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Found 5 results

  1. I just got the pineapple nano in the mail today. I tried hooking it up to the Note 4 and enabling the USB tethering as shown from the setup video. For some reasons there have been issues enabling the USB tether. I'm not sure if it's because I am using Verizon. Are there any ways to go around this issue.
  2. Can AirDrop be used to hack you? let's say that there is a "creative coder" (hacker) on one end of an AirDrop and an iPhone on the other could the hacker send a picture, video or file with some harmful code on it. Would this be a more modern version of bluejacking after all AirDrop does use Bluetooth? While if you have your airdrop turned off completely. But if your air drops on contacts only you would also think that you would be fine because it's not like your friends are going to try to hack you (well most people friends ours might) even on contacts only this is still a huge risk. Let me use an example out of a 100 people only 1 has airdrop on everyone his name is Bob so Bob gets hacked that not a really big deal but then Bob's phone starts airdropping to all his contacts and everyone near him with airdrop on everyone. And this same cycle happens, again and again, It's the weak link bob that got everyone infected even if they where on contacts only.
  3. crookedwell

    Using iPhone gps with kismet

    I found the iPhone app gps2ip and got it to send gps data to kismet on my laptop. nc -l -p 11123 | tee /dev/ttys0 When I have time I'm going try to run it on the nano. A pineapple nano and an iPhone4 would make a nice small wardriving/walking rig. If if there is any interest I can post my notes on the set up.
  4. Heyhey, I recently bought a NANO to start experimenting with wireless security and pretty quckly I encountered my first problem. About half a year ago I've met a security researcher who demonstrated his pineapple setup to a bunch of managers. While he was prepping for his short talk on the stage he switched on the pineapple and I looked at my iPhone which then displayed almost ALL my "known" wireless networks. Airports, Hotels, Restarurants, you know what I mean. My phone also immediately connected to one of them. Now I wanted to reproduce this, but I fail miserably. When I enably PineAP on my NANO, log all probes and broadcast all known SSIDs it just seems my phone isn't asking for ANY previously associated open network. No hotels, no airports or restaurants. It just sits there and does not probe for wifi networks, so the NANO does not learn any new SSIDs and thats about it. When I manually enter a SSID into the iphone to connect to it associates itself immediately and the counter on the NANO increases by one, but that's not how I wanted it to work. So my question actually is: In a room with about 15 persons, all with smartphones, why is no phone looking for it's previous WiFi networks? :/
  5. Guy

    no clients

    Hi Just got my first nano, hooked it up. And decided to have a look at it, just a breif play, went into recon found what I would expect for around where I live. So went into pineAP selected everything and started the deamon. On the main page I think it said 5 ssid's and 0 clients, now the problem is I've not been getting any clients (I was looking at it for quite a few hours), even when Ive been selecting my own stuff and deauth'ing it etc. I was watching my iphone while this was running, every few seconds the current network would switch to an unsecured one (which was the nano pineap in action, when I turned it off it stopped doing it), but would then switch right back again to the correct network, my secure one rather than sticking with the nanos insecure one. While this was happening there was no clients in the main screen. Now ive been refreshing these screens for as long as I was giving it a go, its not just my iphone I was looking at, tho my iphone mac address never seemed to be listed in the recon, but guessing this could be missed. I was expecting to get at least one client I could look at, but nothing. Any advice, know how on whats going on would be great, seemed to me the iphone new that it was on the wrong network and switched back. Anyway Thanks in advance for any advice.