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  1. How to check weather email exits or not ? i have tried python validate_email with py3dns it is not working for me any other ideas
  2. unable to connect to irc hak5
  3. waiting for this from long and lost all my hops .it is finally out now super happy now
  4. ya just saw yesterday wiki.pineapple changed a lot from past
  5. hak5 will make some money ..hak5 team may take only a few weeks to write a book .. books will take hak5 to whole new level ..
  6. why don't someone write a book "learn hacking with wifi pineapple" ..in which it should contain how to hack and also how to protect us from getting hacked ,..for beginners
  7. what can it do? i think this can transmit wifi as well as date through standard USB Ethernet adaptor
  8. i think it is coming shortly because i found a link http://lanturtle.com/# online curious know about that ....will be one of the few people to buy one
  9. how to check vulnerabilities in my site. what tools do you use more
  10. haha i dont do that ..what i want say is even hangout.hak5.org dont have ssl certificate
  11. it is working by typing https://ip address ; but cant connect with others and can i know how to edit the page plz..thank you for u r help ..i am new to this so i am asking lot of questions
  12. daren says " u do have to have fully qualified domain name match what nginx is going to see otherwise your going to see picture of my cat ( welcome to nginx) 27:07 in his video
  13. how to portforward in cloud server ..https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2ezGALwlmR2aHhUblRHeFNDTTA/view?usp=sharing..Or in domain service side should i do any modifications ..
  14. can anyone give lecture in hangouts.hak5.com so that will be helpful for newbie ;) like newbi3 do in youtube
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