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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I'am a student doing my bachelor's in computer science with cybersecurity honors and I need to buy a new laptop for my uni and for my masters as well. I was wondering if macbook pro 14"/16" with the M1 pro and 16gb or 32gb unified memory would be suitable for the cybersecurity domain and I plan to do a little AI as well. Or should I just buy a windows laptop?
  2. HI have an Alienware m17 with a dual boot with parrotsec and windows 10. There were no clear problems before and I just went to turn on my computer just like any other time. For some reason it will not turn on. Anyone have any advice? Edit: My charger seems to be working fine. Also my laptop shows no lights and nothing on screen. It won’t turn on at all. I also looked at some troubleshooting guides online and none have worked so far.
  3. I want to build a workstation to polish my Pen test Skills for my Security Analyst job interviews and want to have something powerful to do the all Security related work. so I want to know that what GPU and CPU is better for such Cracking passwords and hashes plus can also handle serious workload?. Are professional GPUs better for hacking sort of work or the Gaming GPUs?. I also want to know which CPU is better to go for Xeon or i7 extreme?.Thanks
  4. Post you War Rig! Asus R700VJ-RS71 Intel Core i7-3630QM 2.4GHz 8G RAM DDR3 Nvidia Geforce GT 635M, 2G
  5. I just got my pineapple yesterday and I managed to update the firmware. It took about two hours because of wifi dropping from laptop.or pineapple. When I connect the wifi to my laptop then connect the tetra pineapple, the wifi disconnects from my laptop. The pineapple is still connected, then I reconnect the wifi and then the pineapple gets disconnected. Am I doing something wrong or is there a glitch with the pineapple? Thank in advance.
  6. Hi, I am a complete noob to everything ever so just please bear with me. I want to buy myself a basic laptop which will allow me to begin learning to hack - I have a strong knowledge of computers and want to learn Internet security and pentesting properly. I have a £450-£500 budget and I maybe can push it if needed. I want to be running Kali Linux on it and I will be partitioning a drive to get to that. I was hoping for a 15.6" screen, i5, 8gb RAM and a 1TB HDD with as much battery life as possible. I have seen normal laptops with this for £400 so I think I can get this. My real question is if there are any things I will NEED to get me started; for example I know certain wireless cards make pentesting much easier but I don't know which models or which laptops contain them (I was hoping not to buy an external one). I guess if need be I can change a wireless card but I would like to stay away from fiddling with internals. Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, MrJaMilne
  7. Ive been looking for a nice, simple laptop for a mini kali box. Preferably a smallish screen size for portability and compatible NIC (obviously) and non-touchscreen for a lighter laptop, and also it would be useless for me. SSD doesn't matter, i can just add one... I didn't know where else to turn but some Hak5 fans; just some models or even links to the laptops would be beautiful. Preferably ones you guys use already for pentesting and if its a new model, even better! Thanks in advance! glow
  8. So my laptop is about 5 years old and I am looking for a huge upgrade because I'm out of space on my current laptop and It just doesn't have as much power as I wan't! This laptop would be used as a pentes laptop so I wan't as much power as I can get! So I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 which has 2GB of RAM and a Pentium dual core CPU T4300. I am looking for something that has 16GB of RAM and a Quad core CPU. I don't want to get a 2 in 1 were it is a laptop and a tablet because that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. Ohhh and I would like it to run Windows 7 but its okay if it runs 8/8.1 because I could always change that. My max budget is around 1600$. If you guys have any suggestions I would love to hear them. Currently I am looking at an Alienware 14 with an i7 and 16GB of RAM I know that this is a gaming laptop but It still is really powerful! -Thanks
  9. I searched and haven't found much on laptops. My laptop is old and showing its age and I'm looking for a new laptop, probably 15", but maybe 14". I see Darren's Hacker box but can't tell what kind or model it is, then saw another episode he had a new Lenovo, but couldn't tell model. Really like to have something I can upgrade the hard drive and memory myself. Any info or suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. I am looking for an ultrabook to be my little portable hackbook. I will most likely run Kali on whatever I get. Does anyone have an opinion on which of these ultrabooks is better or any suggestions that are cheaper? I am currently using a Macbook Pro/15"/mid-2012/i7/16GB RAM/500GB HDD. The only problem is that it is a bit hefty to be a little portable hackbook. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Edit: I would like one with as much RAM as possible becuase I will be running several VMs as well for playing with malware.
  11. Now that I'm doing more and more development in Linux, I want to get un-tethered from my desktop Zotac box. Any recommendations on a light-weight, nice laptop to run Linux Mint on? Usual specs. Want to keep price under $800.. Where do you purchase a laptop without an o/s installed. I want a decent keyboard. So just asking what you use and/or recommend. Thanks.
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