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Favourite game: anything that peaks my intrest

Favourite OS: n/a

Favourite console: PC

Nationality: US

Accent: Generic

Sex: Male

Age: no

Race: White American

Height: 5â€8’

Status: engaged

Build: getting kinda round but its changing

Favourite band: korn

Favourite book: androids dream

Favourite author: dont have one

Favourite movie: eternal sunshine of a spotless mind

Favourite director: again dont have one

Favourite TV Show: eureka

Favourite actor: jim carry

Favourite actress: any play a decent role

Favourite Comedian: jim carry

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Name Robert AKA CrYpTiC

Favourite game: ATM Starcraft 2

Favourite OS: Do I have to admit its Win 7 atm followed by Ubuntu 10.04

Favourite console: Xbox 360

Nationality: American

Accent: English

Sex: Male

Race: White "Very"

Height: 5'11"

Build: Muscular

Favourite band: Changes to much

Favourite book: NA

Favourite author: NA

Favourite movie: To many to list can I get a top 10 please?

Favourite director: NA

Favourite TV Show: Stargate Universe

Favourite actor: Johnny Depp

Favourite actress: NA

Favourite Pinup: Jessica Alba

Favourite Comedian:

Other hobbies: Mountain biking, learning, hacking, sleeping

Car: 05 F150 screw

Occupation: Sys Admin

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My name is Cody aka Insano

Favourite game: Halo 3

Favourite OS: N/A

Favourite console: Xbox 360

Nationality: US

Accent: None

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Race: White American

Height: 6' 2"

Status: Playing Halo

Build: No Comment :(

Favourite Band: Asking Alexandria

Favourite book: The Art of Deception

Favourite author: Peter Moore

Favourite movie: V for Vendetta

Favourite director: None

Favourite TV Show: Burn Notice

Favourite actor: Jeffrey Donovan

Favourite Comedian: Daniel Tosh

Other hobbies: Gaming, Web Design, Programming

Car: 2010 Ford Explorer

Occupation: Administrative Assistant

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Hey all, astromech_kuhns here. saw hak5 a while ago and forgot to keep coming back, stumbled back upon it again last night. love the show.

i have ran both linux and windows recently, and have taken a computer class at my school on macs, plus have family with macs that i help so i am experienced with each.

im 16 and looking into going into the IT field when im a bit older. i love computers.

after i get my car im going to build myself a gaming rig.

do small amounts of networking at my house and dads office to. i am currently reading CompTIA A+ its a book that is for passing the ComTIA exams, it goes over everything computers. its a good book so far and am learning a lot.

so just wanted to say hi!

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Feel like a kid again with all the new puter toys.

First computer: ibm 360 model 40.

Current computers: a plethora of single core (intel/amd/etc) obsolete systems being used for a variety of projects.

Used more operating systems than most people, but I prefer 'nix based systems.

Worked non-management positions in computing for umpteen years including more than 10 years as a mswindows admin.

Have a sheepskin for a non-computing degree but have about 50 college hours in extinct computing.

Could care less about certifications. Just give me a manual and I will take to it like a duck to water. But then who needs to rtm.

Still have lots to learn as things change so fast.

Love to re-purpose, especially computers and related equipment.

Love to make diy gadgets.

Lost my better half, but still have the most special daughter in the whole world.

Some buddies and I are planning to restart our old band from years ago.

etc etc...

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Hi! I've just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thank

Name: jame

Age : 20

Position : Computer Science Student, Ciro University

Nationality : Egyptian

Location : Cairo, Egypt

Sex : MALE

Race : Normally Middle Eastian

Height : 176 cm

Status : Single (never thinkin of marrige b4 9 yrs)

Car : Skoda Octavia A5

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Thought I might redo mine as it has been 3 years and a lot has changed.

Favourite game: Nethack/Skate 3

Favourite OS: UNIX/Linux

Favourite console: PS3

Nationality: Australian German Heritage

Accent: Aussie

Sex: Male


Race: White

Height: 5'10"

Status: Married

Build: Solid ( Medium height pretty stocky..don't know how to word it)

Favourite band: Changes a lot, probably Burzum right now.

Favourite book: Free as In Freedom/When sysadmins ruled the world

Favourite author: Toilet Wall Graffiti Artists

Favourite movie: Revolution OS

Favourite director: Kevin Smith

Favourite TV Show: Sons of Anarchy

Favourite actor: Robert Deniro/ Al Pachino

Favourite actress: Katey Sagal

Favourite Pinup: A copy of the GPL signed by Richard Stallman

Favourite Comedian: Billy Connelly ( it's Grrrreat!)

Other hobbies: System Administration, cooking, hacking, learning phreaking, cars, PS3

Car: (& El Falcon, 96 EF Ford Fairmont

Occupation: Sysadmin

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Guest Deleted_Account

Name: Kyle

Favourite game: Final Fantasy XIII

Favourite OS: Ubuntu (Windows 7 for iTunes and some games)

Favourite console: PS3 (Current); Atari 2600 (Old School)

Nationality: Canadian

Accent: Canadian

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Status: Single

Height: 6'0"

Favourite band: Disturbed right now but I like a lot of different stuff

Favourite book: Silence of the Lambs

Favourite TV Show: Doctor Who :D

Favourite Comedian: Dane Cook :)

Other hobbies: IT, Gaming, Skiing, hiking, hanging with friends, Chem :), and many more.

Car: None yet; Hoping for a VW Jetta soon

Occupation: Student (Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and Possibly an English Major later on) Hopping for a job in the RCMP ITCU (Computer Forensic Unit) :)

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Favourite game: skate3

Favourite OS: Ubuntu

Favourite console: PS3 jailbreak

Nationality: Scottish

Height: 6ft1

Favourite band: Radiohead/Glitchmob

Favourite book: Not much of a reader.

Favourite movie: The Other Guys

Favourite TV Show: Jackass

Favourite actor: Will smith

Favourite actress: Sophia Bush

Favourite Pinup: Jessica Alba

Favourite Comedian: Frankie Boyle

Occupation: Student

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My Name is Dylan a.k.a "Angel of Darkness", "Pathogen" or "Apocalypse"

Favourite game: Combat Arms/Prototype

Favourite OS: Windows XP SP 3

Favourite console: PS3/Wii

Nationality: New Zealander (Permanent Resident)

Accent: New Zealand English with a hint of Australia and U.K English.

Sex: Male

Race: White New Zealander

Height: 6 Foot (183.66cm)

Build: Muscular

Favourite band: Showtek

Favourite book: Emperor: The Death of Kings

Favourite author: Conn Iggulden

Favourite movie: 300

Favourite director: Peter Jackson

Favourite TV Show: Futurama/Top 100 Music Tracks

Favourite Comedian: Rhys Darby

Other hobbies: Graphics, Hockey, coding, socializing and shooting.

Car: Nissan Pulsar (Not sure of the year or model)

Occupation: Student/Occasional Team Member for Gaming Servers (Mostly Graphics Work)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Name: Neal aka Blackshad0w

Favourite game: Call of Duty, Battlefield Bad company.

Favourite OS: RHEL 6, Backtrack 4 R2 (It have everything in it)

Favourite console: N/A

Nationality: Indian

Accent: Indian (As other says ;))

Sex: Male

Age: 22

Race: Ethnic Indian

Height: 6 ft

Status: In love with tech and everything that relates to it ;)

Favourite band: Jal, westlife and yeah beatles too

Favourite book: a walk to remember by Nicholas spark

Favourite author: Read almost all the authors

Favourite movie: Just like heaven, swordfish, Hackers

Other hobbies:Motorbike Racing, Cellphone phreaking, Webdevelopement(sometimes), Motorcycling, assessing networks(thats what i love :))

Occupation: RHEL Admin, technical advisor, freelance support

I like the hak5 really very much as i got many of my conceptuals more clear than they were... thank you darren and hak5 team.

Edited by ihackthings
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My name is Rodolfo Severo (nobody calls me that at all though.. call me morpheus)

Favourite game: Grand Theft Auto / Need for Speed

Favourite OS: Penguin Related :rolleyes:

Favourite console: XBOX 360

Nationality: Brazilian

Accent: aaaa... NYC?

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Race: White (What can i do?)

Height: 1,85m (i hate feets..)

Status: Dating a Core i7

Build: I'm building my own datacenter so... man it's a lot of rigs :S

Favourite band: Linkin Park and a lot of others too (not a fanboy)

Favourite book: User Manual

Favourite author: Unknown Author, i love his books (as you can see i don`t like reading)

Favourite movie: The Matrix (and i can give you the blue pill if u want to)

Favourite director: Bah.. do u really remember any.. well maybe James Cameron, Spielberg u know...

Favourite TV Show: 24.. god i miss jack bauer :/

Favourite actor: Wentworth Miller

Favourite actress: Milla Jovovich

Favourite Pinup: No idea...

Favourite Comedian: Danilo Gentili (brazilian)

Other hobbies: what's a hobbie? HAHAHAHA (Workload 24/7 oN)

Car: Audi R8.. (at least i wish i did), Right Now none, but i'm looking forward to new camaro 2011.

Occupation: Producer / Businessman / Eletrician / some of everything...

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Hey everyone.

Favourite game: Starcraft. ONE.

Favourite OS: XP/7 (MS Fanboy)

Favourite console: N64

Nationality: CAN

Accent: Canadian/American?

Sex: Male

Age: Over 9000.

Race: Asian.

Height: 1-2M. xD

Status: Doing homework

Build: Horrible :(

Favourite band: Green Day

Favourite book: Twilight (ZOMG D:)

Favourite author: PDF files on my hard drive.

Favourite movie: Iron Man

Favourite director: Uh, N/A.

Favourite TV Show: Glee. Whose Line Is It Anyway.

Favourite actor: N/A

Favourite actress: N/A

Favourite Pinup: Err, what?

Favourite Comedian: Homer Simpson.

Other hobbies: Web dev, tennis, messing around with stuff - often leads to breaking then fixing xD

Occupation: Student.

Reason I'm here: Learning. Growth. Whatever.

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My name is chris aka DarkendC

Favourite game: Fable the lost chapers (Has a epic storyline)

Favourite OS: Win Xp

Favourite console: PC

Nationality: Australian

Accent: Australian

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Race: Aussie

Height: 5â€11’

Status: Writing a introduction post

Build: normal

Favourite band: Trivium

Favourite book: Apc

Favourite author: Uknown

Favourite movie: swordfish

Favourite director: unkown

Favourite TV Show: raymond

Favourite actor: unknown

Favourite actress: unknown

Favourite Pinup:unknown

Favourite Comedian: mr bean

Other hobbies: Running, computer stuff ,fixing things,gaming

Car: dont have one

Occupation: student

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Greetings all.

Favourite game: Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Favourite OS: Windows 7 / Ubuntu

Favourite console: SNES

Nationality: American

Accent: Texas

Sex: Male

Race: White

Height: 5, 9

Build: With Legos

Favourite band: The Beatles

Favourite book: LotR

Favourite author: Jules Verne

Favourite movie: Metropolis

Favourite director: Yoshitoshi ABe

Favourite TV Show: Serial Experiments Lain

Other hobbies: Entomology, Cooking

Occupation: NEET

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I probably should get to introducing myself too

Favourite game: depending on genre : RTS : StarCraft (1, not so much 2), FPS : Half-Life (1 and 2), RPG: Diablo (1 and 2); that's about it

Favourite OS: Windows for PC, Linux for server (there's really no better combination if you actually want to get work done without too much hassle); for anything else there's VMWare and other stuff you can use to virtualize/emulate

Favourite console: none

Nationality: Romanian

Accent: South-East European (a bit like the russian accent)

Sex: Male

Age: ver. 25 (in theory if you think about it, you can consider yourself in versions just like software with a one year release cycle per version; lately companies started releasing versions with the year as the version; it also makes it easier to date each release)

Race: Caucasian

Height: 1.75 metres (5.7 feet)

Status: depending on the day : Working or Drinking Beer; anything in-between is just fuzzy and pointless :P

Build: no 347 (for version 25); that's about the number of days since when I turned 25

Favourite band: none

Favourite book: none

Favourite author: none

Favourite movie: none... wait, I did like The Matrix, the Lord of the Rings, Fight Club, Waking Life and others; just don't make me choose a favorite; otherwise I'll never get this post done in time

Favourite director: none

Favourite TV Show: none

Favourite actor: none

Favourite actress: none

Favourite Pinup: none

Favourite Comedian: George Carlin

Other hobbies: trips, coding stuff, world domination, and maybe other stuff I have yet to discover

Occupation: Engineer

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So, I guess I must too follow suit and post an introduction.

Favourite game is currently Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Favourite OS: XP or 7, not sure which.

Favourite console: PS1 of course

Nationality: American? Kentuckian? something like that...

Accent: Kentuckian/pirate-like/whatever you call it

Sex: Male

Age: Depends on the scale you are looking at. Otherwise, I am 18 by years.

Race: Isn't this the same thing as nationality?

Height: 6'5"

Status: Writing my informatics in this post.

Build: A sleek AM2+ processor and 12 GB of RAM.

Favourite band: Right now, it is Black Cards, but this changes daily.

Favourite book: Consider Phlebas (check it out!)

Favourite author: Currently? Myself :D

Favourite movie this:


Favourite director: Hmm... how about the guy that directed that ^^^

Favourite TV Show: $#*! My Dad Says

Favourite actor: Shatner ^_^

Favourite actress: hmmm, I'll let you know tomorrow :D

Favourite Pinup: The "Coming soon" posters at movie theatres :D

Favourite Comedian: Colbert!

Other hobbies:Slacking, as well as reading and participating in various online communities.

Occupation: Professional Student.

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New guy in town...

Favourite game: Vitua Fighter X, Street Fighter X, Zelda X

Favourite OS: Mac Os

Favourite console: Wii

Nationality: German

Accent: None

Sex: Male

Age: take a look at my profile

Race: Caucasian

Height: 180cm

Status: ok

Favourite band: many

Favourite book: Alice in wonderland

Favourite author: Duerrentmatt

Favourite movie: Tron, Akria

Favourite director: none

Favourite TV Show: none

Favourite actor: many

Favourite actress: many

Favourite Pinup: many

Favourite Comedian: George Carlin, Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, many others...

Other hobbies: trips, coding stuff, world domination, and maybe other stuff I have yet to discover

Occupation: Freelancing Software Engineer (Flex, Java, Scala mainly)

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Name: Kittipon Na Chiangmai

Favourite game: MSTS,TrainZ

Favourite OS: Windows7, backtrack4 , clackconnect ,Other Linux !

Favourite console: N/A

Nationality: Thai

Accent: North of Thailand

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Race: N/A

Height: 160 cm.

Status: Love Linux

Favourite band: Pongsitkampee's

Favourite book: N/A

Favourite author: N/A

Favourite movie: Unstoppable ,the social network

Other hobbies: Play Simulator games , fix Electronic and Computer.

Occupation: technical advisor, freelance support ,Network Student

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