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  1. Checkout this. https://www.cnx-software.com/2017/08/18/14-orange-pi-r1-allwinner-h2-board-comes-with-two-ethernet-ports-256-mb-ram/amp/ Not Dual GigaEth, but still not bad at all!
  2. I am disappointed as well about the specs. Too poor, compared to the existing cheap ARM boards on the market (i.e. RPi Zero, NanoPi, OrangePi R1)...
  3. for the 802.1x EAP attack u can use hostapd-wpe ported by acrylicwifi company. I am already using on pineapple and other openwrt hw ;)
  4. i know, i was just wondering whether the bash script was takinf care of formatting USB partitions or not ;) but i looked at the script and figured it out. :)
  5. i know, i was just wondering whether the bash script was takinf care of formatting USB partitions or not ;) but i looked at the script and figured it out. :)
  6. Having said that I am on phone... this script is for SD or USB? ( talking about NANO of course ;))
  7. @Newbies please DO NOT RUIN THIS THREAD! Thanks. Use google.
  8. Yeah, Atheros chipsets are really cool to play with (since the good old FONERA back ten years ago :D ) As I told to Sebkinne, ZSUN is really nice toy. And I would even consider a legit HAk5 version of it (since pushing pineapple's FW in it violates hak5's EULA) ;] Sad that, you will see is not hard to push it into the ZSUN. :) At this point, I will put on hold my NANO and continue to use Nethunter. However, I hope u r right and is a kernel issue. P.S. Anyone in Openwrt community reported similar errors? Maybe they already have a defect opened in the bugtracker.
  9. I started to install everything again on my SD card (brand new, class10) and already getting this in dmesg.... I honestly hope someone from Hak5 will look at these SD issues. Because I don't see any reason to buy the NANO without the ability to use the SD slot... At this point, if this issue will not be fixed.... I will sell the NANO and focus on other (more reliable HW)...see ZSUN, NanoPi NEO, etc. [ 14.420000] ath: Country alpha2 being used: US [ 14.420000] ath: Regpair used: 0x3a [ 14.450000] ieee80211 phy1: Atheros AR9271 Rev:1 [ 14.530000] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] 31
  10. Just did as u mentioned. The only difference is this: root@Pineapple:/tmp# opkg --dest sd --force-reinstall --force-overwrite hostapd-mana_2016-11-05_ar71xx.ipk sslsplit /bin/opkg: unknown sub-command hostapd-mana_2016-11-05_ar71xx.ipk usage: opkg [options...] sub-command [arguments...] where sub-command is one of: <...> regexp could be something like 'pkgname*' '*file*' or similar e.g. opkg info 'libstd*' or opkg search '*libop*' or opkg remove 'libncur*' So I simply did: root@Pineapple:/tmp# opkg --dest sd --force-overwrite install hostapd-mana_2016-11-05_ar71xx.
  11. Before trying your bash script I did the following steps: - factory reset to 1.1.3 - Enabled USB to /sd (by following your steps) - Installed MANA on the /sd (by following your steps) - Downloaded and chmod +x your bash into /root/ root@Pineapple:~# ./test.sh Device seems to be: ONLINE. Remember: Press CTRL+C to kill MANA-Toolkit properly. RTNETLINK answers: File exists Configuration file: /sd/etc/mana-toolkit/hostapd-mana.conf Using interface wlan1 with hwaddr 00:c0:ca:8d:c6:48 and ssid "MANA" wlan1: interface state UNINITIALIZED->ENABLED wlan1: AP-ENABLED RTNE
  12. root@Pineapple:/tmp# rm -rf *.ipk root@Pineapple:/tmp# ls TZ extroot overlay sess_13b5bfaee5310055b9fc3248f8cbf483 boot_ssid_count failsafe_button pineap.log shm button_setup hosts reporting.log spool dhcp.leases lib resolv.conf ssh-iQ6t89L7Lr dnsmasq.d
  13. So... I tried different times and even used two different USBs. Here the full logs. http://pastebin.com/segg5RY9 As you can see... something is wrong... Now I will try also with the --force-reinstall option
  14. trust me. I did follow exactly the steps line by line. ;) at least twice ( after even factory reset and fw downgrade).( but without the usb trick) Therefore i'll factory reset once again and try as suggested. Just to be sure ;) p.s. the fw u r running is 1.1.3 or earlier version?
  15. Actually I was posting here for reference. I have tried many different countries from EU with strange charsets... and so far only Lithuanian creates issues. At this point, I guess I will start look deeper at our code, since, as you noticed as well, the main issue is this one. ;]
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