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  1. Hello, i noticed that the evil portal is save all portals in the root directory, but its bit full. How can i change the directory to the sd-card?
  2. Ah forgot it. Found solution. After put DNS server there, it worked :)
  3. Hello, tried to setup the nano in Windows 10 and Chrome Followed the steps from the video. https://www.wifipineapple.com/pages/faq#collapse-Four But i get no connection from the nano to the internet. On the wifi, i go on properties, and choice the pineapple to share connection. Then i go on the pineapple, to ip4 and change the ip to: and subnetmask to: correct? But it still say "not identified network" and on the pineapple i get message "Error connection to the WIFIPineapple.com. Please check your connection" Tried
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