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  1. I have run both Kali and Parrot. If you are still getting used to linux and still getting a handle on things from the pen testing side I think kali is the way to go. Most tutorials and breakthroughs are based around Kali. That being said you can still use Parrot and get buy just fine. Personal i run Ubuntu on my pen testing equipment and customize my tool set from there. Most folks will never use all of the tools that are on both Kali and parrot. in the end most of my work is in the terminal since they are all Debian based they are pretty interchangeable.
  2. Honestly, I think the admin needs to close t his topic. IF this is your phone, apple support is the way to go. also there are other ways to bypass icloud via off the shelf software that is available via a simple google search.
  3. It depends on the purpose, for most of my business i use google chrome(GSUITE purposes). I use opera on other machines and Firefox ESR on my Kali machines.I also have a TAILS VM on hand. Browsers depends on purposes and needs.
  4. Cyber security is very vague(in my opinion, note my opinion.) it depends on where you want to start. Then also you need to account for your budget. while you can learn a lot for free, you can also learn a lot for free. There are plenty of sources listed in the topic one straight forward course via udemy is https://www.udemy.com/share/102pDwBUodc11SRnQ=/ (not my course but I have viewed most of the vids) There are also plenty of VIds on HAK5 and other channels
  5. So I am looking at building a small cracking rig. Does any one have an existing one that is willing to share specs? I currently have access to 2 nvidia 1050s,m have never build a rig before. note power is not an issue, but i am looking at the nvidia gtx1000 series cards may purchase more via eBay. also this is a hobby rig no need for extremes.
  6. This seems like this is the 2nd or 3rd time this question gets asked, Like everyone said on all of the other post if it is your icloud account then you should contact Apple support. There is not need to hack your your own account. Wouldn't be surprised if this thread gets locked.
  7. As many have already stated "if" it is your router you can press the reset button on the back of the router. Also not sure where you found that link but i would not use it. Hopefully everyone that reviews the post is smart enough not to click own it. Just pasting the source link it into who.is shows that the DNS is behind cloud flare even though all of the rest of netgear urls utilize the akamai systems.
  8. Anyone ever use Cisco umbrella? Do you find the features useful? I like the layout and the ease of use for my multiple sites but not a big fan of the price.
  9. have you tried reseting it i have had do do that on my last one when i got it..
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