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  1. Hey all, was just curious if anyone has ever see this before in their root folder of their pineapple. Some file called dead.letter? I mean it sounds kind of weird, maybe it is normal but i don't believe i have ever seen it before. The only other file in my root folder of the pineapple is wifite-openwrt. I'm sure it is all sorts of messed up but anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  2. F'n love squirrels! Especially pocket squirrels! Whoo hooo
  3. I’ll send the transcript to you later. It’s actually fairly easy. I have it saved on my pc at home.
  4. The only thing that works for me properly is to reset my network adapters, restart the computer and renter the addresses and initiate ICS again. Works every time but I have to do the dam reset often. Plus I can’t have RNDIS adapter for serial ICS enabled as this messes up the configuration since they are 2 different types of adapters. I wish it was like Alan Turtle where it would automatically receive its IP address and all that need be done is share from wlan. Oh well. All the best
  5. Thank you for the assistance in setting this up. Bunny is alive and kicking!
  6. apparently i have not registered, what am i not doing? so sorry gets worse and worse
  7. When i try to paste irc.hak5.org/6697 into the new server, and hit add, it just goes back to newserver/6667
  8. I tried to message you because i am not that smart, i never used irc before and tried to set it up but screwed up
  9. This is where i am i not sure how to add the channel?
  10. Is there any way you can point me into irc? Never done it before, yes i know noivce
  11. I'll be around throughout the day, thanks for offering your support.
  12. did you leave it plugged in for the 18 minutes? I am having the same exact issue and have reformated a bunch of times only to see it go dead. I haven't waited any specific amount of time though, so i guess that will be my next move. I tried plugging it in with the pineapple cord thinking maybe it needed extra power but that just failed to. What a damn shame.
  13. I just watched it and after about 1- min it went green, then started the police lights again, then briefly went green again and then red, and now no life. What the hell happened here my gosh? And then when i take it over to the windows machine and plug it in, it starts the recovery all over again! Police lights I don't much understand blinking lights, they sure are pretty but as far as meaning?
  14. I went to update to newest firmware, got the police lights, it seemed to stop during the middle of the flash becasue the lights were all out, nothing. I unplugged it replugged it back in windows machine and green light came on for 2 seconds, then off. It looked like it flickered for a millesecond but then totally dark. After this i plugged into linux machine, nothing, however as soon as i plugged it in it was in police recovery mode. I let it finish, and once done, no lights and no disk showing up on the machine. Then went to windows again, plugged it back in, and POLICE MODE began again! I let it run its course again, and after about 10 minutes, absolutely nothing. I get a green light for about 2 seconds after plugging in, but then it is like the thing can't get any power. This really sucks ass, one thing after another for me here, but this one I fear is the end. I really just don't understand, I always ejected the bunny correctly, was always very careful, and was just learning how to ssh with the thing. Anyone have any suggestions? Looks like one person had a similar situation, but it doesn't appear that even one person responded to his call for help. Not a good sign in my eyes. Anyone know anything or shoudl i chuck it in the garbage?
  15. Hey man, simple fix for windows. i scratched my head for a good week trying to figure this out but just reset you network adapters. It is ridiculous, and you will have to do it quite often because for some reason windows is f'd up, but that solved the issue for me at least with ssh or ATTACKMODE_RNDIS_ETHERNET. Serial mode internet connecting wants to install another adapter that wants to fight for the default address, and when you let it, and try to ssh again with internet sharing forget about it. Plain and simple, just reset your adapters. It has something to do with automatic ip configuration with Windows ICS. Hope this helps
  16. Well guys, that light just frickin went on! I have only worked on this for about 15 hours now but any way. What i did was not much at all. 1. disconnected from my home wifi 2. connected to my computer using tethering with my iphone 3. suddenly i tried to apt-get update from putty and there was action! I cannot believe my eyeballs. Now i better get some sleep since this debacle kept me up letting me slumber for just about 6.5 hours over the last two nights. I guess your supposed to have something like 8 a night but then again, who's countin ****Could anyone have any possible ideas wtf happened here? I wouldn't doubt it if it happened again, but at least i know its not a hoax. Why is my home wifi router wifi access point not working, yet my iphone is? I have a hotspot as well just havent tried it yet for fear of losing connection. Thanks again for all the suggestions!
  17. now i am getting the same exact message that you did and i cant stop it. No internet sharing. Eyes are borderline bloody by now.
  18. Hey there.I am having the same issue as you are. Only difference is that i never had the luxury of getting mine to actually ever share an internet connection. In any event, what you are seeing is a VMware ip address for a vmware eth. I get the same thing when i remove the RNDIS usb from my device manager and then add it again. After I fight with the errors about 2-3 times it usually switches to what i am trying to put in. I have been using, however i see you are using Is this for real or have you set it up this way? It certainly isn't the default ip that has been given in the different tutorials. I would love to get mine to work online and if you have any pointers PLEASSSSE send them my way. Thanks man
  19. I realized this fairly quickly after seeing the address, the other ANNOYING thing is that, I have disabled completely my VMware cards, (it may not show on any of the pictures) but even after disabling these cards that have this address, I would still come up with the same configuration. So i turned them back on figuring whatever because after you change the ipv4 address in the bunny connection about 2 or 3 times, it sticks with, but of course it just doesn't work. So little good does it do.
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