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  1. The best place to learn these things, ask questions, find vendors and IT Pro recommendations IMO is Spiceworks. Not to mention its handy software to boot.
  2. This issue has been doing my head in for a couple of days, was hoping someone would be able to shed some light on the issue. The company I work for do standalone kiosks for EFT purchases. These machines run XPe off an industrial 2GB FC. Whenever these machines need replacement cards for whatever reason the OS has to be loaded from an image and then manually configured on a display model machine. This is pulling support team members off the desk for sometime to configure these machines. I have been provided the terrible task of trying to streamline this a bit. The only viable solution I can come up with is hooking the flashcard up to the card reader on the support members machine and booting off it within the ESX to configure it at their desks. Booting off the card however just leads to BSODs galore, from copious amounts of googling I can only find options of running an XP OS and then tearing it down onto a separate partition and booting that as XPe. This isn't really what they are after because each card needs to be different. Any light someone can shed on this would be great
  3. I have recently started my first IT helpdesk role and I have noticed that there is no sort of documentation or database for faults/trouble shooting which more often than not requires putting the customer on hold, hunting down someone from software engineering or sys eng to get an answer for the fault that is occurring I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on a program or a good way of localizing all this information for easy access whilst dealing with customers? Seems to be that finding the answer slows down not just me, but everyone in the support team. The management team at work seem to be fairly open to suggestions on changing processes and anything that speeds up customer support I think would be welcomed. Thanks in advance
  4. Ive been using Aegis for the last couple of months, don't really have any complaints with it purely because it has been set up so well for what we are doing. Doesn't come cheap though
  5. My school was also locked down to the max. You net privileges were dictated by the subjects you were taking, media got youtube and image access, art students the same etc. Boxes at school will always leave you locked down and limit anything mildly interesting that you may want to do. Why school wifi is like the holy grail for me and others. As soon as you have an open machine to do with as you will its on for young and old. Or just using a ethernet cable into your laptop. Always been my recommendation, bring in your own hardware to do what you want to do.
  6. do you think because of this 90% that the ones that are just in it to learn get lost in the idiotic epeening?
  7. Having worked for Telstra a large telco in Australia I dealt with a lot of people from India, Pakistan etc etc who just follow the format required by the company and supervisors. This is where I think it all goes wrong, they want to hold onto the job so desperately they don't think outside the box. For instance I was dealing with a customer who also had net issues. Rather than making them stay on the line and get thrown around for a half an hour I helped them on the spot purely through personal experience. You end up with happier customers and a job well done. If some honest free thinking was more so involved in these tech/sales support roles I think everyone would be happier. On the immigration issue, most of the internationals working in these roles as far as I can tell a more often than not students studying here and working under the student visa. I think that's why we seem to deal with non local people in these areas, because they are the only people willing to work in such a soul crushing area.
  8. I think that the motivation behind the whole "hack the school" questions is more important. If it is for the purpose of finding out how their institution functions, how everything is connected and basically how it all works is one of merit. If it is 'hacking' out of curiosity and a passion to learn, all the power to you. If its just so you can be a pain in the arse and generally screw over your school, different story. From my personal perspective a small group of students and I got majorly into networking just so we could lan 1.6 at school during our free's and it just snowballed from there. It would be interesting to gain a complete explanation off these skiddies as to why they want to do it.
  9. Billy Connally would have to be my favourite, hilarious
  10. You would like to think that in Australia we would have a percieved higher level of freedom to do what we want, this is taking control a little to far. Its what has always been said, create a wall someones gonna find a way to get over it. Give it up is all I say, uTorrent packet encryption, using Tor to browse, it just wont work if someone actually puts an effort into getting past it
  11. I drive a red (has to be red it goes faster don't give a shit wat u say it just does :P) R32 Nissan Skyline. Proudly displaying a Hak5 sticker on the back windshield, if I owned a digi camera you would have a photo :P
  12. The shit box we call home haha, for some reason hearing another Aussie on youtube just seems odd, to used to American TV I spose. Mildura is a nice place, might be a techy but still gotta love the country.
  13. Plunks

    New game

    D.I.P.R.I.P. Warm Up is looking pretty good for me, always been a fan of games like Twisted Metal and such and this looks like a version for Steam that is pretty well up to par.
  14. Plunks


    Wheel of Time - Definition of epic, gotta learn to quick scan or your gonna stab urself Ancient Future series by Traci Harding - Australian author, kings, knights epic battles and romance really good All the Three World novels by Ian Irvine are fantastic
  15. Have you considered the arena mod/mode (cause im not sure if its in built or not) for TF2? Sorta like a CS:S round style so when you die your dead for the round. No med packs around team has to purely rely upon medics and dispensers. Really forces you to work together more which I like. As for the maps for arena, I believe but dont quote me it uses normal TF maps.
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