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  1. Since I don't feel like clicking on a random link, legit or not, could you paste your DELAY500.txt file in here so I could see what it's erroring out on? Also your output should be inject.bin not duckyWaddle.bin
  2. Add an extra zero to your first delay and see if that helps or to anywhere your code is getting cut off. Got to remember that 500 is half a second. May seem like a lot but it's not when the computer is trying to recognize what you plugged into it, or when your trying to enter a command. I know it's not as sleek (fast) but I'd add a zero to every delay you have in your script and I bet it'll work just fine.
  3. Ok so a little background before we get too hung up on the title. I enjoy playing the older games from the mid 90's to the mid 00's. The hardware I'm using is an FM2 socket APU with built in graphics and an i5 haswell with a similar graphics card to the AMD APU. So I'm not looking to break any records with graphics or anything. Modest settings are fine by me. No 4k or HD. I actually quite enjoy playing on 720p on my 50" Sony. Anyways with more modern equipment I've been told that win10 is obviously the better choice. It supports the latest drivers and so on. But in my case where my hardware is locked in and I have no interest in upgrading anytime soon, is win10 really that much better than win7? 99% of the time I won't have the computer on the net and I know if by chance I do touch the net with an outdated win10 I'm basically SOL until it's done updating. So any thoughts? I like the flashiness of win10 but is there really any gain? I personally haven't really noticed any when playing the same game on either OS.
  4. What are you in during the CTRL A and CTRL S? Is it powershell? If so I'm guessing powershell doesn't recognize those commands. The commands run fine in notepad which is how I tested them. I also found they don't work in cmd either. You may want to try to do a screen grab or have the a ducky script write them to a file.
  5. It's probably trying to type powershell before the run box is fully open. I'd put a small delay between gui r and your first powershell string command. I find that all computers are different and a script setup with delays runs perfect on one machine and crash and burn on another.
  6. I don't have a screen shot of it but with a fresh install of win10 on a machine, it doesn't like to execute powershell scripts. I found that by manually executing a script, powershell with prompt something that basically says block or allow. You have to say Y to allow execution of scripts. Once you do that it'll run those scripts. WiPassDump and WifiPass ran without issues after that. Hope this helps.
  7. Sorry nevermind I'm an idiot... Have no idea why but it's not Switch2...it's switch2. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr
  8. Wow total noob question here. How do I SCP files from the packet squirrel? I'm using pscp and the command I'm using is pscp root@*.* c:\temp\*.* I'm not worried about the windows part...regardless of what I try it says: unable to identify /root/payloads/Switch2/ no such file or directory. What am I missing? Is there something lower or higher than root? What would be the correct way to write this? I just did this earlier today between windows and a Ubuntu server without issue. So I'm really wondering what I messed up. Thanks for the help.
  9. Bob123

    Product buyback?

    Haha just realized I said this place has become a complaint center while I myself was complaining. 😋
  10. Bob123

    Product buyback?

    No beatings necessary Kentj. What you said makes perfect sense. Just my frustrations with the direction this forums and Hak5 have taken. This used to be a fun place. We used to learn together. They used to make videos that were a lot of fun to watch. Now it is just more of a complaint center then anything else. And it's difficult for me because I want to help and I feel that I can't. So in my mind why have these tools if I can't help anyone with them. That's all. I'm done complaining.
  11. You know I'm just going to throw this out there. I know no one will go for it and I'm sure I'll really be on the naughty list after this but Hak5 what would you think about a buy back program? We buy items at full price and then get the option to sell them back and get say 50% back? I'm just thinking of all the latest threads on the forums that have been nothing but concerns over what works and what doesn't. A lot of people (myself included) have spent tons of money on these items and they just sit around for one reason or another. And for example mine are in mint condition, you buy them back, I get 50% of what I spent back on them, and then you can turn around and sell them at full price and make even more $$$. Just a thought.
  12. How many people do you think own one of these with the same problems your having? Just curious what the total $$$ is on that. I blew $100 on the Mark V so that's one. Used to be fun on the forums, learning, trying new things. Now it's just a lot of problems. It used to be fun to help people but since the newest firmware breaks everything and I refuse to upgrade...I can't really help anyone anymore. Heck when's the last time you saw a hak5 episode that actually taught you something? I miss the good old days... Sorry wish I could help. It'd be nice if someone would ship me a nano so I could mess with it.
  13. Would the same be true with quickcreds and openvpn modules on the bash bunny and lan turtle? I tried to help others months ago and their brand new bash bunny and lan turtle wouldn't work yet mine seemed to work right from the get go. These are older modules and I guess I don't remember having issues back in the day when they were first popular but my firmware is also several revisions older than what's out there now. And I never did find out if it was a firmware issue or and update to the linux software. I've noticed a lot of people doing software updates on their devices "apt-get" and I'm curious why that would ever been necessary. Apt-get one piece of software sure but apt-get upgrade just to do it??? Why?
  14. Hey I started a new thread here: I don't want to hijack this one anymore but I am interested in knowing what's broke and why it's broke.
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