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  1. Ok. Here's the rundown. I received my nano last month and got it all set up and running on my Windows desktop. Everything was great till I knocked my desktop off of my desk. It remains in pieces. The nano wasn't involved so no damage. I then got a laptop and an Android, both are running Kali and first I tried the android. I tried both the play store app and the on board connector app. Nothing. So I tried my laptop and nothing. It doesn't seem to be communicating. So I tried resetting and a factory reset. Nothing. The closes I got was the factory reset where I was stuck at t
  2. Where can one find some more in-depth instructions and trouble shooting info? I'd say the most frustrating thing is to google a 100 page's and watching tons of video's to try and peace together enough info to try and fix something. The tutorials from hak5 is lacking big time.
  3. @Foxtrot Any ideas on this issue? I've just got a rooted nethunter tablet and it has the pineapple connection app. Can't get it to connect through that. I also installed the play store app and like above it hangs on the "waiting for the pineapple to communicate".
  4. Same problem. Hopefully someone can answer.
  5. I'll end my involvement in this thread on a celebratory note. E-MAIL CONFRONTATION THAT MY 2 ORDERS HAVE SHIPPED! thanks for the help peeps.
  6. Thank you. This is what i needed to understand. Nothing personal but i like to know where info is going and stored because i feel it would be my responsibility if something goes wrong. Being secure with info is the name of the game.
  7. I see. That's much better. Thank you.
  8. Yes it's appreciate. This is a nice and helpful community.
  9. I think its the web interface. That's what my question Is based on. Im waiting for my order to arrive so Im going on what i have seen and read. With the wifi pineapple nano you need to use Hak5 web interface to use it? Is this not correct? Thank you for your answers.
  10. Lmao. Breaking stuff is the best part. Thank you for your reply. Why Is there no option to host it on your own servers? No matter who's info it is, if it's under me and my responsibility I want full control over it.
  11. Good point's. More or less I was attempting to be gentle about my question but more to the point... What's the underlying purpose to this design? Why did they design it to where you will be dependent on there server's? I believe everthing is done with an underlying purpose and usually with companies it's monetary. Non of this will keep me from buying or using there products or "service" but it would be nice to know all I could about how It all work's and why? It would be nice to know what they do with your information and if they keep dump file's. Do you truly own the devi
  12. Forgive me for feeling suspicious but I trust no one, especially companies and governments. I'm new to Hak5 and I've read through a lot of the sight and I see a recurring theme. "Hosted on our server's" like it's a good thing. It may be I guess but the untrusting part of my brian (95%) is saying that seems strange. Why would they still want you tied to there server's year's after you obtained there products. Why can't you use these item's without the umbilical cord attached? Or did i miss something that says you don't need there server's to use your products? How do I kno
  13. I'll be attempting to use my pineapple nano on an android that has no cell service at the moment. I don't want to pay a monthly bill on a phone that i may only use 2 time's a month so what would you all suggest in the way of connectivity? I was thinking the pay as you go or buying a hotspot device with a pay as you go. I don't trust that any of these services would be fast enough. Have any of you tried anything like this and have a suggested best pick?
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