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  1. Well that's one way. via @jaykruer, RT @rgov: Giving up on OS X. http://t.co/qLwxXFE

  2. #thereisalwaysthat1person that uses the terminal in Comic Sans #hak5

  3. And here we go again. Relationship to Valve debatable, but #valvearg is getting back in full swing.

  4. How is Duke Nukem Forever both 8th and 9th on Steam's Top Sellers list?

  5. Just had an awesome round as Sniper in TF2. It ended up taking 5 of them to kill me near the end of the game. Relevant: http://t.co/tWpMmkP

  6. Uhoh, Gmail just alerted me that my email address was accessed 3 times recently from China. O_o

  7. If only I had an ESXi box. :(

  8. Missed the Hak5 CCC. How did it go? cc/ @hak5darren

  9. Just got a battery pack and switch for some Fon+ modding =)

  10. And this morning the [REDACTED] installer (Windows this time) wanted UAC elevation twice.

  11. Why does the Flash updater need my admin password 3 times?

  12. And resolved. I forgot I had two accounts, and it wouldn't let me log in with the "wrong" one.

  13. After months of greeting people in L4D2 with "ehlo", somebody finally got the SMTP reference.

  14. OS X's Internet Sharing doesn't seem to like handing out IP addresses, the requests go unanswered. Static addressing it is, then.

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