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  1. I have to vent

    Thank you RazerBlade. And Foxtrot my intentions were not to cause this. I just simply wanted to point out that while yes there are NEW hak5 videos out, none of them have been on the packet squirrel. Recently. And since back in 2003 when I started purchasing items from hak5...they have never run a sale on a new product followed by an even better sale due to a holiday. Prices may have fallen over time or may have even gone up over time but never a quick jump like this. I for one was just a bit upset that it felt like a slap in the face to people who (sale or no sale) would go out and support an organization and then find out they could have saved a few $$$ by waiting. Had this unit been like the bash bunny where a day after it came out there were scripts everywhere, I probably wouldn't have said anything. But there really isn't as much going on for the packet squirrel. I hope there is in time...but as of right now there really isn't. For a little guy like me who doesn't post much I was honored to see Seb and Darren on my post. I thought to myself wow these guys are going to chime in and say just wait...this packet squirrel is going to be amazing... But they didn't... They just continued the joke. So if this is all just a joke, at the expense of my hard earned cash, then it clearly explains this post and why the items that I purchased are up for sale. Thanks to all. I had fun over the years. I learned a lot from hak5 and everyone on here. But I don't have time for jokes and this was quite the wake up call. So I'm out. Feel free to delete my posts if you'd like.
  2. I have to vent

    Nice to see no new videos at all on the site. And that everyone can joke around and blow me off. Oh my stuffs for sale if anyone wants it...
  3. Selling what I got

    It would be nice to sell this all together for $400 plus shipping. All items in perfect condition. Will try to include whatever stickers and documentation I have as well. US only please. Unless you can guarantee the money and take responsibility for the shipping and customs charges. 1x wifi pineapple mark v 2x rubber ducky 1x lan turtle 1x bash bunny 1x packet squirrel
  4. I have to vent

    You know I'm sorry but like others in the questions section I have to vent. Is it just me or do others feel like Hak5 just made a huge slap in the face over the Packet Squirrel? I purchased the Packet Squirrel 1 day after it came out. Got the cool discount thinking I would stay priced like the Bash Bunny did. Yet here we are and yesterday I received a black Friday email from Hak5 only to show that the Packet Squirrel has a better discount now. So because I support Hak5 I get screwed? I know this is petty and it's only a few $$$ difference but that's not the point I'm going for here. This device came out, there are no real new community driven payloads for it, there has been only 1 programming overview on it and it was a bit out there at best. It's a cool device but I have to say I'm not impressed with Hak5 on this one. I have always supported Hak5 and I just feel extremely let down on this one. And I too agree with all of the others who have vented over the years and specially more recently. Seems like the learning and the "hacking" has gone downhill big time.
  5. USB Powered Hub help

    Never mind I found it. Thanks.
  6. HDK question

    Thanks biob. I guess I'll have to keep digging. I contacted sparkfun but their response was they weren't going to help. :( Same board but with Hak5's name on it rather than aurduino and they decide to be completely worthless. How come how one wants to help or tinker anymore? Same with asking Hak5 about a USB hub I purchased from them...no help. What are we supposed to do just throw perfectly fine stuff away? Tinker people come on...that's why we are here!
  7. USB Powered Hub help

    The one in the pic is what I have. I do have a powered hub but would like to figure this one out since it's just laying around. If anyone has any info on it that would be much appreciated. Sadly I asked the hak5 store about it. You know the place where I actually purchased it, and they couldn't even help. Or even want to help... Thanks.
  8. HDK question

    I know I'm not supposed to post wifi pineapple questions here but this isn't really a pineapple question. I think I mentioned before that I'm interested in trying to make an attiny85 or digispark kinda like what you see on seytonic's videos. I have an HDK board for the Mark V who's specs aren't that far off. What confuses me is from what I read there are two types. A 3.3V which operates at 8MHz and a 5V which operates at 16MHz. To get the unit to act like a USB HID you need the 5V 16MHz one. (correct me if I'm wrong) According to what I can find (or no longer find) the Hak5 model says it operates at 3.3V but 16MHz. How do I verify it's actually running at 16MHz and how do I get it to run at 5V? Sure depending on location a digispark is only a few bucks but I have the HDK in front of me and feel like tinkering. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  9. USB Powered Hub help

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! So many moons ago I purchased the USB Power Hub via Hak5. Does anyone remember it or have one? It looked like a little spider thingy. It had two USB A's on one end, one black one red. Then on the other end it had a USB mini and several female USB A's. Does anyone have a diagram on how this works or a pinout? I haven't used it in forever and I'd like to use it again. All I remember is there is a trick to using it and it has to do with the red plug. I don't think the red plug is OTG but at this point I have no idea. There may have been a hak5 video or two way back in the day as well that showed this off. If you know which videos they are that would be cool too. Thanks for the help.
  10. Meterpreter/listener not working

    Guess I'm a bit confused. You got a connection. You just have to select it. What's the line right after your session 1 opened line? Is it just a blinking curser saying: msf exploit(handler) >? From there just select your session which would be session 1 and interact with it. Are you hoping that after typing exploit that it'll go right into the session? The above snipit shows that when you started the exploit it backgrounded it which is why you stayed in the msf console rather than jumping right into a meterpreter session. Did you type something before hand to force it to background? Does this happen every time you run this now?
  11. Proxmox

    So this is a bit weird and I'd like to get more information on this but according to proxmox's wiki: "Proxmox VE High Availability Cluster (Proxmox VE HA Cluster) enables the definition of high available virtual machines. In simple words, if a virtual machine (VM) is configured as HA and the physical host fails, the VM is automatically restarted on one of the remaining Proxmox VE Cluster nodes." and: You must meet the following requirements before you start with HA: at least three cluster nodes (to get reliable quorum) I've never heard of needed 3 nodes not including a separate data store just for HA. I'll keep digging.
  12. Proxmox

    Hey Hunty, Yes I only used one data store when doing my tests. I was just wondering because I think in Hyper-V 2012's hypervisor they now have a feature that's called something like share nothing live migration which will actually take a running VM on a physical server and move it to another physical server while the VM is live. And I thought for HA that had a feature like that as well where a backup or cloned VM sits on a second server just syncing the whole time until a failover occurs. I'll see if I can setup a small proxmox lab to see if I can mimic this. Can't promise how quickly I can do this since I just lost out on some really cheap hardware. I think I have enough laying around to try this though. Oh and give me as much info as possible. What your using version wise. Do I need to learn ceph as I've never used that before or can my data store just be an iSCSI or something like that?
  13. VMWare Help

    If this is a new machine I'd strongly advise that you do a fresh install of Kali and start over. Not that you did anything wrong but some of what I read above means that you more than likely changed things that you didn't have to change. Just my two sense.
  14. VMWare Help

    Just an FYI, go to VMware's website and sign up (it's free) then download the 12.5.7 bundle file. If your Kali machine doesn't have much of anything on it, I'd blow it away and follow what I did above. The prebuilt VM from Offensive Security I believe had gcc-6 already installed. The 2017.2 ISO from Kali's website does NOT. So again follow what I did above and you should have VMware's workstation 12 running in no time. It's just gcc and adding the missing headers for 4.12. Don't do 4.13 as that won't work. I did not have to mess with anything else. And everything is 64bit. You need a complete 64bit system / hypervisor if you want to have any 64bit VMs.
  15. VMWare Help

    digip, Hhow would I know if it's a bug or just the way they intended it to be? I know a vm in a vm isn't a good solution but I don't see anything wrong with installing a piece of software (VMware's workstation) in a Linux vm? Is it bare metal...no but it is just a piece of software after all. And I believe my test setup would be just as true as physical. Exmix, Ok so 4.13 headers are not the solution you need 4.12 headers. Here's what I have done so far today. Yes it's a VM within a VM but I can test this on physical hardware this evening. But here we go: Install kali 2017.2 iso I'm not a fan of the update/upgrade so your millage may vary. I can try doing that first in the next go round and see if that changes anything. Now install VMware-Workstation-Full-12.5.7-5813279.x86_64.bundle Install gcc-6 apt-get install gcc-6 Change gcc to point to gcc-6 rather than gcc-7 rm /usr/bin/gcc ln -s /usr/bin/gcc-6 /usr/bin/gcc Find 4.12 headers linux-headers-4.12.0-kali1-common_4.12.6-1kali6_all.deb linux-kbuild-4.12_4.12.6-1kali6_amd64.deb linux-headers-4.12.0-kali1-amd64_4.12.6-1laki6_amd64.deb I can send you these somehow if you can't find them. Now install them manually using: apt install ./name.deb You have to install them in the order above (common, kbuild, amd64) Once those are installed then you can just type vmware and it will setup everything correctly. Let me know if you have any luck with this. This was a challenge but I think (hope) we got it.