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    Is HAK5 dead?

    I know this has been brought up before but is Hak5 dead? I mean seriously? When was the last time any of you watched a Hak5 video on youtube? Threatwire is still somewhat active but is everything else dead? If I'm missing something please let me know. I miss the show and miss everything else with it. If it is truely gone did I miss the goodbye? If so please point me in the right direction cause I'd like some closure. :) Learned a lot from you guys and gals! Plus is the show is truely dead then I can leave the forums too. I try to help where I can but the forums these days are pretty much dead too.
  2. Safe to assume your using 2020.1?
  3. Kuyaya, I wouldn't delete it. Lets work on it and see what it can do. I haven't messed with responder much so I'm going to look at the python scripts and see what they actually do. As far as your bunny goes, what does a reset do? Does it do anything to Linux? Did you reinstall responder? I've never done it before which is why I ask. Course most important question is what is your target pc and did that change at all? Before getting too deep into this I read that quickcreds doesn't work anymore because there is a MS patch for it. I personally use a fresh Win10 1903 as my target and it seems to work fine although I'm going to research that more too.
  4. So this sparked my curiosity. I plugged in my bash bunny, and checked the responder.db file and it has stuff in it from the last time I ran quickcreds. I put your payload on a switch, ran it, and it grabbed what was in the responder.db file. It doesn't appear that it grabs the hashes on the actual machine. If I run quickcreds first, then your payload second, then it'll show everything that is in responder.db. Which is what I already had, plus new hashes from what quickcreds grabbed. I bit odd...I'll keep digging.
  5. You know, this is a hard one and it has multiple answers depending on numerous reasons. A lot of things have changed on here. Some due to Hak5 and some due to Linux in general. So it is a rather loaded question, and it depends your knowledge, what you want to do with the devices, and if your willing to learn. I don't have a lot of time to go into great detail at the moment but I'll put it this way. If I had to go back and do it over. I'd buy most of what I have purchased. If today was the first time seeing them and like you have had the chance to look over the forums, then I'd probably only buy one item at best.
  6. Thanks aethernaut that was a ton of information. I lot more then what I knew so thank you! Do you know of some good software to sift through a hard drive that has a lot of deleted stuff on it? Guess I'd be curious if I could find a VM I deleted and then once I find that VM I'd like to see if I could find the files on that VM that I also deleted.
  7. Hey so a few questions for everyone. How come whenever I look at purchasing a used hard drive, the seller states that the hard drive has been reformatted several times, or has been formatted via the DoD standard. What is the point in doing that? Let's say I have a hard drive I wish to sell, couldn't I just put it in my machine as a secondary hard drive, and fill it up with something? Say a really large useless virtual machine or some super large file over and over until the hard drive is filled up? Am I wrong in thinking that? I know it's a long shot but if I mostly know where a personal file is at, as long as I put something over top of it the file is technically blown away right? Guess I don't know of any software that can un-delete a deleted file that's been written over at least once. I've used software to un-delete files that have not been overwritten. Any info would be great. Next question. Again maybe purely random but I did get a hard drive once that I wanted to backup a few files from it to a thumb drive. And the thumb drive died. It never worked again after that. Granted it was a cheap thumb drive but does anyone know of software on a hard drive that would kill a thumb drive? The motherboard is mine, the hard drive has since been formatted and works fine with all sorts of thumb drives. Just wondering if there is software that can be installed on a hard drive that would kill flash drives? Last question, what's the best software to clone a hard drive? Looking to clone a Win10 box to replace the hard drive. Thanks.
  8. You could use Kon Boot and just give the account a new password. Probably not the answer your looking for but it's an option if you just need to take control of the account.
  9. Put a switch in there and hang the turtle off that. Then just power it with USB.
  10. Do you have another micro sd card? I'll have to look later and see what format mine are in but I believe its either FAT or FAT32. Try reformatting it and leave all the settings on default. I don't recall having to format mine in the first place. And again I don't understand the error when you download the bin file. Click on it, say save as, and the file is in your downloads folder. Nothing should try to execute it, if something is then that's something different configured on your end.
  11. So what exactly are you trying to do? You can't just click on inject.bin and expect it to do anything. You take that file, put it on the micro sd card, insert the micro sd card into the ducky, plug the ducky in, and cross your fingers. As far as the script goes do you understand how it works? First off you have to have permission to plug the duck into a computer. The computer needs to be running and logged in. From there the script will delay a bit, you may need to increase the delay or at least know that it might fail the first time you plug it into a computer since the computer has to install drivers for this "keyboard". Then it'll bring up the run window, delay again to let the window pop up, then type the string which basically just says...current user your new password is...password. Then delays again and presses enter. Pretty simple and straight forward. If your still having issues let me know. Read around the forums too.
  12. Since I don't feel like clicking on a random link, legit or not, could you paste your DELAY500.txt file in here so I could see what it's erroring out on? Also your output should be inject.bin not duckyWaddle.bin
  13. Add an extra zero to your first delay and see if that helps or to anywhere your code is getting cut off. Got to remember that 500 is half a second. May seem like a lot but it's not when the computer is trying to recognize what you plugged into it, or when your trying to enter a command. I know it's not as sleek (fast) but I'd add a zero to every delay you have in your script and I bet it'll work just fine.
  14. Ok so a little background before we get too hung up on the title. I enjoy playing the older games from the mid 90's to the mid 00's. The hardware I'm using is an FM2 socket APU with built in graphics and an i5 haswell with a similar graphics card to the AMD APU. So I'm not looking to break any records with graphics or anything. Modest settings are fine by me. No 4k or HD. I actually quite enjoy playing on 720p on my 50" Sony. Anyways with more modern equipment I've been told that win10 is obviously the better choice. It supports the latest drivers and so on. But in my case where my hardware is locked in and I have no interest in upgrading anytime soon, is win10 really that much better than win7? 99% of the time I won't have the computer on the net and I know if by chance I do touch the net with an outdated win10 I'm basically SOL until it's done updating. So any thoughts? I like the flashiness of win10 but is there really any gain? I personally haven't really noticed any when playing the same game on either OS.
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