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  1. Hi Let's start with the scenario. Say you'd like to connect the Bash Bunny to another device that doesn't accept ACM. One such scenario is when connecting to mobile device like Android. These devices communicate through a protocol but only over a USB data connection. (Unless I'm misstaken) So none of the currently available attack modes support this. I'm sure there are more scenarios where this is applicable. And forcing other drivers to be loaded by the target would enlarge the possible attack surface. My questions are therefor if it is possible to add new attack modes? And if
  2. so I updated my bunny and it runs perfectly fine it runs payloads creates the folders for the loot of the payload I ran but there is never any loot there im using the library feature when you update the bunny which just gives you the scripts on the git for the bunny and I downloaded impacket, metasploit, responder, and gohttp and installed and made sure that wasn't the issue I even uninstalled and reinstalled them but that has not worked the problem im thinking is there is a typo in these scripts or there is a missing string that puts the loot into the folder does anyone have or know of any sc
  3. Hi everyone, im a totally new on this. but i recently got my Bash Bunny and got the payloads from github. when i copy paste the payloads to switch 1 and plug it in to my laptop, but then it creates a file on loot "PasswordGrabber" but there isnt anything on the folder.
  4. Hello, Just asking you guys, is BB worth it in 2020? I mean is all of it detected by AV and does it run? Also how long the Bunny works, does it turn into DedBunny easily? Or does it have long life?
  5. Hi all, I need some help because I do not get quickcreds on my bashbunny to run. I'm am using Windows 10 for the bashbunny setup. ###Bashbunny in arm mode I copied the 1.6 firmware from https://downloads.hak5.org/bunny to the root of my bash bunny. Replugged the bashbunny and waited for the red blinking light to stop I checked the version.txt in root which confirmed 1.6_305 I downloaded the responder and the imppacket from here https://forums.hak5.org/topic/40971-info-tools/ and placed the two files in the tools directory responder-bunny.deb & impacket-b
  6. Hi all, I need some help because I do not get quickcreds on my bashbunny to run. I'm am using Windows 10 for the bashbunny setup. ###Bashbunny in arm mode I copied the 1.6 firmware from https://downloads.hak5.org/bunny to the root of my bash bunny. Replugged the bashbunny and waited for the red blinking light to stop I checked the version.txt in root which confirmed 1.6_305 I downloaded the responder and the imppacket from here https://forums.hak5.org/topic/40971-info-tools/ and placed the two files in the tools directory responder-bunny.deb & impacket-b
  7. Reverse Shell Mac for Bash Bunny Author: 0dyss3us (KeenanV) Version: 1.0 Description Opens a persistent reverse shell on victim's mac and connects it back to host attacker over TCP. Targets MacOS (OSX may work but has not been tested) Connection can be closed and reconnected at any time Deploys in roughly 30 sec (working on making it faster) Works well with NetCat as the listener Requirements Have a working Bash Bunny :) and a victim with MacOS STATUS LED STATUS Purple Setup Amber (Sing
  8. DisableD3f3nd3r This payload was created out of frustration of people asking how to disable Windows Defender via BashBunny, Rubber-Ducky. I have released payloads for both devices. This is just a basic Powershell "Download String" function to pull from a public Gist/GitHub RAW code (or any other RAW code format). The script will attempt to escalate to Administrator to perform "Disabling Defender". Source Code of the Powershell Script: https://gist.github.com/PrivateLocker/6711c4fe88eae75774284bd6efc377dc The Payload: #!/bin/bash # # Title: Disable D3f3nd3r (BashBunn
  9. My latest BashBunny-Challenge.....MSF - MS17_010 - BashBunny Thanks to Astr0baby, iam just a sharer of his excellent thoughts Lets go..... Make sure to set some date for TLS/SSL to work ;) # date -s "20170925" Add this to /etc/apt/sources.list deb http://http.us.debian.org/debian/ jessie-updates main # apt-get update # apt-get -y install autoconf bison build-essential curl git-core libapr1 libaprutil1 libcurl4-openssl-dev libgmp3-dev # curl -sSL https://get.rvm.io | bash -s stable # source /etc/profile.d/rvm.sh # rvm requirements # rvm l
  10. Hey guys, I'd like to know how to emulate a mouse click in a certain position(x,y) on the screen? we must use VID/PID of a mouse I know that then how to adjust the payload to make a click ?
  11. Hi, Just wondering if anyone could give me some guidance I work in the security team at a company, I want to roll out a siem agent to developers laptops. I need to install this agent as quickly as possible to linux/mac boxes whilst they are locked or unlocked.(devs dont want to do it themselves are pretty reluctant on handing over their laptops) the agent is basically a bash script install... chmod +x & ./<filename> I think I could use my bashbunny to quickly walk over to the devs laptops, put the usb in... and job done.... So my question is if I
  12. Hi, I've just received my Bash Bunny. First thing I've did is download and run bunnyupdater.exe I'm currently at version 1.6_305 with the \payloads\library full of payloads. When connecting the BB to a windows 10 machine, I can see things moving (like powershell window opening and "start > run" text) I can also see that the Payloads are creating the needed loot folders. But eventually these folders are empty. Among others I've tried using: WiPassDump, WifiPass, PasswordGrabber, Ascii-Prank and others. Nothing in the loot folder, and the "Ascii-Prank"
  13. Shanegal


    hey guys, so I had some trouble with the screaming payload of doom payload so ive adapted the wallpaper changer payload to do basically the same thing but instead of transferring the wallpaper jpeg, it transfers the .wav file from the bash bunny. Everything kinda works apart from the transferred wav file keeps showing up as 0kb after the script has run? can anyone help me with this please? Here is the script ive have made and ive attached the full payload at the bottom LED SETUP ATTACKMODE HID RNDIS_ETHERNET GET HOST_IP GET SWITCH_POSITION udisk mount cd /root
  14. Just got new bash bunny, having problem with switch position 1, poisition 2 works fine. #locked LED M FAST ATTACKMODE HID QUACK GUI This script is in both folders a payload, again it runs fine in position 2. When in position 1 LED goes solid magenta then switches to flashing blue, the bunny folder then opens. Any ideas as to why switch position 1 not working?
  15. tcunha

    Updating BB

    I got my bash bunny at the 1.3 firmware version and tried to update, but after that it stop working. Now I insert the bash bunny at the computer it turns the green light on for a second and turn of the led. I tried factory reset but it doesn't work.
  16. Hello, having received my new toy recently (bashbunny) : I tried to use some scripts like "wallpaper-changer-of-doom" except it didn't work at home. Here is the script: https://github.com/jcardonne/Bashbunny-payloads/blob/master/wallpaper-prank If some of you have any suggestions, I'm interested:) Affectionately, jcardonne
  17. I have been trying to figure out a problem with this payload and for some reason I just cant get it work i have impacket in my tools file and installed when I plug my Bunny in it goes throw the colors but it gets stuck in the blue color and i cant figure out why? Do anyone have the same problem?
  18. I just got my new bash bunny! I'm so excited to start using. One thing I noticed is I am unable to get the "windows key" to work. Specifically I am trying to open a command prompt but it is not working. I noticed when I use the combination of "Q GUI R" it actually presses "ALT + R". Bashbunny is running version 1.6 My laptop is a Lenovo T480 Running Windows 10 1809 ### PAYLOAD ATTACKMODE HID Q SET_LANGUAGE US Q DELAY 5000 LED M, R B Q GUI R Q DELAY 500 Q STRING cmd Q DELAY 500 Q ENTER LED G ### config.txt #!/bin/bash #This configu
  19. Is it possible to change the bashbunny device name to something of my choice? I figured it would be in the ATTACKMODE file where the serial number is under /bin. Right now the device reads: "USB Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget" or something to that affect.
  20. I'm trying to install impacket and responder to my BB using the .deb files provided on another thread however, my bunny doesn't seem to recognise the updated tools folder. When I copy the files, eject and plug back in, it just boots as normal and doesn't copy anything to its /tools on its linux partition. I found a previous thread saying to delete the everything, change the version.txt file to an earlier version and run the updater but I don't wanna mess it up any more than it already is. I've tried restoring by inducing 3 failed boots to restore to factory but that hasn't seemed to
  21. So I wanted to know if this was safe. I made a bunny script that when plugs into a Windows PC would upload specific files to a folder in my gdrive. I made this a project for myself because i was bored. I manipulated the "SmartFileExtract_Exfiltrator" code and used a gdrive software to make it work. How bad can this be and should it even exist at all?
  22. Hallo!! This is my payload, just a python smb server thats points to the switch folder. PROBLEM: it creates the share, but i cant access the files, because the /root/udisk is not mounted. If i boot the bunny in RNDIS, goto the console and do "udisk mount" i can access the files, but I cant mount udisk from inside a payload Any ideas? Is there anything I'm missing. Thx, and keep on developing!! :) #!/bin/bash LED SETUP GET SWITCH_POSITION SWITCHDIR=/root/udisk/payloads/$SWITCH_POSITION LOOTDIR=$SWITCHDIR/loot LED STAGE1 ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET udisk mount python
  23. Hi, I got internet connection working, ssh'd in. Did apt-get update, then apt-get upgrade. Now Im unable to get any result of GET TARGET_IP I did the firmware reset, but am still having issues LED R SOLID ATTACKMODE ECM_ETHERNET LOOTDIR='/root/udisk/loot/IP' mkdir -p $LOOTDIR GET TARGET_IP echo "IP: $TARGET_IP" >> $LOOTDIR/IP.log LED G SOLID Running the above now gives me a file without the Target IP within. Any Ideas?
  24. This is a little later than i had liked but im finally ready for an 'Alpha' Release. From the team that brought you https://ducktoolkit.com i am happy to announce https://bunnytoolkit.com Concept is fairly simple. All the payloads that are in the github can be opened in the browser. You can then edit the files in the browser make changes as you like and once your happy with changes click the download button to get your payload folder. Copy the contents of this in to a switch position and away you go. For those who need a quick way of creating your own payloads we have
  25. I am trying to edit the password grabber payload.txt so that the Finish LED will only turn on once laZagne.exe has finished and closed, because right now it turns on after 10 second while laZagne is still running, which if i remove the usb at that point, all of the excavated passwords are lost. i'd like it to work similar to powershell where if i Start-Process -filepath -wait it will wait to move on to the next line until the process has finished. issue is, WAIT on the bunny script means Wait for switch position change, and for some reason i cant seem to get grep to find the wo
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