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  1. You could install some backup software on the server 2012 VM itself to back it up. Is the virtual machine stored on the ESXi server itself? You might want to consider setting up some sort of network storage and have ESXi access it via iSCSI and then look at snapshotting the SAN/NAS.
  2. We allow users external access to Sharepoint but they still have to authenticate to log in and still can only see what permissions allow their user account to see? Are they seeing stuff they shouldn't or do you only want them to access it from you internal network? Will they have a VPN to connect to you LAN in order to access Sharepoint?
  3. Wasn't bad too watch actually. I usually steer clear of stuff like this but I think it was a reasonable effort by NG
  4. As much as I am not a fan of Linus Tech Tips he does offer some good insight into the new platform. I'm not much of a gamer so I can just go the Xeon router without worrying too much about all the extra fluff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWFzWRoVNnE&t=0s
  5. Wow, crazy how this community continues to grow! Been a member since 2006 and have continued to watch Hak5 for all of these years but visits here have become pretty infrequent but I've decided to try and get more involved again and with that redo my intro post. Favourite game: 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons but if electronic lately it's been Forza Horizon 3Favourite OS: *NIXFavourite console: SNES I guessNationality: Aussie mateAccent: StrayaSex: Male Race: White European Height: 5'11"Build: StockyFavourite band: Metallica Favourite book: At the moment ITFavourite author: Weis/HickmanFavourite movie: Jaws or the original Mad MaxFavourite director: Don't have oneFavourite TV Show: Silicon Valley/Street OutlawsOther hobbies: Drag racing, travellingCar: WH Statesman InternationalOccupation: SysadminAge: 37
  6. May be old breaches but if OP wasn't aware of them he may not have taken steps to secure his account or move to another provider until now.
  7. I still don't mind the show. It's the closest thing to reality we have been given by a mainstream show.
  8. guvcview is popular with most of the linux youtube channels
  9. Spiceworks does a reasonable job of a ticketing system. Their inventory scanner leaves a lot to be desired by their own admission with many false positives etc but the ticketing system is good for a free product.
  10. Hmm thought I might do mine since I joined in 2006 Favourite game: iRacing/GT5 Favourite OS: Gentoo Favorite console: SNES Nationality: Australian Accent: Aussie Sex: Male Age: 33 Race: White European Height: 178 Build: Average Favourite band: Cannibal Corpse Favourite book: Too hard to pick just one Favourite author: Margeret Weis/Tracy Hickman Favourite movie: Hard to pick but probably Shawshank Redemption Favourite TV Show: Sons of Anarchy Favourite actor: Robert DeNiro Favourite actress: No idea Favourite Comedian: Billy Connelly Other hobbies: Drag racing, working on my car, martial arts Occupation: IT Department manager and sysadmin
  11. I don't think the show will ever go back to the way it was in the "good old days" but I still stop by thier you tube channel to see how things are going. Was pretty amazed to see my forum account is still active today too lol.
  12. System user agreement every user signs tells them their internet activity is monitored from the outset so no pleas of ignorance. If you leave any loopholes or ambiguities, people will exploit them.
  13. Spiceworks here, our size does not warrant anything flashier and the community support is quite good.
  14. Ice Weasel is the "Freedom" respecting browser based on Firefox. I use Chromium or Firefox4 on Linux. GNash worked well with Chromium on Debian 6 for me for you tube etc.
  15. I still don't understand why things like this don't ring alarm bells from the get go. I wouldn't even jokingly entertain the notion of tying to get in on one of these offers. RE: advertising on websites. I find that if your small fry running adds it looks like a cash grab or poor web design, maybe even both. I'm not against people making money from their sites, I just find it looks terrible in most cases.
  16. Just get a VPS from a decent provider. Linode are brilliant.
  17. Decent logging will help give you clues to some extent.
  18. We wouldn't have dos, but we'd still have unix which is better anyway
  19. Microsoft didn't invent sign language.
  20. Boy I used to love these threads but they really are dying. Will post one of my arch desktop later.
  21. I wasn't referring to anyone's post in particular. I don't use windows except for at work so decent uptimes aren't all that unbelievable. For a everyday windows desktop box connected to the net, receiving updates etc though I would be highly skeptical. I'm a sysadmin so I am all for massive uptimes.
  22. Vegemite is regarded as a national treasure by many, but we're just hard as nails and that's why we like it. Coke in the US contains more sugar than it does here too i believe so that is one example of dietary differences. Americans are used to markedly sweeter foods so their palette isn't ready for Vegemite. I like Vegemite with peanut butter on toast.
  23. My home server was around 180 days and then we had a power outage (no UPS) so it broke my heart a little. At my last job there was an old windows 95 box hooked up to some lab equipment and it was over 4 years if I remember correctly. Will try and get one of the guys there to take a *pic (no screenshot i'd hate to see it crash. Would be like murder) *Some of these claims seriously need pics if they are just your everyday desktop. Hundreds of days up time on a server is pretty easy, but on a plain old desktop I am skeptical. Not because of stability reasons, but updates and the such. If you refuse to update just to keep uptime high then you're an idiot.
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