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  1. I'd like some assistance with regards to security on O365. Does anyone how, as adminstrators of O365, one is able to do the following via the Admin Centre or Azure: 1. Revoke refresh tokens 2. Clear delegates out 3. Wipe ActiveSync devices 4. Remove ActiveSync partnerships 5. Disable untrusted Office 365 Apps This will assist in the event of a compromised account or investigation. TIA
  2. If we need any more leverage for reminding us the importance of security in app development here it is: https://www.eureporter.co/rss-imports/2018/09/29/conservative-party-conference-app-reveals-mps-numbers/ It'll be interesting to see what secure development lifecycle approach was used by the comms company http://www.crownbc.com/ who made it! Conservative Party Conference - Apps on Google Play
  3. I'd like your assistance in an idea. I'm thinking of making a fun cyber security escape room for my friends. What activities do you think I can do for ppl who aren't tech savvy but will improve their cyber awareness?
  4. Dropbox and Google are cloud storage providers that can do what they want with your data as I've experienced with companies I work for. They also do not assist with investigations resulting to misuse of user log-in too.
  5. Want to share a snap of how I'm set up with my pineapple, laptop and phone, and be interested to know how others are setup too.
  6. Does it matter which laptop or browser you use for your Nano work? What do you use?
  7. Q: I received my Nano today but what's the right program to install the .bin file?
  8. Hello everyone I am new to the forum : ) I am starting a masters in information security and currently doing lots of research on security management and testing. Look forward to getting involved in the forum and products : ) Nationality: Finn Sex: Male Age: 22 Race: Euro-Asian Occupation: student
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