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  1. There are tons of CTF resources listed here https://laptophackingcoffee.org/doku.php?id=wiki:resources I've used a bunch of them, they are very helpful
  2. Got it, script updated. I don't have my Alfa card on me atm, I'll test whether it works later. EDIT: Just tested it, updated script. It should work fine now.
  3. You right, you right. I changed the script to reflect this change, the old line is commented out just in case
  4. I'm a bit late to the party but I've always viewed the term "hacker" as a sort of title, something bestowed upon you by others. A person can't really decide that they are a hacker, that isn't for them to say. It isn't about what you think of yourself, since that shit is all in your head anyway. It's all mostly about how other people view you. (just my opinion obviously)
  5. Just a heads up, you can get CPEH (Certified Professional Ethical Hacker) and CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker, up to v9) from places like LimeTorrents and The Pirate Bay, their lab exercises are very hands-on and are a great way to expand your knowledge.
  6. Check that your module is actually saved in a directory called /lib/modules/4.15.0-kali2-amd64 (i.e. try to cd into it). The directory may have a different name due to kali updates, in which case you simply must change the directory to the current one.
  7. You can find lots of cameras that are publicly on the internet through shodan.io
  8. May sound like a dumb question, but is your pineapple connected to the internet? Either through WiFi client mode or an Ethernet cable? (you can check by trying to load the news on the dashboard or checking for updates)
  9. Really? I thought that hackers were supposed to be as noisy as possible when infiltrating a network!
  10. Is it possible to run Piratebox without OpenWrt? I know the Nano already supports OpenWrt, and I'm pretty sure that the Tetra also does, but it isn't in OpenWrt's Table of Hardware yet... EDIT: I wish I could say that I mean the stock version of OpenWrt, but honestly it was so late what I posted this that I completely forgot that both pineapples already run OpenWrt. I mean its not like it says "with OpenWrt" in the ascii art that appear when you ssh into one... oh wait...
  11. Most laptops don't fit in it, but it is great if you are traveling light (and I mean very light)
  12. I've gotten the web interface working on Ubuntu 17 but I haven't tried configuring it for pineapples yet.
  13. Hey guys, So I have been playing around with the newish web interface for Kismet and it is pretty great. I've just been using the standard wireless cards plugged into USB, however, when Darkmatter did his wifi cactus build, he used a bunch of pineapples connected to one pc using ethernet cables and hubs. Does anyone know if this method of interfacing with pineapples is available to the public yet? And if so, how to do it? I know I could just run Kismet on the pineapple itself, but then I won't get that shiny new web interface...
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