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  1. If by hacker you are referring to computer hacker I have to agree that Linux is the best option. But you need a basic understanding of multiples systems to be able to accomplish whatever that is your goal
  2. My name is Adonis (AE3erdion Favourite game: n/a Favourite OS: n/a Favourite console: nes Nationality: US/Cuba Accent: Generic (nobody seems to complain) Sex: Male Age: Unknown Race: White American Height: 5â€11’ Status: Married Build: Average folk Favourite band: Anything from the 70' Favourite book: n/a Favourite author: most sci-fi classics Favourite movie: n/a Favourite director: too many to list Favourite TV Show: n/a Favourite actor: n/a Favourite actress: n/a Favourite Pinup: n/a
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