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  1. Anonymous H@cker

    Exfiltration. Steal files.

    a Figured why it doesn't work. The rubber ducky doesn't get into proper dfu mode. Re-flash the ducky and it works fine now. Thanks for the help guys !
  2. Anonymous H@cker

    Exfiltration. Steal files.

    Yep....I got all cmd + vbs + slurp in the same directory. Still no luck. Still not working same error...I watched the tutorials too just to make sure everything was correct. Is there any other similar alternatives for exfiltrations ??
  3. Anonymous H@cker

    Exfiltration. Steal files.

    Hey guys.. Can someone help me out with this cmdlet error ? I've flashed my duck with no probs.. No spelling error from the scripts. When i keyed this manually with win+r key... STRING powershell ".((gwmi win32_volume -f 'label=''_''').Name+'d.cmd')" It created a folder inside of slurp but with no files exfiltrated.. And whenever i tried to run the inject with twin duck(1).. I got this error popped out instead. Did i missed something here ? Thank you.
  4. Anonymous H@cker


    Can i get any usb rubber duckyy preventation software to protect the computer?