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Found 23 results

  1. Hello, I have a problem with my nano when I log in to a connection with my iPhone my nano becomes a client and has no internet access... a solution? thank un
  2. Sorry, maybe there already is this kind of a topic out there... But anyway, I want to ask you guys if there is any way to injecting a keylogger or taking data from an iPhone like pictures or iMessages and storing it in the mail or somewhere else. This would be cool if somebody already managed to do something with an iPhone or iCloud data and would share some info about this for all of us. Thanks :)
  3. I am in trouble. Its my second time my phone locked with icloud.need help. Please guide me.a - z I know nothing about hacking
  4. {"app_name":"Chrome","timestamp":"2019-06-17 03:11:25.82 -0700","app_version":"75.3770.85","slice_uuid":"aa9219d7-91d8-3d52-93be-4f34f7dbfa01","adam_id":535886823,"build_version":"75.0.3770.85","bundleID":"com.google.chrome.ios","share_with_app_devs":false,"is_first_party":false,"bug_type":"109","os_version":"iPhone OS 12.3.1 (16F203)","incident_id":"40544D73-E715-4C29-8BBD-64753FB5C140","name":"Chrome"} Incident Identifier: 40544D73-E715-4C29-8BBD-64753FB5C140 CrashReporter Key: f710f30e72ea20957add08c383c98e608add30be Hardware Model: iPhone10,4 Process:
  5. hello everybady,i am new in this forum.right now i work as penetration tester for a little compay who protects from mobile hacking.In this project I am searching for an opensource app or a leaked app that has the ability to do full jailbreak to an iPhone and get full Remote access like: uploads and downloads data from the phone,use the camera and video, record voice,gets user location,web history,list of contacts and so on.i also tried many commrical apps like:mSpy,MobileStealth and so on but they were useless.i thoungt to myself that for the start i can lure the user using spearphising or wif
  6. I just got the pineapple nano in the mail today. I tried hooking it up to the Note 4 and enabling the USB tethering as shown from the setup video. For some reasons there have been issues enabling the USB tether. I'm not sure if it's because I am using Verizon. Are there any ways to go around this issue.
  7. Can AirDrop be used to hack you? let's say that there is a "creative coder" (hacker) on one end of an AirDrop and an iPhone on the other could the hacker send a picture, video or file with some harmful code on it. Would this be a more modern version of bluejacking after all AirDrop does use Bluetooth? While if you have your airdrop turned off completely. But if your air drops on contacts only you would also think that you would be fine because it's not like your friends are going to try to hack you (well most people friends ours might) even on contacts only this is still a huge risk. Le
  8. NetworkToolbox - Network scanning and analyzing by Marcus Roskosch https://appsto.re/us/9wa2M.i https://networktoolbox.de/ Shits extensive. I don't pay for apps willy-nilly, this one has not failed to impress. Heres a list of it's features: Features of NetworkToolbox Scan your local home- or corporate-network within seconds. Explore all connected devices and get a complete picture of your network. Over 26 individual tools are available to analyze you
  9. I found out that you can use the Airport Utility App to scan for active wifi on your iPhone. in the airport utility settings, toggle wi-fi scanner and the app gives you a button at the bottom for scanning WiFi. The results show SSID, BSSID, MAC addresses, RSSI, channels, and clicking on a result shows past scans signal strength and channel. This seems to be the only app that has access to the MAC address under the new IOS 11+.
  10. Iam so curious to someone. I want know her more. Can i hack her iphone with wifi connection? or something else can i do? please help me
  11. I found the iPhone app gps2ip and got it to send gps data to kismet on my laptop. nc -l -p 11123 | tee /dev/ttys0 When I have time I'm going try to run it on the nano. A pineapple nano and an iPhone4 would make a nice small wardriving/walking rig. If if there is any interest I can post my notes on the set up.
  12. Hi Just got my first nano, hooked it up. And decided to have a look at it, just a breif play, went into recon found what I would expect for around where I live. So went into pineAP selected everything and started the deamon. On the main page I think it said 5 ssid's and 0 clients, now the problem is I've not been getting any clients (I was looking at it for quite a few hours), even when Ive been selecting my own stuff and deauth'ing it etc. I was watching my iphone while this was running, every few seconds the current network would switch to an unsecured one (which was the nano p
  13. If anyone is interested I managed to control an iPhone with a USB rubber ducky quite simply by using a lightning to usb converter. If you have any suggestions on the practical applications of this please leave a reply. link to video demonstration:
  14. Can we bypassing HSTS by using this MITM technique? The attack works on latest versions of iOS including iOS 8.1.1 and On most Android devices. Source: https://blog.zimperium.com/doubledirect-zimperium-discovers-full-duplex-icmp-redirect-attacks-in-the-wild/
  15. Hi all, Is there a way to load multiple payloads for different mobile phones on to one Rubber Ducky, and then get the payload to recognise the model of the phone it has been plugged in to and run the appropriate payload? Thank you, Haze
  16. Hi all, Apologies if this has been asked before, I'm new here and I had a good look around the forum but couldn't find anything related. When using the Rubby Ducky to run commands on a mobile phone, you have to of course use the equivilent of keyboard shortcuts, for example the shortcuts found here; http://www.pcworld.com/article/184656/android_keyboard_shortcuts.html Is there a website or resource available that lists the shortcuts for multiple phones, so regardless of which mobile phone I wanted to create a payload for, I could easily look up the shortcuts required to type up the payload?
  17. On of the guys I work for wanted to print some documents from his iPhone and iPad. I started looking up software. Seems only a few printers work with iPhone and iPad. I would have thought that any network attached printer would work. But they are not all airprint compatible. The printer he's wanting to print to is a LaserJet P2030 series. I wasn't sure if there was an app that would work for this. There is a Windows machine there as well. So I had thought about setting file sharing betweent he phone and and Windows machine so he could drag and drop the documents to the PC and use a VNC viewer
  18. So guys, I got a little setup problem My setup: iPhone 4S , wifi tethering, and the wifi pineapple! What I want to do: boot up both devices, connect iPhone to wifi pineapple, startup everything ( actually just tcpdump at the moment, maybe also deauth ) after that, do something magic and start wifi tethering on the iPhone and let the pineapple connect to it ( maybe put something in the dip switch so it connects automatically to the iPhone, but I don't know how ) Does someone know an answer to this? Greetz, Roman
  19. Hey! I will use my Wifi Pineapple Mark V without the RJ-45 connection. So that when i go out with the pineapple i can make a Monitoring on my Iphone. (The pineapple is physical only connect with the power from the storage battery) With my Hardware i hope i can make a huawei Network in which is the pineapple on wlan1 and my device like iPhone. I know that i have to use an hub and not a switch for the Network traffic. Maybe the huawei is not the right hardware? How i can make my Monitoring? My Hardware: -Wifi Pineapple Mark V -Huawei Mobile WiFi E5776 with SIM-Card
  20. i have a bunch of older smartphones a samsung moment is one im trying to figure out how to deploy payloads with cellphones as an alternitive to usb with a standard charger micro usb a samsung moment or android phone as the attack device like store the payloads on sd caed and embedd the payloads in pictures videos etc to me tranferd via email bluetooth post pictures to social media and when someone saves picture to device payload is executed and i am new to the community as well as payloads for remote controlling phones remote root ota over the air password grab cache copy dos ddos redirect to
  21. I would like to know how can I connect my wifi mark V to my iphone personal Hotspot to be able to provide internet to users. Thank you
  22. Hello Guys, This is my first post here, so please correct me if i'm doing something wrong. :) OK, so I'm experiencing a very strange problem... I want to be able to redirect traffic to a local IP address, so I recently installed dsniff on my PC. Well, I firstly arpspoof the victims successfully and then fire up dnsspoof, using an ordinary dnsspoof.conf file which contains something like this: facebook.com <ip adress here> *facebook.com <ip adress here> When IP forwarding is set to 0, the redirection works perfectly. However, when the victim tries to visit or ping another si
  23. ~This if f.y.i I am not responsible for what you do or if you damage your device~ Hey guys. i found out this trick to fake your ios version!!! OK lets say your like me and you have a older model of the iPhone (i have a 2g). But you want to get apps (ipas or from the appstore) that aren't for your ios version. Well here is how you can fake your ios version!! 1. Get ifile on your ipod or ssh into your iphone. ** 2. Go to the root of your iphone... 3. Go to system... 4. Go to Library (in the system folder) 5. Go to CoreServices (in the Library folder) 6. Open SystemVersion.plist 7. Edit
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