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    VPN to Tor

    Hi, I haven't posted in a while, but i've always found the people on this forum to be very helpful and supportive. I have an OpenVpn server which also has Tor installed. I am wondering, just for curiosity purposes is there any way to route all the traffic coming to the server through the VPN over Tor so it would look like this Client ---> OpenVpn Server -----> Tor ------> internet. I assume this is possible but im only just learning about ip routes so was looking for a bit of guidance. If anyone could help that would be great. I've found a few similar things on other forums but im not sure they are achieving exactly what i want, and i don't understand the routing commands enough to change it to suit my needs. Many Thanks David
  2. I've just installed Nethunter on to a nexus 5 marshmallow. However whenever I try and use any of the commands such as wifite and mitmf I get an error ssl_ciph.c(404): OpenSSL internal error, assertion failed: ssl_mac_secret_size[sSL_MD_MD_MD5_IDK] >= 0 If anyone could offer some advice that would be greatly appreciated. Also do I need to install additional drivers in order to use an external wifi adaptor or do I just need a powered Y cable
  3. Hi, Im trying to install the Social Engineering Toolkit onto my debian linux machine. It all seems to have gone well but when i try and use the credential harvester i get this error, [!] Something went wrong, printing the error: No module named pexpect Could anyone shed some light as to what i need to do to fix this. Thanks,
  4. Another quick question relating to this. I'm trying to set up a page on my Kali machine and then transfer the files to a Linux web server. When I make the files I've put the web servers IP address as the post back address but when I transfer the files over the credentials are captured. Does the credential harvester page only work on the machine you create it on or can you transfer the file to another machine?
  5. Thanks cooper, had to run apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5. So I don't get the php file showing now, but the credentials are still not captured. Any advice on that? Thanks
  6. Yeh the setoolkit is all upto date, and I've installed php and it's still not working.
  7. Hi, I've used the setoolkit before to harvest login crednentials using fake login pages and it's worked well. However I've just tried to set one up on a new Kali box and the page is created successfully however when I click login I'm presented with the contents of the post.php file and when I open the harvester log file there are no credentials saved. Has anyone else had this problem and can anyone help me fix this issue. Thanks
  8. My screen resolution is 1024x600. There is no option for a bigger resolution. Is there any way I can fix this.
  9. I upgraded to Kali 2.0 when it came out however GQRX which used to work well on Kali 1 but now doesn't work at all. As anyone else had this problem, and could give me any advice on how to fix it. Thanks Edit: after trying to reinstall GQRX I get an error saying gnuradio-audio was not found. I have libgnuradio-audio installed. Could this be the problem?
  10. I have recently bought a 10" notebook and installed Kali Linux 2.0 on it, however because the screen is so small some of the menu items get cut off and sometimes the OK and Cancel buttons on the settings screens are hidden. Is there any way round this, I've tried changing the resolution but it just makes it worse. Thanks
  11. Thanks that worked! Thought I had tried that last night but obviously not. Thanks again
  12. I tried allow root login and that didn't work and I tried to add another user and login to them and that didn't work either. Do I you have to specify which users can be accessed through ssh?
  13. tried that on Kali v2 (would prefer to get it working on that if nothing else) and it says port 22 is open but still says permission denied
  14. Hi, I've just bought a LAN Turtle and was itching to start playing with it but I seem to have run into a stumbling block or two. I have an old laptop with Kali v1 on it and a newer laptop with Kali v2. When I try to ssh into the localhost on Kali v2 I get asked for a password which I enter but I keep getting permission denied. This also happens when I try to ssh into it from my LAN Turtle. So I thought I would try my old Kali v1 which I thought ssh worked on. However when j do the same on that I just keep getting connect refused even though when I run "service ssh status" it says it's running. Can someone offer any advice, it's starting to drive me up the wall. Thanks
  15. Hi, just installed the new Kali Linux, and was just wondering if anyone could tell me, how i add icons to the side dock that ive installed. i can see you right click on the application to add one of the preinstalled pplications, but i wanted to know how to add firefox which ive downloaded to that sidebar. Thanks
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