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  1. Hey all, was just curious if anyone has ever see this before in their root folder of their pineapple. Some file called dead.letter? I mean it sounds kind of weird, maybe it is normal but i don't believe i have ever seen it before. The only other file in my root folder of the pineapple is wifite-openwrt. I'm sure it is all sorts of messed up but anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  2. F'n love squirrels! Especially pocket squirrels! Whoo hooo
  3. I’ll send the transcript to you later. It’s actually fairly easy. I have it saved on my pc at home.
  4. The only thing that works for me properly is to reset my network adapters, restart the computer and renter the addresses and initiate ICS again. Works every time but I have to do the dam reset often. Plus I can’t have RNDIS adapter for serial ICS enabled as this messes up the configuration since they are 2 different types of adapters. I wish it was like Alan Turtle where it would automatically receive its IP address and all that need be done is share from wlan. Oh well. All the best
  5. Thank you for the assistance in setting this up. Bunny is alive and kicking!
  6. apparently i have not registered, what am i not doing? so sorry gets worse and worse
  7. When i try to paste irc.hak5.org/6697 into the new server, and hit add, it just goes back to newserver/6667
  8. I tried to message you because i am not that smart, i never used irc before and tried to set it up but screwed up
  9. This is where i am i not sure how to add the channel?
  10. Is there any way you can point me into irc? Never done it before, yes i know noivce
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