

Accent: -drunk-

Sex: Male


Race: Scandinavian

Height: 50'12"

Status: in relationship

Build: polstered for artic winter/regular

Favourite band: Jamiroquai

Favourite book: BCC's book of endangered species and how to cook them

Favourite author: Douglas Adams

Favourite movie: Starwars ep 4

Favourite director: Peter Jackson

Favourite TV Show: does Hak5 count? ;)

Favourite actor: Harrison Ford

Favourite actress: Felicia Day

Favourite Pinup: Angelina Jolie in Hackers..hawt

Favourite Comedian: Andy Kaufmann

Other hobbies: googling you, feeding ducks bread with chili and general slacking, app development

Car: oh i travel by firewire

Occupation: government network administrator, 3rd level support when i bother to pick up the phone :)

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Hello Everyone!

I watch a lot of Hak5 and I must say I love it and they always talk about the forums so i'm like what the heck? I'll check it out and I liked it. It's very simple.

I'm just a geek! and I plan on going to college for Network Engineering or something along that line.

I play the guitar and i'm a semi-professional photographer.

I'm Geek! What more could I ask for? I love it!

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My name is Sean a.k.a SumTingWong

Favourite game: COD4

Favourite OS: Ubuntu Linux

Favourite console: Xbox360

Nationality: Korean

Accent: What you mean Accent? Me no Accent!

Sex: Male


Race: Korean

Height: 5 9"

Status: I got da misses!

Build: Rugged like an Oak Tree

Favourite band: "Sublime"

Favourite book: "Lock Picking for Complete Idiots"

Favourite author: "none"

Favourite movie: All Martin Scorcese Movies

Favourite director: Martin Scrocese

Favourite TV Show: Gangland - History Channel

Favourite actor: Tila Tequila

Favourite actress: Megan Fox

Favourite Pinup: Robocop

Favourite Comedian: Any Black Comedians

Other hobbies: Golf

Car: s2000

Occupation: systems engineer

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Favourite game: C&C 3, UT2K4

Favourite OS: Depends on what is needed.

Favourite console: PS3

Nationality: North American

Accent: tard

Sex: Male

Age: ?

Race: Hoo-man

Height: 5'8"

Status: Online

Build: it and they will come.

Favourite band: Chromium (ZA), Lamb of god

Favourite book: "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever"

Favourite author: Too many

Favourite movie: Idiocracy

Favourite director: ?

Favourite TV Show: ?

Favourite actor: ?

Favourite actress: ?

Favourite Pinup: Your Mother :o

Favourite Comedian: George Carlin

Other hobbies: Learning

Car: 1994 GMC Jimmy

Occupation: SysAdmin/Lead Tech

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My name is Gary aka CGarison

Favorite game: Need for Speed (The original PC Game with Toyota Supra)

Favorite OS: Windows 7

Favorite console: Magnavox Odyssey 2

Nationality: US

Accent: very southern with a touch of hillbilly redneck

Sex: Male

Age: much older than I look

Race: Caucasian

Height: 5'10" when last measured

Status: committed

Build: hahahahahahaha - I am a geek and not the skinny type

Favorite band: Garbage

Favorite book: Rendezvous with Rama

Favorite author: Arthur C. Clark

Favorite movie: Get Shorty

Favorite director: F. Gary Gray

Favorite TV Show: MythBusters

Favorite actor: Brad Pitt

Favorite actress: Kate Mulgrew

Favorite Pinup: Too old for that stuff.

Favorite Comedian: Ron White

Other hobbies: photography, automotive hacking

Car: 2009 Mercury Grand Marquis LS (with a few modifications)

Occupation: Business Process Analyst, HRIS Analyst, Project Manager, Accountant (depending on the day of the month).

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My name is Robb aka Rkiver (pronounced Archiver)

Favorite game: Only one? Right now Evil Genius, I love that game.

Favorite OS: Only one? Windows 7 and Linux Mint

Favorite console: My sega megadrive (genesis)

Nationality: Irish

Accent: Irish (though probably not what you think is Irish).

Sex: Male

Age: 28

Race: Human

Height: 6'3"

Status: Married

Build: A little bit of a spare tire, the rest is skinny.

Favorite band: Only one? I like too many different sorts of music to choose just one.

Favorite book: Once again, only one? I read everything! I love the written word.

Favorite author: See previous answer.

Favorite movie: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Favorite director: Peter Jackson (LOTR sold me on him)

Favorite TV Show: Penn and Teller's Bullshit.

Favorite actor: Jonathan Rhys-Davis

Favorite actress: Eliza Dushku

Favorite Pinup: A bit old for that, but if I had to have one Eliza Dushku.

Favorite Comedian: Denis Leary

Other hobbies: Pc building, LARPing, reading, movies.

Car: None

Occupation: Unemployed currently. Before that systems monitoring technician for a MMORPG gaming company.

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My name is Cedric a.k.a Cedric

Favourite game: TF2

Favourite OS: Anything (but I'm not a big MAC fan)

Favourite console: PC

Nationality: Canadian

Accent: Canadian French

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Race: White

Height: 5'9"

Build: Somewhat skinny, Somewhat muscular

Favourite band: N/A

Favourite book: N/A

Favourite author: Tom Clancy

Favourite movie: The Italian Job

Favourite director: N/A

Favourite TV Show: Lost

Favourite actor: N/A

Favourite actress: N/A

Favourite Pinup: N/A

Favourite Comedian: N/A

Other hobbies: Climbing, Rock Climbing, Cycling

Car: Acura CSX

Occupation: Student / Coop: Junior Wireless Systems and Research Engineer

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Hi Everybody.

I am new for Hak5 so first of all I give my introduction to you all. My self Henry I'm 25 years old and I'm doing job as a developer in a Software company. I like to share my knowledge by forum discussing. My special interest in gaming and I also want to gain my knowledge in technical issues with electronic equipment and software related issues. I wish I can also share some knowledge here.

Hop you guys have patient on me.

Thank You.

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Name: Victor Conigliaro

Username: Anti419 (hate 4 e-mail scams)

Favorite game: Tribes 2

Favorite OS: Ubuntu

Favorite console: NES

Nationality: American

Age: 26

Favorite band: Tool

Favorite director: Cohen Bros.

Favorite TV Show: 2.5 Men

Other hobbies: Golf

Car: Some Japansese thing

Occupation: IT Officer

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My name is Nico a.k.a Xenomorph150

Favourite game: Shadowrun

Favourite OS: Windows 7, Eisfair

Favourite console: PC

Nationality: German

Accent: -

Sex: Male

Age: 22

Race: White

Height: 5'9"

Build: -

Favourite band: Too many

Favourite book: Kafka - Verwandlung

Favourite author: Krock

Favourite movie: Underworld Series

Favourite director: -

Favourite TV Show: IT Crowd / Hak5 ;-)

Favourite actor: -

Favourite actress: -

Favourite Pinup: O.o' wtf?

Favourite Comedian: -

Other hobbies: Playing Guitar,

Car: -

Occupation: Student IT Systemelectronics / CCNA

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