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  1. Use cases: to help recover images and files which have been deleted Budget: £1K
  2. Can anyone recommend a mobile phone forensics tool that's available to buy off the shelf (COTS)? I've aware of XRY and Cellebrite but they only seem to sell to corporate (enterprises) organisations but when i've contacted them they are not prepared to sell to an individual consultant. I'd like to buy a suitable one so appreciate your solutions
  3. I'd like some assistance with regards to security on O365. Does anyone how, as adminstrators of O365, one is able to do the following via the Admin Centre or Azure: 1. Revoke refresh tokens 2. Clear delegates out 3. Wipe ActiveSync devices 4. Remove ActiveSync partnerships 5. Disable untrusted Office 365 Apps This will assist in the event of a compromised account or investigation. TIA
  4. If we need any more leverage for reminding us the importance of security in app development here it is: https://www.eureporter.co/rss-imports/2018/09/29/conservative-party-conference-app-reveals-mps-numbers/ It'll be interesting to see what secure development lifecycle approach was used by the comms company http://www.crownbc.com/ who made it! Conservative Party Conference - Apps on Google Play
  5. I'd like your assistance in an idea. I'm thinking of making a fun cyber security escape room for my friends. What activities do you think I can do for ppl who aren't tech savvy but will improve their cyber awareness?
  6. Dropbox and Google are cloud storage providers that can do what they want with your data as I've experienced with companies I work for. They also do not assist with investigations resulting to misuse of user log-in too.
  7. Given the potential uses of blockchain in the supply chain and financial institutions to improve processes and integrity, where do you think blockchain can be used in areas of information security?
  8. Want to share a snap of how I'm set up with my pineapple, laptop and phone, and be interested to know how others are setup too.
  9. Has anyone done the revamped CISSP? I'm planning on doing it and keen to learn how it was and how different it was to the previous CISSP format and subjects
  10. I'm looking into doing this course https://www.social-engineer.com/certified-training/ I'd appreciate your views on doing a social engineering course, has anyone done this one or a similar one and is it worthwhile?
  11. Keen to meet and learn from other members and wondering if a meet up event has been done before in London or the south east/thames valley region? I would be interested in meeting other professionals and finding a potential mentor. I think it would be fun, would anyone be interested in a meet up event?
  12. Does it matter which laptop or browser you use for your Nano work? What do you use?
  13. I’d like to design an FAQ page in SharePoint like these: https://yourquestions.mcdonalds.ca/ https://help.mint.com/ Does anyone have any experience in using SharePoint to make an FAQ page and can give me assistance in designing something which’ll look similar to the above for my employer.
  14. Many people share their bank account number and sort code to others to receive money, I was wondering, whats the dangers to sharing this to random people?
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