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  1. I've always used VMWare for all my virtual projects, been with them since ESX V1.
  2. windows 10 is a pain in the butt, try other os like kali in a vm.
  3. might be worth showing us the script to aid us in debugging for you, orherwise it like peeling an orange with a garden spade.
  4. Hi mate,
    this is the 90 degree adapter I bought:


    or you could if you can find one use a lead with a right angle adapter on the one end, but its finding one, I only have one and that in use for something else lol, hence the adapter.



  5. Is it possible to use http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SKROSS-Power-bank-RELOAD-12000-mAh-SK1302167-input-output-5V-1A-2-1A-White-/151901854692?hash=item235e0e5be4:g:cNQAAOSwf-VWXyN3 for the nano. If not any one have any suggestions as the pineapple juice 4000 isnt available as an accessory at the moment? thanks all regards kerravon
  6. Is this some kind of joke!!! My nano arrived today and I updated the the firmware as per set up, plugged in a 16gb sd card formatted it. but when installing 2 modules i run out of space. I know bill gates sells faulty goods as the norm, but I thought we were better than that in the linux community. I am completley peed of with this its not as if in the current climate weve all got money to throw away.
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