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  1. I have run both Kali and Parrot. If you are still getting used to linux and still getting a handle on things from the pen testing side I think kali is the way to go. Most tutorials and breakthroughs are based around Kali. That being said you can still use Parrot and get buy just fine. Personal i run Ubuntu on my pen testing equipment and customize my tool set from there. Most folks will never use all of the tools that are on both Kali and parrot. in the end most of my work is in the terminal since they are all Debian based they are pretty interchangeable.
  2. Honestly, I think the admin needs to close t his topic. IF this is your phone, apple support is the way to go. also there are other ways to bypass icloud via off the shelf software that is available via a simple google search.
  3. It depends on the purpose, for most of my business i use google chrome(GSUITE purposes). I use opera on other machines and Firefox ESR on my Kali machines.I also have a TAILS VM on hand. Browsers depends on purposes and needs.
  4. Cyber security is very vague(in my opinion, note my opinion.) it depends on where you want to start. Then also you need to account for your budget. while you can learn a lot for free, you can also learn a lot for free. There are plenty of sources listed in the topic one straight forward course via udemy is https://www.udemy.com/share/102pDwBUodc11SRnQ=/ (not my course but I have viewed most of the vids) There are also plenty of VIds on HAK5 and other channels
  5. So I am looking at building a small cracking rig. Does any one have an existing one that is willing to share specs? I currently have access to 2 nvidia 1050s,m have never build a rig before. note power is not an issue, but i am looking at the nvidia gtx1000 series cards may purchase more via eBay. also this is a hobby rig no need for extremes.
  6. This seems like this is the 2nd or 3rd time this question gets asked, Like everyone said on all of the other post if it is your icloud account then you should contact Apple support. There is not need to hack your your own account. Wouldn't be surprised if this thread gets locked.
  7. As many have already stated "if" it is your router you can press the reset button on the back of the router. Also not sure where you found that link but i would not use it. Hopefully everyone that reviews the post is smart enough not to click own it. Just pasting the source link it into who.is shows that the DNS is behind cloud flare even though all of the rest of netgear urls utilize the akamai systems.
  8. Anyone ever use Cisco umbrella? Do you find the features useful? I like the layout and the ease of use for my multiple sites but not a big fan of the price.
  9. Same I have only fully watched seasons 1 & 2, need to sit down and watch the rest. It was refreshing to see a TV show put some effort into research and at least make an attempt at making it some what realistic.
  10. are you allowed to setup a Demo Wifi? As Glowinghot666 said show them how insecure wifi in ggeneral is. Setup your tetra as a MITM don't pull any data just show them as a Proof of concept. Are you just trying to give them a broad overveiw of security or are their any use cases that they are looking for?
  11. If you are just starting out I would recommend Kali or Parrot. Run as either USB or dedicated as others have mention Kali can be temperamental as a VM. Once you get comfortabl with what tools you need/use look into building your own ISO. I personally customized ubuntu and use most all of my tools through that but i Do have Kali on a USB and Parrot in a VM with me all of the time just in case i need them.
  12. Saw this on humble if anyone is interested it is 25 booksfor only $15 https://www.humblebundle.com/books/python-by-packt-book-bundle
  13. It is highly unlikely that Kali is currupted all of their downloads like @Dave-ee Jones said. What kind of Flash drive are you using? also try using Rufus to make your USB stick, I have had good results with all OS using it to write to usb. https://rufus.akeo.ie/
  14. Nicely done, was actually looking at doing something similar for an upcoming project. Looking forward to your changes
  15. as @Lord_KamOS put so beautifully google Fu is your friend in this field. With that said i dont want to deter anyone from learning. how do you have it set up is Mint your Host os?
  16. @Medic101 as he said don't post anything like that here it is heavily frowned upon. don't be surprised if this is locked soon
  17. just wanted to keep this going What's the best time to go to the dentist? Tooth Hurty!
  18. Thank you @digip, I saw something about the book on twitter but totally forgot about it, so thank you again for sharing it. I personally don't use Kali that often anymore as i started using Ubuntu exclusively a year or so ago. with that said i have wanted to work on my on kernel. As a side question am i the only technologically inclined person that prefers the physical book to digital? For some reason i seem to do better if i can physically read the book, maybe it is because the book doesn't have games on it
  19. if you have one of the newer ones it should run as soon as you plug it in the only time you should need the button is if you are going to be flashing the firmware on it. but as @digip said you can always check the forums for the hak5 tool, those should have everything you need.
  20. I haven't dug in to anon surf but have seen it in action. Like he said it it is just like running Tor over the VPN. You would have to make sure that you VPN is compatible with TOR not all of them allow TOR communication. Depending on what you are looking at using it for, it may not be full proof, All Tor entrance/exit nodes are public so keep that in mind (if you are have the intention of doing nefarious things). Adrian Crenshaw has given a couple of talks about how Tor users got caught. with that said if you are looking just to anonimize your traffic and maintain privacy then that should be fine. if you are looking to become a ghost online you will need a lot more then just VPN and Tor, The only way that you can really be a ghost online is to never get online
  21. You mean you don't use Internet Explorer???? I usually use I bounce between chrome and and brave on day to day things. I used to use opera before they forked, when they did i kind of been browser hopping ever since.
  22. I would never buy one personally as i don't see the justification in the price, but i figured since maybe they offered something i didn't know. The hardware is pretty much interchangeable now days. OS wise when i used one (previous Employer Required it) I had parallels and spent most of my time in Linux any way. Even now as far as laptops go all of mine are Linux. My home setup is the only one that runs windows and that is gaming and the Mrs. I figured it was personal preference as to why people were using them but just kinda made me wonder. I would never buy an apple i was always put off by the blind cult following that they have had. That and when it comes to smart phones i don't want to conform to the phone i want the phone to conform to me and my needs.
  23. I am traveling so to pass the time i have been watching alot of talks given at some of the most recent Cons and i noticed that there are a lot of Security Professionals that i see using MACs, anyone have any idea why? is it a convenience thing? or just preference? I have used a Mac in the past and the only thing that i liked about it was Parallels had a very smooth transition between OSs but that was it.
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