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  1. I just pluged my Powerbank to ensure it's working. Think if you put a bigger battery inside the device get's much bigger. Just my 2 cent. Greets, Heiko
  2. I used the USB LAN Adapter which came with the Shark. The downloaded sharkjack.sh came from here: https://downloads.hak5.org/shark (Thought it was GitHub but i remembered wrong) Here is the output from my actual Kali Linux machine: root@host:~/Downloads/SharkJack# ip route show default via dev eth1 proto dhcp metric 100 default via dev wlan0 proto dhcp metric 600 dev eth1 proto kernel scope link src metric 100 dev wlan0 proto kernel scope link src metric 600 dev virbr0 proto kernel scope link src linkdown root@host:~/Downloads/SharkJack# ip route show to match 2>/dev/null| grep -i | cut -d ' ' -f3 | grep -v root@host:~/Downloads/SharkJack# ip route show to match 2>/dev/null| grep -i | cut -d ' ' -f3 | grep As you can see - the DHCP request worked and my machine get a ip in the correct range. The original Bash Script (Line 75) uses grep -v at the end. Isn't this a inverting ? I removed the -v from the option and everything works fine here. Greets, Heiko
  3. I changed the following line (75) in my sharkjack.sh - working now. Bug ? ip route show to match 2>/dev/null| grep -i | cut -d ' ' -f3 | grep -v to ip route show to match 2>/dev/null| grep -i | cut -d ' ' -f3 | grep Greets, Geek @Darren Kitchen - thanx. Manually upgrade works as expected.
  4. Hmmm... suspect behaviour here. I downloaded new firmware and sharkjack.sh to my kali machine. Shark Jack is connected, pinging and i can connect to it with ssh. When i run sharkjack.sh and select "connect" it only says "waiting for shark jack to connect" Same on upgrade so i can't upgrade. Is there a way to manually copy the upgrade to,the Shark and start the upgrade directely from ssh shell ? Greets, Heiko
  5. Hi, i just have a few thoughts and would like to hear from you what you think about it. let's say we are man in the middle with a Packet Squirrel, Lan Turtle or Pineapple. Is there any possibility to modify the html results a user get ? Have never tested it and atm i have no idea but let us think we could. I thought about modify a html result page so it redirects to a Root CA certificate from my Mitm device. If you name the device like "install to get secure website.crt" many users will accept it by a click. Especially if you install it on a major page like Google. So if the get SSLStriped to the Google page the result also gave back an iframe within the code which loads up the crt file. Which result in an popup of the browser. (This is important because the CA cert is dropped from a regular / non special webpage so the user think it's ok) If the user accept my CA - it should be possible to have some kind of SSL Proxy running which always shows up a correct self CA signed cert for each page the user requests. In real i could do regular ssl requests to the real host the user requests. So for him it looks like he is connected to the correct signed ssl secured webpage and for the Page he requested it looks like i am the real user requesting it correctely with ssl. This would not cause any problem if the webpage is SSL only and for the user it looks all good because he installed my root CA before. Just an idea - as i am not aware for any solution like this i just want to talk about it and hear your thoughts. Thanx, Geeksystem
  6. Hi, is it possible that one here could record the Cyber Terror Video on National Geographics tonight ? http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/breakthrough-series/videos/what-is-white-hat-hacking/ I tried everything but there is no chance to see this in Europe. Thanx, Heiko
  7. Hey, cool ;-) Thanx for this one. Looks really interesting to me. I already thought to rent a raspberry Pi2 in a serverfarm but Amazon is 1 year for free ;-) http://best-hosting.cz/en/raspberry-hosting Thanx, Heiko
  8. Thanx for that tip ;-) Will have a look at linode.com
  9. Forgot to say... it should be possible to use ssh tunneling on that provider, too. Are there any free ones or only payed services - and if so, which to choose ? Thanx ;-)
  10. Any recomendations on a good and free usable shell provider ? I was thinking about insomnia247.nl but you need to be invited there ;-) Greets, Heiko
  11. Hello, having the same problem with my brand new Pineapple which i got yesterday. Inserting the SD Card and after connecting i get the green light up (power) and the ampber (searching for update) blinking. Not working after 20 minutes. I tried to mount the SDCard on my Debian machine and it can't read it !!! ==> What i did - reformat the card on my Linux to EXT2 and redownload the latest (1.04) Firmware file from the site. Unpacked it to the SD Card and tried again -- WORKING ;-) After a few minutes i had a working unit ;-) Greets, Heiko
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