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  1. RazerBlade

    Status of the Project?

    No. But if they would try to maintain the payloads to have working exploits, their sales would properly go up. Just sad to see that firmware updates have stopped coming to the Bash bunny. What happend to mouse support for instance.
  2. RazerBlade

    Status of the Project?

    Don know. At this point, it's kinda dead as the payloads are not updated and thus have begun to fail. Sad to see such an awsome project die down.
  3. RazerBlade

    What other USB Devices can the Bash Bunny Emulate?

    It could emulate a mouse
  4. RazerBlade

    Windows shell access via TOR hidden services

    Damn! This looks like it could be very useful! Thank you!
  5. RazerBlade

    Pi Zero w Bash Bunny

    Looks cool!
  6. RazerBlade

    John the RIpper

    But to be realistic here, why would anyone try to crack an actual password hash with the bunny. You would probably just overheat it and kill it if you did try it.
  7. RazerBlade

    John the RIpper

    Use hashcat instead
  8. RazerBlade

    PasswordGrabber by LazaGne Not Working

    A better would be to compile the code yourself and add a couple of comments to change the file signature.
  9. RazerBlade

    QuickCreds – Defences

    I don't think it works on Windows 10 creators update or later.
  10. RazerBlade

    Deep Web Crawler Building 101

  11. RazerBlade

    Is there a way to Detect KEYBOARD LANGUAGE

    But to do that, you need to know their layout
  12. RazerBlade

    Is there a way to Detect KEYBOARD LANGUAGE

    You could try to detect keyboard, but it would require some sort of attack on the PC and to do that, you need to probably know their keyboard layout. So in reality, no.
  13. RazerBlade

    Need help password grabber mac osx

    Do you know that .exe dont work on mac?
  14. RazerBlade

    Bash Bunny Crippled!

    try to copy the folders on github to the bunny and see if you then can ssh into it
  15. RazerBlade

    Bash Bunny Crippled!

    Can you write files to the disk?