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Found 5 results

  1. Forgive me for feeling suspicious but I trust no one, especially companies and governments. I'm new to Hak5 and I've read through a lot of the sight and I see a recurring theme. "Hosted on our server's" like it's a good thing. It may be I guess but the untrusting part of my brian (95%) is saying that seems strange. Why would they still want you tied to there server's year's after you obtained there products. Why can't you use these item's without the umbilical cord attached? Or did i miss something that says you don't need there server's to use your products? How do I know that your server's aren't collecting data from our target's for later use or putting clients at risk if your server's get compromised? Go ahead and call me paranoid but I'll be standing when many fall's.
  2. Hello guys, So i have trust issues. Nowadays everyone seems to be after every little bit of information. In fact this has grown so fast that everyone should be bothered. In the wake of certain events surrounding a certain social Network Data leak, i started to ask myself a few questions. Now i live in Belgium. For those that dont know where that is, its where the good beer comes from. Now, down where i live there is basically 1 major internet provider, there are others in the country but this 1 dominates the market so bad that the others are not opperating in every region of the country. With this in mind i wanted to find out if there is any regulatory instance for things like Internet and Information security in my country. Turns out that unless your fluent in dutch and have at least a law degree, you can go f yourself as nobody seems to know anything about it on the belgian state sites. Hell, even some major regional politicians didnt know. From that arise 3 questions: 1. How do i go about finding out who is in charge of what down here? 2. Can I trust my ISP not to eavesdrop on my traffic? 3. And if not, how do i protect myself ( Thinking VPN but id need a VPS for that and do i trust that VPS provider?) any piece of advice would be apreciated Thank you
  3. Hey everyone I need serious help with that What I'm looking for : i want to all advance hidden anonymity options in backtrack ("hide my privacy 99%") So What are their? I have some options about that. > spoof mac > spoof ip > spoof ttl values > spoof http header > spoof dhcp > use live cd > use rdp > use proxy exactly I want to more hidden method to hide my id. (out of my list) anyone help me? I always searching about that. now i am really tired. I'm not a very good English writer : help me...
  4. Hey guys, I have been following along for a while and was happy to see some sdr action enter into the scene. I live in the north bay and have been watching some of the paging systems that are around here. Typically these are high power stations (some low band VHF, some High band VHF, some 400Mhz but mostly 800mhz) so getting a strong signal is easy with a stock rtl-sdr antenna. I am using PDW in windows (http://www.discriminator.nl/pdw/index-en.html). it may be worth while for members of this forum to check out. The amount of data that pours over the air from these is amazing. They send out data that isn't just local to the area but often is from other parts of the state. I have seen personal medical information get relayed from one medical staff to another during shift changes, status of equipment get sent out to techs (servers, HVAC, communication gear), Basketball game stats, Names of clients to be picked up by taxi services with contact numbers etc. I don't know if pagers are so old school they have been over looked or people just aren't interested in what they see but it seems to me that there is potential here. I would think that people smarter than me could write a program to sort this out by sender and start logging lots of info on a target. Check it out and see what you think. Keep the segments rolling, good stuff!
  5. Good day my fellow pineapplers! I'm very curious about the pinenumbers feature. Why would we want anyone (even you Seb/Darren) to track usage on a device that is so easily (and dare I say commonly?) used for illegal/semi-legal things? The very nature of the pineapple is grey-hat at best. Its purpose-built to take advantage of inherent trust vulnerabilities and exploit them. This is great for pentesters, but not everyone who buys/uses a pineapple is a pentester. I know, I know, theres plenty of disclaimers about not using it for nefarious activities - which protects you guys very well. You certainly need these boilerplate statements when building/supporting this kind of device. But what protects us, the consumers? I understand you're want for usage statistics, just like any dev - you can build better future products and continue to increase functionality in a more efficient way with your current products. With this type of device, with this market you're in, with these privacy-paranoid customers that you have...it just doesn't make sense in my brain. Tell me, why would I allow that on my pineapple? My second argument is that of contactual privacy afforded to my customers. Say I use the pineapple for legal pen testing as I should, and say I am pentesting a fortune 500 company or even better, a government institution. What happens on a pen test, stays in a pen test. By contractual obligation I can only share the results of the pen test with my customers in their status reports and final report. By allowing the pineapple to send usage statistics and other metrics (even anonymous ones) to the cloud, the pineapple would break that trust I have with my customers and infringe on the contracts I've signed and get paid for. I understand theres going to be an opt-out function in the gui (and I hope cli support as well) - but I thought I'd explain myself as to why I won't be participating with some of my pineapples. My test pineapples, the one I play with at home, the one I use to rick roll my friends - I will surely leave on for your metrics. Ones that are actually used on jobs, I'm afraid I just can't, and I hope you understand. I'd love to begin a dialog about this, so please let me know your thoughts. Thanks everyone! telot
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