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  1. Forkish

    Virus through youtube?! infected/attacking channel?

    A quick search shows that it’s a pretty nasty nasty. Kill it with fire.
  2. Forkish

    what’s our NASty preferrence?

    For those with a synology device. Just saw this on news.ycombinator this morning: https://www.synology.com/en-global/security/advisory/Synology_SA_18_64
  3. Forkish

    General NANO Discussion

    Amazon has 400GB sd cards for $88. I want to get one, that way I can hold all my recons & logs FOR-EV-VER!!
  4. Forkish

    what’s our NASty preferrence?

    If I want raid, am I limited by my motherboard as to whether it’s supported or not?
  5. Forkish

    what’s our NASty preferrence?

    Note to self: Avoid QNAP. I posted this question as I’m building a PC and need/want to consolidate my external drives. I’m trying to figure out the best NAS/DAS for my needs. I do a lot of photography and was thinking something with ZFS like unraid. I also have an old comercial dell tower with windows 7. Maybe set that up as a server with ubuntu or Freenas?
  6. Forkish

    Wireless Assessment

    They also make ittle 1db & 2db nubby antennas and tweak the two signal stats to keep it close and strong. That way you could walk down a halway and be effective ~20ft/6m on either side of you. You could widdle down the extra variables by using directional antennas and keep t level so it just side sweeps.
  7. What’s your preferred NAS or DAS setup?
  8. it will auto reconnect to the one that it was connected to before the latest power down.
  9. Forkish

    PineAP broken on Tetra

    Underneath the toggle to enable pineap is a toggle that starts pineap when the pineapple starts up. enable that, clear the cache and restart.
  10. Forkish

    PineAP broken on Tetra

    I’ve had success with it by enabling ‘start pineap at boot’. clear cache and restart. See if that helps.
  11. Does any one know where to find a similar, slim battery with the usb port front center?
  12. This is the device in question: https://www.gl-inet.com/products/gl-mt300a/ I’ve also got these: https://www.gl-inet.com/ar300m/ https://www.gl-inet.com/products/gl-mt300n/ fun little routers, but right off the bat, lack of https login has me paranoid
  13. I have the black, blue and yellow-v1 routers my gl.init and with their stock fw, there is data sent in plain text after connecting to a nordvpn server through it’s supplied openvpn module. I’ll pull the logs/pcaps off and post ‘em. I havn’t put a router (in my case, probably a stock wrt1900 or ddr-wrt wrt120) in-between the glinit router and the pineapple to see how far the ttl is but it’s slightly worrisome; which is one notch above my mean worry par. I never use them to check banking or the like but only for a chromebook in guest mode. My plan is to learn luci/openwrt better and re-flash the firmware to barebones openwrt and use the openwrt openvpn module and test that but it’s ‘spare time’ stuff.
  14. I have one of those and if you use tcpdump on the pineapple connected. The built in openvpn module repeatedly sends the server and ip address in clear text. I’ve stopped using it until I figure out why and how to block that being sent.