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  1. WaterRide

    Blockchains use in InfoSec

    Given the potential uses of blockchain in the supply chain and financial institutions to improve processes and integrity, where do you think blockchain can be used in areas of information security?
  2. WaterRide

    At Chelsea football ground configuring APs

    Any gossip from the club?
  3. WaterRide

    Pineapple setup

    Want to share a snap of how I'm set up with my pineapple, laptop and phone, and be interested to know how others are setup too.
  4. WaterRide


    Has anyone done the revamped CISSP? I'm planning on doing it and keen to learn how it was and how different it was to the previous CISSP format and subjects
  5. WaterRide

    Social Engineering Course

    I'm looking into doing this course https://www.social-engineer.com/certified-training/ I'd appreciate your views on doing a social engineering course, has anyone done this one or a similar one and is it worthwhile?
  6. WaterRide

    Meet up / networking

    Keen to meet and learn from other members and wondering if a meet up event has been done before in London or the south east/thames valley region? I would be interested in meeting other professionals and finding a potential mentor. I think it would be fun, would anyone be interested in a meet up event?
  7. WaterRide

    what device do you use?

    Does it matter which laptop or browser you use for your Nano work? What do you use?
  8. WaterRide

    creating an FAQ in SharePoint

    I’d like to design an FAQ page in SharePoint like these: https://yourquestions.mcdonalds.ca/ https://help.mint.com/ Does anyone have any experience in using SharePoint to make an FAQ page and can give me assistance in designing something which’ll look similar to the above for my employer.
  9. Many people share their bank account number and sort code to others to receive money, I was wondering, whats the dangers to sharing this to random people?
  10. WaterRide

    Infosec Education

    Where are you living? In the UK there are a number of cyber information courses run by universities which teaches all students with zero knowledge of the subject and by the end of the degree you have gained a solid understanding of networks, crypto, pen testing, policy....
  11. Are you or your company engaging friends or staff during Cyber Security Awareness Month this October? I was pleased to see Donald encouraging Americans to be aware of the cyber risks affecting small and large businesses: President Donald J. Trump Proclaims October 2017 as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month | whitehouse.gov
  12. WaterRide

    General NANO Discussion

    Q: I received my Nano today but what's the right program to install the .bin file?
  13. WaterRide


    Keen to learn how involved you or your security colleagues are in the new general data protection legislation changes at your company? Have you undertaken any external courses to help you?
  14. Many of our users have access to Office 365 / SharePoint but the way it is currently configured staff are able to access everything they have been given permission to outside the corporate network. Any one here use SharePoint in business? If so, what have you done to block all (or limit) external access to Office 365 for members of designated groups. TIA
  15. WaterRide

    Best Password Manager?

    Just wanted to share this link if anyone is interested: http://uk.pcmag.com/password-managers-products/4296/guide/the-best-password-managers-of-2016