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  1. The Power Company

    Alfa AWUS036ACH Kali Configuration Guide

    Got it, script updated. I don't have my Alfa card on me atm, I'll test whether it works later.
  2. The Power Company

    Alfa AWUS036ACH Kali Configuration Guide

    You right, you right. I changed the script to reflect this change, the old line is commented out just in case
  3. Hi guys, its been a while! I'm currently playing with some... legacy... hardware, and my old machine doesn't want to boot from a CD and is too old to USB boot. Luckily, I have a bunch of old floppies lying around, plenty large enough to fit Damn Small Linux or TinyCore onto! What is the best way to write/burn/enscribe a boot ISO onto a floppy disk from Linux? I tried to google it but all I found were windows utilities...
  4. The Power Company

    Types of Hackers?

    I'm a bit late to the party but I've always viewed the term "hacker" as a sort of title, something bestowed upon you by others. A person can't really decide that they are a hacker, that isn't for them to say. It isn't about what you think of yourself, since that shit is all in your head anyway. It's all mostly about how other people view you. (just my opinion obviously)
  5. The Power Company

    Hacking: Where to begin

    Just a heads up, you can get CPEH (Certified Professional Ethical Hacker) and CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker, up to v9) from places like LimeTorrents and The Pirate Bay, their lab exercises are very hands-on and are a great way to expand your knowledge.
  6. The Power Company

    Next-gen Hak5 Stickers

    Only elite hackers can access the sticker set page 😛
  7. The Power Company

    Next-gen Hak5 Stickers

    Since the Hak5 stickers are no longer available for standalone purchase in the shop, I just had a great idea for a new product. Well actually not great at all but you know... Everyone knows that hackers love their stickers, and we often stick them to our laptops and other devices. So why not leverage stickers as a potential attack vector? A few of you may remember that concept iPhone case from a while back that claimed to absorb leftover RF signals to charge your phone (this concept is the basis for some wireless charging) but it charged the phone so slowly that it wasn't really the infinite power source it claimed to be back then. However... an entire smartphone is a very power-hungry device. What you could incorporate that same technology into a tiny IOT sticker that could, say, broadcast its GPS location or send deauth packets everywhere? It could use the extra static electricity from a laptop or 801.11 waves or whatever to slowly charge itself up, and once it reaches a certain threshold it will use that power to broadcast something or other, could be anything really, using a thin copper lining as an antenna. You could give these stickers out at conventions and other places, and all of the poor nerds who slap your sticker onto their stuff will be officially h4k3d! **rubs hands together connivingly**
  8. The Power Company

    Alfa AWUS036ACH Kali Configuration Guide

    Check that your module is actually saved in a directory called /lib/modules/4.15.0-kali2-amd64 (i.e. try to cd into it). The directory may have a different name due to kali updates, in which case you simply must change the directory to the current one.
  9. The Power Company

    hacking cctv camera without knowing their ip

    You can find lots of cameras that are publicly on the internet through shodan.io
  10. The Power Company

    v2.2.0 Reporting via gmail doesn't work

    May sound like a dumb question, but is your pineapple connected to the internet? Either through WiFi client mode or an Ethernet cable? (you can check by trying to load the news on the dashboard or checking for updates)
  11. The Power Company

    Hack The Box

    Just got in, looks like a fun site!
  12. The Power Company

    Best Way to Visualize Large Nmap Outputs?

    Why hello there, I was wondering what sort of software I should use for visual analysis of the XML files that nmap or masscan can generate. I want to be able to visualize the connections between several large networks in a fashion similar to zenmap's topology map, but zenmap has a limit to how many points can be plotted. Are there any good alternatives?
  13. Hey guys, I've recently been trying out some hacker wargames, and I am working on the Blowfish game from Smash the Stack (http://smashthestack.org/wargames.html). Getting into level2 was super easy, but as I am such an amateur, I cannot get to level3... Has anyone been through this one? I'm not asking for the solution, just some hints at what to look for. EDIT: I got into level3! Muahahah! Only ten more to go...
  14. The Power Company

    How to get started in Cyber Security?

    Like these folks have been saying, the most important part is knowledge. If you approach the computer field with the mindset of learning your stuff and increasing your tech savvy rather than the mindset of becoming a hacker, you will be far more successful. And one day you will wake up and realize you already are the hacker you dreamed of becoming at the beginning.
  15. The Power Company

    [RELEASE] WiFi Pineapple Firmware v2.1.2

    Looks pretty nice, can't wait to try it out