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  1. It’s been a while. I hope everyone is healthy along with friends and family. Anyways.. I was in need of a wireless repeater/AP and due to time constraints, I haven’t done much with my tetra other than errant tcpdumps and nmap scans of my local network. I’ve been wanting to implement a Raspberry PiHole for some time and my WRT1900 is showing it’s age. Before I spend a couple hundred bills on a new appliance, I was thinking of using the Tetra as a dedicated wireless router, daisy chained off our comcast supplied router/wireless combo piece of shit. (I’m moving towards our own more customizable router in leu of renting one, but right now it’s out of my hands.) Thus far, the tetra has been great for what I need. It’s running FW 2.54 (i’m pretty sure) and I haven’t wanted to mess with FW/module updates as it’s doing what I need. Does any one have any helpful suggestions on how to bring this to fruition? I know this place is very ‘here’s the road, go down it’. I get that and have the documentation on how to add a PiHole to an OpenWRT router. I mainly want to see if any one had any suggestions or pointers before I begin down said road.
  2. You have to play with the firewall. If you you search the forum, you’ll find a few threads about it.
  3. You can also edit the css in one of modules also.
  4. I mostly use an iPhone 6s to manage my pineapples. In the module manager, the unbroken description for Responder is: LLMNR, NBT-NS and MDNS poisoner with built-in HTTP, SMB, MSSQL, FTP and LDAP rogue authentication server using Responder The next longest module description is DWall and it’s description ends between the words MSSQL & FTP. Is there anyway that the we could be served that information with break in the text at that point? It would allow for the entire page to be slimmed down horizontally and could get to the columns right of the description. If breaking the Responder description in half is possible, it would be a slight improvement to life (that phrase sounds pompous to me but that’s the best I could think of at the moment).
  5. Thank you. I’m going to try it with my nano and see what happens.
  6. I’ve got my tetra in a bit of a sweet spot for me with version 2.5.4. If I update the modules (either/any/all of the hak5 modules or third-party), is there a good chance they’ll stop working for FW 2.5.4? Normally I don’t mind doing a full reset but at the moment, my tetras been up for 24+ days and I want to keep it going.
  7. Seb isn’t with Hak5 anymore? That’s a shame. Dwall works for me as long as my browser/os allows for the port 1337 socket connection to stick. IOS: Nope. Chromebook: Yes (after allowing ‘insecure connection’ and refreshing). Windows: yep.
  8. Yup. Just hold power button while you connect power source, manually change your connection ip to and the gateway to and upload the new firmware. just make sure to upload the correct file.
  9. From what I last read, the module is broken because the two week old update tweaked the kernal (correct vocabulary?). I suggest downgrading to the previous (2.5.x) firmware. Most of the modules work great and will work well enough for you to start fiddling about. My experience is after an update, broken modules usually get fixed within a month. Remember/note, the modules are built by the community. Sometimes, and rightfully so, life takes precedence.
  10. I appriciate as a general forum user that you helped the the OP. While I understand and do support the early replies; the OP clearly had exhausted their knowedge and felt they were in a pickle. Offering a solution as you did will help them and other deconstruct their own understanding. I applaud this behavior and hope you inspire others as you have inspired me.
  11. From what I’ve read here on the forum, SSLSplit’s firewall changes don’t revert onced stopped.
  12. I assure you, I am not. I do often break things, logically speaking. Flushing the ram helps get some of the conwebs out. You can also wipe the phone through DFU. It’s akin to sliding an uncompromised operating system under your current OS and uprooting everything with a fresh install. Issues with this though can come from restoring an infected backup (both from the iCloud and physical). If you go this route. I suggest backing up (via copy and paste) photos, contacts and notes/important docs as needed. Disable/delete all icloud backups and reinstall a fresh OS through your computer or the apple store. Then manually reinstall all the apps you’d like. Think of it as a house fire. Purge well and purge often.
  13. I look forward to hearing about whether seperate 2.4 and 5ghz antennas will play well like you hope. Keep us updated!
  14. I’ve thought about weather proofing as well. I’ve done short jobs with the tetra in an unpadded pelican case with a battery pack. Head wasn’t too big of an issue but there was a good amount of space, in a shaded area. A remote thermometer would help guage that though. I don’t know enough about PoE. What’s the power capacities of PoE? You asked about antennas and I would suggest encasing the entire tetra and antennas. Otherwise, seals around the antenna ports would become a point of failure.
  15. I feel the answer to that exact question is something bing.com or duckduckgo.com could answer for you.
  16. The 172. ip address is static locally for you, and those attached to the pineapple. Your public IP changes pending on your internet connections. Check your IP via https://icanhazip.com if you want to see it.
  17. I believe you’d have to adjust your wireless settings in the /config folder and run through your firewall . Take that all with shitty iodine-less table salt, I don’t know what I’m doing.
  18. *twangy voice* shiiiiiittt, this stuff is all open source. You can do anything you want withh it. It just takes knowledge and energy. The hak5 teem made it easy for people like me who panic trying to set up SSH keys on more than one device. If you’ve got the know_how to create your own droplet server forwarded to your own server via vpn/ssh/forward-ported/tech-lingo then you can do it. Roll your own FW for the hak5 stuff; tweak it; break it; fix it ans break it again. That’s the beauty to this open sourced/hak5 stuff. Now if the complaint is that they don’t make it easy for you. Lacking the features to click a few buttons and bam, you’ve got a folder served to the web behind proxies and double encryption encapsulated tunnels.. Well, as my Pappy used to say, ‘Git good’.
  19. Forkish


    I want to give you a better snwer but your previous post pollutes this post with ill intention. So the answer for you is: You can’t, the messages are gone for good.
  20. They’re probably smarter than you for using an old flip phone. This is one of those ‘If you have to ask, the answer is no.’ type questions. edit: Shit, they’re probably smarter rhan all of us for using a flip phone.
  21. If I were to trust any one in this thread, it would be this guy.
  22. I can understand the point of view. I don’t use most cloud services because I don’t want my stuff used for their own business purposes. Hak5 though touts itself as a purveyor of white hat products. With that in mind, in theory, none of the information is yours to begin with. It’s all your clients. leading to the fact that they will have signed paperwork explaining your (your pen testing business’) privacy policy and data retention policy which would (should) cover those issues. If I were to ever use these products on anything other than myself (wife still gets angry I break the wifi at least twice a week), I’d be happy as a clam keeping other peoples stuff on the cloud to make my job easier. I believe that’s the angle anyways.
  23. I’ve had my nano in a pencil bag and it warmed up to crazy temps. Enough so much that the tiny usb splitter-dongle warped and the two tiny 2.4ghz wifi dongles fell apart. The pineapple was fine but it was hot shit for a while. I would imagine that it wouldn’t be good in the long run. Speculate as to whether having a few holes in the foam wouldn’t hurt your design/function.
  24. They work. They’re particular though to which is started first. Rickroll works. Get that ‘rolling’ (har har) and you can work backwords to how you can get it going. The guy who runs haveibeenpwned.com has some settings for the pineapple that utilizes dnsspoof and dnsmasqspoof to give the impression of internet connectivity and then serves them a warning for connecting to unknown APs. I’ve been able to disect that for my own uses in the past.
  25. Apple also randomizes the mac address it outputs wirelessly. The mac address will apear blue in recon.
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