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  1. Medic101

    [Official] EvilPortal

    *update* Never mind. I solved that problem by myself. Thanks for the initial response!
  2. Medic101

    [Official] EvilPortal

    Thank you for linking me to the informative post. Yet I still have problems as to where the terminal tells me that /sd/portals does not exist.
  3. Medic101

    [Official] EvilPortal

    I was trying to add a portal from portal auth to my evil portal module. As my rom is completely full (I have tried factory reset and it has not cleared any files) I had the portal auth portal sent to my sd card. Yet it will not show as an available portal under evil portal (it shows any portals under root). tl;dr How can I have portals that are stored on my sd be available in evil portal?