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  1. Thanks infiltrator! I will be doing this, we currently have another company managing out firewall but i think we're gonna inplement a smoothwall and manage it ourself, looks like it has a lot of control when importing from AD! :) Thanks,
  2. Sorry to resurrect an old threat, any chance some more people could get the old torrent up or repost these with working links? the torrent is dead and mega upload has been shut down.
  3. if you dont like unity but want ubuntu the Linux mag i get made their own, (i think) or may have just been reporting it. Its basically the new ubuntu without unity, it has gnome instead. try searching Ununtu 11.10 LXF remix, i also like tails. has built in 'anomity' however, we all know no one is anonymous
  4. Ohhhh... hahah! thanks, got myself into gear and configured and old USB drive working spot on with WhistleMasters Infusion! As soon as i've got my head around the pineapple i will be contributing my knowledge to the rest :)
  5. ive tried that and just tried it again, still not installing :/ shame, its one of the main features
  6. Hi guys, unsure if anyone has had this issue too.. When i attempt to install the SSL Strip on my pineapple it refuses to. i have tried via a command line, via pineapple bar and even the OPKG module. When i install Whistle masters SSL strip, i open the tab and it states 'sslstrip not installed' then underneith it gives me the option to install to the interneal storage or usb, i click internal (i have plenty room) it says installing... then the page refreshes and it has not installed. when i tried installing via command, it looks as if it may be stuck on installing python? unsure. Has anyone had this issue? Thanks, EDIT: It is a Mark 4 pineapple, and i am running the latest version
  7. does this fake the mac address before sending deauth packets out? Good tool, however, just want to make sure that it hides the correct pineapple identity..
  8. Hi Seb, Thanks for the info! Only plan on having a couple while i still learn the basics! will attempt to install to a usb until i decide which ones i like/need Thanks
  9. thanks for the replies.... I may have to look at eset, like keyboard ninja said, half of the time, sophos misses things, cant delete things, and picks own inhouse software and scripts up at viruses, even stopped our login script... i have a personal vendetta against norton (symantic) i feel they force their products on to 'non savvy' computer users... so i will probably give them a miss! i also had the MS forefront on my mind... Thanks all!
  10. looking through the list of available infusions, there are many that i would like to install... I was just wonder, as the pineapple has a limited amount of memory, (unsure how much) how many can i install to the pineapple itself? Also, is there an easy way to uninstall these? Thanks
  11. thanks, i had a feeling it was going to be something to do with the format... i will try reformatting it in the morning! Thanks
  12. Hey just got my pineapple, been fiddling with it, at first, if i visited the Pineapple Bar and tried to install a Infusion, it gave me the options of install internally or install on USB (whether i had usb media in or not) I then upgraded to the latest firmware and if i attempt to install an infusion, it will only let me install on internal storage, even when i insert my memory stick and the USB light is light on the Mk4... anyone have any ideas regarding this?
  13. considering the amount of money already going into this build, i would look to upgrade to an i7 to ensure your a bit more 'future proof'
  14. thanks for all the feedback guys, helped myself and im guessing anyone who is reading this
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