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  1. Bob123

    Reverse VPN -- anybody got it working?

    I just checked out my network and firewall files on my lan turtle and they are exactly as you have above except my option forward on the vpn zone is set to ACCEPT not REJECT as mentioned above. Hopefully that'll fix your issue.
  2. Bob123

    Reverse VPN -- anybody got it working?

    Change option forward from REJECT to ACCEPT config zone option name 'vpn' list network 'vpn' option input ACCEPT option output ACCEPT option forward ACCEPT
  3. Bob123

    Reverse VPN -- anybody got it working?

    My apologies. I made the wrong assumption that you either had made the network changes to the turtle or that it had come with that already taken care of. (I had heard that new turtles already had that done.) I don't have the turtle with me but later today I'll log into it and show you what I had to add/change on mine. I believe it's all in the network file, maybe a little in the firewall file. There are some lan turtle 101, 102, etc videos that Darren did a while back and one of them tells you exactly what needs changed. I had thought it was in that Hak5 video but maybe it wasn't. Either way I'll get you that info later today. Sorry about the confusion.
  4. Bob123

    Reverse VPN -- anybody got it working?

    So you followed that Hak5 video to a T. You were able to setup OpenVPN AS. You were able to create two OVPN files and put one on the turtle and one on your "off lan" machine. That's 99% of it so why would I or anyone else take the time to right a complete set of config settings when you would read through them and say yup yup I did all that already??? All we are down to are three small areas. Did you configure the OpenVPN AS reverse gateway correctly? Which is give it an IP: and check those two boxes above it. Which at this point you almost make it sound like your not sure what I'm referring to. Did you configure the lan that the turtle is on correctly? Ping every device you want to see and make sure at least a ping works. Can the turtle see a computer on that lan and can the computer on that lan see the turtle? Then lastly did you setup the turtle correctly which at this point if you followed the video it should be but we can walk through it if the other two sections above are completely proved out and work. I just recently set all this up for the packet squirrel and it worked flawlessly. Then I took it all apart when I was done. Two days ago I put it all back together, dusted off my lan turtle and got it to work flawlessly as well. So your just about there. Don't give up, we'll get there.
  5. Bob123

    Reverse VPN -- anybody got it working?

    When you created the ovpn file for the turtle on OpenVPN AS I see the VPN Gateway is set to Did you also check the box for Allow access from "all server-side private subnets" and "all other VPN clients?" When you SSH into your turtle from your off-lan machine can you ping your on-lan machines from the turtle?
  6. Bob123

    VPN feature maybe?

    Just wondering, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but Cloud C2 is a way to remotely control or admin your hak5 gear at say a clients location right? So as long as the device can connect out it can connect to this cloud c2? I'm sure from there you can hop out of the hak5 device and on to something at the clients location but what if I had a piece of software that needed to connect to a device at a clients location? On my own I've used OpenVPN to connect to a packet squirrel or lan turtle. Then looking through those devices I can be on a clients network. Will the Cloud C2 ever give us that ability? That would be huge for me so I was just wondering. Thanks.
  7. Bob123

    Kali Linux in New Engalnd/hak 5 user

    I'm in New England. I know New England is small and all...but it really isn't all that small. Got a bit more specific place in mind?
  8. Bob123

    Support for the MARK V ?

    Can I ask a question? I know this may be the wrong place for it but why do the developers at Hak5 hate the wifi pineapple mark v so much? Not looking to start a rant or anything. Just looking for a few simple honest answers from the developers. The mark v was such a bit hit for you guys and gals several years ago. It has the same chip as the nano. Only difference I see is the package and the second wireless chip. I know there are a few more smaller differences but again if the core is the same chip why so much hate? It's the one product that many of the hak5 supporters have including myself, we want to continue to use it, and the developers very much dislike it for some reason. Could we at least get the tools and infusions to support it ourselves? Please?
  9. Bob123

    Selling what I got

    So what can I get for the items listed above? I'd like seriously look into selling them. I'm thinking ebay might be best that way they can be bid on, sold and shipped in a safe method, and I guess paid for by paypal (yuck!). Not messing with any of that digital currency stuff... So give me some safe bets on what ya'll think this stuff is worth. I'll probably list each one by itself on ebay. And to give you an idea of the condition of the items listed above...the wifi pineapple is still in it's original box with all manuals, plug adapters, and the sticker is even included.
  10. Bob123

    I have to vent

    Thank you RazerBlade. And Foxtrot my intentions were not to cause this. I just simply wanted to point out that while yes there are NEW hak5 videos out, none of them have been on the packet squirrel. Recently. And since back in 2003 when I started purchasing items from hak5...they have never run a sale on a new product followed by an even better sale due to a holiday. Prices may have fallen over time or may have even gone up over time but never a quick jump like this. I for one was just a bit upset that it felt like a slap in the face to people who (sale or no sale) would go out and support an organization and then find out they could have saved a few $$$ by waiting. Had this unit been like the bash bunny where a day after it came out there were scripts everywhere, I probably wouldn't have said anything. But there really isn't as much going on for the packet squirrel. I hope there is in time...but as of right now there really isn't. For a little guy like me who doesn't post much I was honored to see Seb and Darren on my post. I thought to myself wow these guys are going to chime in and say just wait...this packet squirrel is going to be amazing... But they didn't... They just continued the joke. So if this is all just a joke, at the expense of my hard earned cash, then it clearly explains this post and why the items that I purchased are up for sale. Thanks to all. I had fun over the years. I learned a lot from hak5 and everyone on here. But I don't have time for jokes and this was quite the wake up call. So I'm out. Feel free to delete my posts if you'd like.
  11. Bob123

    I have to vent

    Nice to see no new videos at all on the site. And that everyone can joke around and blow me off. Oh my stuffs for sale if anyone wants it...
  12. Bob123

    Selling what I got

    It would be nice to sell this all together for $400 plus shipping. All items in perfect condition. Will try to include whatever stickers and documentation I have as well. US only please. Unless you can guarantee the money and take responsibility for the shipping and customs charges. 1x wifi pineapple mark v 2x rubber ducky 1x lan turtle 1x bash bunny 1x packet squirrel
  13. Bob123

    I have to vent

    You know I'm sorry but like others in the questions section I have to vent. Is it just me or do others feel like Hak5 just made a huge slap in the face over the Packet Squirrel? I purchased the Packet Squirrel 1 day after it came out. Got the cool discount thinking I would stay priced like the Bash Bunny did. Yet here we are and yesterday I received a black Friday email from Hak5 only to show that the Packet Squirrel has a better discount now. So because I support Hak5 I get screwed? I know this is petty and it's only a few $$$ difference but that's not the point I'm going for here. This device came out, there are no real new community driven payloads for it, there has been only 1 programming overview on it and it was a bit out there at best. It's a cool device but I have to say I'm not impressed with Hak5 on this one. I have always supported Hak5 and I just feel extremely let down on this one. And I too agree with all of the others who have vented over the years and specially more recently. Seems like the learning and the "hacking" has gone downhill big time.
  14. Bob123

    [RELEASE] Bash Bunny Firmware v1.3

    Thanks Mr Jones for getting back with me. I misspoke when I said root, I meant root of the storage not of the device. So the first folder I have is a repo folder that got created when I ran the updater the second time. But it does look like everything in that folder has been moved to the proper folders as well. And that's where my initial concern came in. I wasn't sure if I had to move the new payloads to the current payloads folder but it looks like it just added the new ones automatically. And then my second circled file is the installed tools where it already tells me responder and impacket are already installed. But I'll install them again. I'm safe to just grab the .deb file and put it in the tools folder? I don't need to uninstall the older programs first? Thanks for your help!
  15. Bob123

    [RELEASE] Bash Bunny Firmware v1.3

    Hey just wondering but once updated to 1.3 is there a file structure somewhere so I can compare mine to what is supposed to be there? I ran updater twice and it grabbed everything and stuck it in a .payload_repo folder. Inside that folder is a payloads folder structured the same as the payloads folder on the root of the flash drive portion of the BB. Should I delete the old payloads folder and use the new one? Should I keep the new one where it's at or move it to the root? Also my installed-tools text file states that I have impacket and responder installed already, do I need to reinstall those now that I have updated to 1.3? I was at 1.0 prior to this. Thanks everyone!