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  1. kerravon

    Wifi Pineapple Rant

    PMme if you dont get anywhere!
  2. kerravon

    Wifi Pineapple Rant

    if it is under warranty it is your statutory right to have it repaired, under the goods and services act it is not fit for purpose. I can possibly repair it but this would void any warranty.
  3. kerravon

    Wifi Pineapple Rant

    to diagnose and possibly repair upgrade faulty componets in the device.
  4. kerravon

    Wifi Pineapple Rant

    That depends on whats wrong with it but usually its parts and labour, but once I Know whats wrong with it, you would be contacted with price and parts list in case you wish to purchase parts then it would just be labour about 5/10 GBP
  5. kerravon

    Wifi Pineapple Rant

    I have offered many times, too look at these for people, all you have to do is send it to me with the problem its having and I will test it, and where possible repair it using higher grad components. The trouble for most of you guys I am UK based. Could even set up and ebay page to make things run smoother.
  6. kerravon

    Solar powered nano geo-location box

    Actually quite good, Ive mapped the area in which I live wich is as big as a small town. When I can get some money together I want to put a HackRF One in and play with the aircraft tracking. As I live just by birmingham airport in the UK.
  7. Just completed my solar powered nano, that I use for geo-location etc. https://ibb.co/imi9LQ https://ibb.co/js9G0Q https://ibb.co/maYyEk https://ibb.co/c2jG0Q https://ibb.co/g8tn75 https://ibb.co/eMnrZk https://ibb.co/byw1Zk https://ibb.co/j7Nm0Q https://ibb.co/b6xVS5 https://ibb.co/hEA60Q
  8. is it switched on????
  9. kerravon

    Nano Virtualbox Kali solution

    I've always used VMWare for all my virtual projects, been with them since ESX V1.
  10. kerravon

    [Payload] Android Brute Force 4-digit pin

    Hey darren, Any chance of putting your 600k script on github so we can look at it? cheers
  11. kerravon

    Bully and Pixiewps?

    you did check 1 your routers IP and then the IP of your network card in kali?
  12. kerravon

    updating bash bunny firmware question

    Thats what I thought.
  13. kerravon

    updating bash bunny firmware question

    cheers mate
  14. sorry if this has been answerd elswhere I couldnt find it. Updating the FW, do I set the bunny to arm mode, go in through serial and cd / and copy fw update there or Do I set sw1 to RNDIS_ETHERNET and ssh <ip address> cd / and copy firmware update there. I want to get this right as I dont want to brick it and its only just arrived. cheers for any help. kerravon
  15. kerravon

    Wifi Pineapple confusing

    Biy darrens book, it good for beginners,