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  1. Surely any 10 Amp 12V solar charge controller will do the job, With a 18Ah battery like in the video.
  2. trying it now. However I can't seem to get the wired network into client mode , to connect to my router
  3. What Battery are you using. I've got a 1.3 Ah SLA Battery from maplins, that last for around 3.5 hour's. On a Pi 2 Running flat out on Crunch/Aircrack. At a Guess that be more like 6 hur's ticking over. Run a Pi, and ADS-B. Also I just use a Car cig power adapter to power the pi, via the battery. Simple and cheap.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/user/DEFCONConference/videos There you go, Just have to WAIT
  5. Channel 12 or 13? >> You may need to change your region setting. https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/33570-changing-region/
  6. Seb Any chance of adding you above info to the common questions.
  7. In A Clients tession session, Old Os's that was conected to a AP via WPA2. was connecting to the Pine AP. When I was jamming the AP. Howevey some Android and Apple hardware is not. Is this a case of cat and mouse, I.e The newwer clients remember WPA2 was on, and will only contect to a WPA2 etc AP of the same name.
  8. Don't forget to use the Highest Class of SD-card you can but, Not much in price's on the lower sizes.
  9. Got mine Today Also, Connect Wlan2 to Wifi of your choice, Wlan0 and Wlan 1 will be used with Karma and PineAp. Usefull Video of Firmware update. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40Igim3upL0&feature=youtu.be&t=2m59s
  10. Here in the UK right now, we are having a spot of great weather, So in the day time I'm using the Mk V with the SDR dongle, to track aircraft above my house, So far i've seen a fair few planes, However, not been local to a main airport in Sheffield, I got my first sight of a Airbus A380, Pic below, I'm yet to get out my 900mm Telescope and use that to photograph plane, However the Pic below was with a Tamron 70-300mm lens with a Nikon D3100. Anyone else got some Aircraft in flight photo's. ? Airbus A380 UAE18 - A6-EDE
  11. Bit of a larger man myself, Carling / Stella Artois . However if it's top shelf , I do like a Tia Maria, Barcardi and coke.
  12. Ok, for some reason mine went pop, But the pineapple fine with the battery, and a power supply, from a cisco router running at 12V - 1A, however I may need to use this soon, I'll take it that the standard one 9V at 1.25 A ???
  13. Im using my pineapple for a lot of fun things. However sometime on a hot suuny day I use it in client mode, to give me a signal, when i'm out sunning myself, It is a case of a simple log file to change Wlan1 from US to UK etc. to allow me to use channel 13 my router normally on, away from channel 1,6,11. Ta
  14. Yep I'll take a look. However, If a cheap SDR dongle, can be used. It just goes to show what a hack can do.
  15. Ok so in this month Sky @ night mag, It's going on about using radio to detect meteors. I.e picking up radio that beamed up to space, and using software to pick it up. I've posted it here because of the fequency used. 145.05 Mhz. This month It's all about building the aerial , next month the software. I've took photo out of the pages from the mag, If anyone is instrested. http://www.peterturner.talktalk.net/files/SatN.zip Found a little more here, i.e Link to software. http://radio.meteor.free.fr/fr/en/logiciels.html
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