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  1. Packet Squirrel praise.

    Only one NIC? A payload switch could easily be made, and you could make it even more advanced to use even more switches. A case maybe the hardest part to get, but if you have a 3d printer you could print one yourself. And a big part of hacking is to make things that were not supposed to be possible possible! The footprint on the orange pi is only 29% bigger excluding a case
  2. Packet Squirrel praise.

    A little but a very limited device sadly. That's why people would like to see Gigabit, PoE, wifi and a better processor with more ram. There are device like Orange Pi R1 which has everything except gigabit ethernet and it cost 17$ with shipping. So it is possible, it just seems that maybe the Hak5 underdevelop their products or something to then release a new one.
  3. Need help with PasswordGrabber

    No. COMPILE! You take the source code and then compile it so it spits out an exe Compile: " convert (a program) into a machine-code or lower-level form in which the program can be executed. "
  4. I would want to be able to mount the BashBunny so we can use it to decrypt traffic, not just sniff it. I would also like to see a module manager like the lanturtle implemented.
  5. Need help with PasswordGrabber

    Well, the best way would be to compile it yourself so the file can get a diffrent signature and thus not be detected as quickly as it is right now.
  6. Fat32 support for better compatibility and to mount the BashBunny Modules like the lanturtle Maybe being able to plug in a computer and show up as a flash drive for easy payload switching
  7. Modules

    I'm wondering if we will ever see support for modules like the lanturle on the packet squirrel. Don't get me wrong, payloads are great but it's not so intuitive to move the payloads via a terminal, and beside, you may want to do multiple things than just one payload. Therefore I think it would be good if we had the options to install modules on the packet squirrel.
  8. Is this payload possible

    I have a payload idea for the packetsquirrel. The idea is to use the bashbunny or the rubberducky to install a certificate in a victims computer. Then deploy the packet squirrel to be able to decrypt all https traffic. I'm just wondering two things, first, does anybody know any decent mitm program that the packet squirrel can actually run? I have looked at bettercap but it runs on ruby so I'm unsure if it will work with the packet squirrel. I have also looked a bit into mitmproxy but I found the documentation vague. If it can't be run the packet squirrel, maybe you could connect the bashbunny to it to perform the mitm attack.
  9. Need help with PasswordGrabber

    laZagne.py should not be their. Also, check out my latest pull request on password grabber: fixes and makes somethings a bit easier to understand: https://github.com/hak5/bashbunny-payloads/pull/293/files
  10. [PAYLOAD] PasswordGrabber

    Have you placed LaZagne in the switch folder? Also, it may not always work because of antivirus detecting it and removing it.
  11. Pi Zero w Bash Bunny

    That makes the BashBunny price seem quite ridiculous because how similair they are, is a case, a three point switch and a really small SSD worth that much?
  12. date and time

    Yep, you are screwd. But it would be nice if the packet squirrel starts a clock when it is plugged in so you can sync the time later.
  13. You can see mac addres in the airport utility
  14. Why no power over ethernet ?

    Really cool! Nice that you have showed it was possible even in such a small formfactor despite what Hak5 said! Keep it up!
  15. Checking loot from BashBunny for new files

    I would also like to know if someone had a solution