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Forgot to introduce myself.

My name is Calvin. Lord C to you :P

Favourite game: Neocron

Favourite OS: Ubuntu GNU/Linux

Favourite console: Xbox360

Nationality: British Jamaican

Accent: London

Sex: Male

Age: 22

Race: Mixed

Height: 6 feet 5"

Status: Single

Build: Average

Favourite band: Jah Cure

Favourite book: Snow Crash

Favourite author: Dan Brown

Favourite movie: The Matrix

Favourite director: No idea...

Favourite TV Show: Diggnation

Favourite actor: Will Smith

Favourite actress: Dakota Fanning

Favourite Pinup: Tisha Campbell

Favourite Comedian: Pablo Francisco

Other hobbies: Programming, Designing, Consulting, Developing, Haxing.

Car: Transport for London

Occupation: Systems Administrator / Student

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Hi, I'm Curbob

I've been in the tech industry now for 15 years, I've worked for many good, bad and strange companies, working on SANS, Network Administration, Game tester for Gears of War and have now worked my way into programming. I'm on the board of Directors for CarolinaCon, a hacker convention in North Carolina every year, this will be our 5th year and it's getting bigger and better each year. I also enjoy other hacker Con's like Phreaknic, Outerz0ne and Defcon, to name a couple.

My intrest in everything tech is what brings me here and it's great to be part of this community.

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My name is Zach AKA Zraith

Favourite game: Counter-Strike Source

Favourite OS: Slackware

Favourite console: Wii

Nationality: Unites States

Accent: Southern Indiana (I dont know if we got one of them accents!?!?)

Sex: Male


Race: Caucasian

Favourite band: The Beatles

Favourite book: Animal Far, War of the Worlds

Favourite author: George Owell, Edgar Allen Poe

Favourite movie: Fight club(Why change it)

Favourite TV Show: Daily Show, Colbert Report

Favourite Comedian: Mitch Hedberg, Jim Gaffigan

Other hobbies: Auto an tractor mechanics, tractor and truck pulling, Amateur Radio, computers and stuff

Car: '03 Chevy Silverado RCLB w/ 5.3L

Occupation: Student

Big fan. Been watching since S1E3. Migrating form this forum to a recent 6 year go with another forums. Unfortunately my old place-to-be has been milked dry. These forums spiked my interest, so I decided to migrate.

Sounds lame, I know.

Anywho, I am a 19 year old student in Indiana. I've been into computers since MS-DOS6 with DOOM and Wolfenstein. I've been getting into anything and everything ever since.


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My name is Mike a.k.a Zelleie

Favourite game: LOZ: Link to the Past

Favourite OS: Debian

Favourite console: Xbox360



Sex: Male


Race: White

Height: 5' 8"

Status: Not Dead

Build: Diesel

Favorite band: Green Day

Favorite book: HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy

Favorite author: Edgar Allen Poe

Favorite movie: The Crow

Favorite director: Kevin Smith

Favorite TV Show: TrueBlood (atm)

Favorite actor: Edward Norton

Favorite actress: Jessica Alba

Favorite Pinup: hmmmm......i dunno

Favorite Comedian: George Carlin

Other hobbies: Gaming, sketching, playing guitar.....

Car: Chevy S-10

Occupation:IT Specialist

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Favourite game: Mercinaries 2

Favourite OS: n/a

Favourite console: PS3

Nationality: US

Accent: None

Sex: Male

Age: 13

Race: caucasian

Height: 5' 6"

Status: Dating someone

Build: tall and fit

Favourite band: Disturbed

Favourite book: Velocity

Favourite author: Dean Koontz

Favourite movie: The Patriot

Favourite TV Show: Mythbusters

Favourite actor: Mel Gibson/ Russel Crowe

Favourite Comedian: Jeff Dunham

Other hobbies: gaming, guitar, web design

Car: im 2 young 2 drive

Occupation: student

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My name is Mike

Favourite game: ESIV Oblivion, and Counter Strike Source when I need to blow off some steam.

Favourite OS: Debian

Favourite console: I always perferred the PC, not a big fan of any of this generation consoles.


Accent:Southern, I don't think so but everyone assures me.

Sex: Male


Race: White

Height: 6' 0"

Status: Lower on the Ladder then I should be at my age.

Build: Business Executive

Favorite band: Non-Point

Favorite book: Farseer Trilogy

Favorite author: Robin Hobb

Favorite movie: Boondock Saints

Favorite director: Kevin Smith

Favorite TV Show: Big Bang Theory

Favorite actor: Christian Bale

Favorite actress: Nicole Kidman

Favorite Pinup:


Favorite Comedian: Russell Peters

Other hobbies: Games, Security Development, Vidcast Production

Car: 2006 Mazda6 (w/ 6cylinder engine, not the speed)

Occupation:Bank Manager

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Hey guys.. first id like to say you have a great show, i cant belive i havent heard of it until now.. gratz!

I got to this from the vuze network, im from venezuela and never seen something like this, its really great

Im know as Ikonner - real name Oscar Gomez

Favourite game: Pahntasmagoria

Favourite OS: OSX FTW! currently using xp tho

Favourite console: Atari 2600

Nationality: Venezuelan (latin america represent!)

Accent: really bad

Sex: Male


Race: Latin

Height: average

Status: Dating someone.

Build: Muscular

Favourite band: Luz Verde

Favourite book: All of the vampire chronicles

Favourite author: Anne Rice

Favourite movie: Dont know.. going on 200 now

Favourite TV Show: 24

Favourite actor: Chuck Norris

Favourite actress: Chuck Norris if he was a woman

Favourite Pinup: mm.. sorry but what is a pinup?

Favourite Comedian: Andres Lopez

Other hobbies: Going with my jeep off road, doing ecotraveling all over the country, high risk sports like bunjee jumping, rappeling and wall climbing

Car: 1979 Jeep CJ-7 with 37" tires, 10000 pound winch, snorkel, and a lot more toys.. ill post a foto later on

Occupation: Techie, geek, gamer and law student


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My name is Vincent AKA V`cent

Favourite game: Damn...Many...CS:S ? Anything UT related?

Favourite OS: Hmmpf...Linux/Windows...

Favourite console: Xbox 360

Nationality: DK

Sex: Male

Age: 16...Call me a kiddie one time!

Race: ...Racism ?

Height: 185cm'

Favourite musik: Almost anything Techno

Favourite book: Georg Orwell - 1984

Favourite author: Anne McCaffrey

Favourite movie: American Pie 1-6

Favourite TV Show: Braniac,HEROES,Smallville,Flash Gordon

Favourite Comedian: Ingo Appelt/Michael Mittermeier (German)

Other hobbies: Editing, Compositing, Animation, Photoshopping, Off road racing (On a modified Suzuki RmX),

Fl Studio,and 3ds max editing/creating

Occupation: Newb

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My name is Steve aka DjMadscribbler

Favorite game: Portal

Favorite OS: Ubuntu (but I'm running XP currently due to my gaming habit)

Favorite console: Wii

Nationality: American (in the Pacific Northwest)

Accent: American West

Sex: Male


Race: White European

Height: 6'1"

Status: Married

Favorite band: Too many to list (but currently I'm listening to Radiohead, Apes & Androids, MGMT, Battles, and Common more than anything else)

Favorite book: Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson

Favorite author: Stephen King

Favorite movie: Shaun of the Dead

Favorite director: Kevin Smith

Favorite TV Show: Lost

Favorite actor: Bruce Willis

Favorite actress: Kate Winslet

Favorite Pinup: Scarlet Johansen

Favorite Comedian: George Carlin

Other hobbies: Video/Audio Production, Photography, Gaming, building PCs, Home Repair (since we bought a fixer-upper).

Car: 1989 Chevy Blazer Silverado (but I'm looking to move to something easier on gas)

Occupation: Webmaster (I'm also a student)

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My name is Richard

Favorite game: Half Life 2

Favorite OS: Ubuntu

Favorite console: PSP

Nationality: American

Accent: American West

Sex: Male


Race: Mixed

Height: 6'0"

Status: Single

Favorite band: Beatles

Favorite book: Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen Hawking

Favorite author: Stephen Hawking

Favorite movie: 2001 Space Odyssey

Favorite director: P.T. Anderson

Favorite TV Show: I don't like TV

Favorite actor: I don't like actors

Favorite actress: I don't like actresses

Favorite Pinup: I don't like pinups

Favorite Comedian: George Carlin

Other hobbies: Film production, programming, Chess

Car: I ride the trains and walk.

Occupation: Film production

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Everyone I know either calls me Kitty or Koshka (including my mom lol)

Favorite game: I jump to any game I'm currently obsessing over

Favorite OS: XP sp3

Favorite console: 360

Nationality: American

Accent: None I'm told

Sex: Male

Age: 17

Race: Irish Italian (50/50)

Height: 5'9"

Status: Engaged (yes really)

Favorite band: Beatles/Nine Inch Nails/ Devendra Banhart/ Gogol Bordello

Favorite book: Orwell's 1984/Wrethuthu

Favorite author: Storm Constantine

Favorite movie: Everything is Illuminated

Favorite director: Liev Schreiber

Favorite TV Show: Haven't turned the TV on in seven months

Favorite Comedian: George Carlin

Other hobbies: Writing, Piano, Violin, Singing, Dancing, Photography, Music Production and Composition

Car: Bike, Walk, Train

Occupation: Student, and Smoothy/Coffee shop (jumpin juice and java) :P

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My name is JC aka Jenken and it's tremendously great to be here, there are lot's of stuff that makes sense and so much of learning that the Hak5 team are making to made it easy to understand.

Favourite game:

Favourite OS: n/a

Favourite console: SNES

Nationality: US

Accent: Asian

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Race: Asian

Height: around 6ft.

Status: Making the best and giving the best of me

Build: Getting bigger and bigger

Favourite band: Ramones, Offspring etc.

Favourite book: Books for dummies, comics etc.

Favourite movie: Initial D, My Sassy Girl (korean ver.), The Girl next door

Favourite director: too many to list

Favourite TV Show: Lost

Favourite actor: Will Ferrell

Favourite actress: Jeon Ji hyun ^__^

Favourite Pinup: Natalie Portman

Favourite Comedian: Will Ferrell

Other hobbies: Aside from sleep drooling playing games, palying airsoft, reading comics watching movies and tons of other stuff

Car: Coming soon. . .

Occupation: System Admin/ Sales/ teaching in some non-profit org

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My name is Bryan aka Lazyshot

Favorite game: BF1942: Desert Combat Mod

Favorite OS: Debian/Ubuntu

Favorite console: N64

Nationality: American

Accent: slightly southern

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Race: white

Height: 5'11"

Status: Single

Build: Athletic

Favorite band: A Skylit Drive

Favorite book: If I Die in a Combat Zone

Favorite author: Tim O'Brien

Favorite movie: Goonies

Favorite director: meh

Favorite TV Show: That 70's Show/Scrubs (i can't decide)

Favorite actor: Ryan Reynolds

Favorite actress: Jessica Alba

Favorite Pinup: have no idea

Favorite Comedian: Brian Regan, but classically George Carlin

Other hobbies: Cryptography, Social Life

Car: 1998 Ford Ranger XTS 4-cyl manual

Occupation: Student, Winthrop, BS Computer Science and BS Mathematics, Minor: German

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My name is uncommon, but not unique.

Favorite game: Half Life 2: Deathmatch

Favorite OS: Windows XP Professional (That is a very well informed decision too!)

Favorite console: Xbox 360 (Its the only console I have ever owned)

Nationality: US

Accent: Suave

Sex: Male

Age: I can drive, but I cant drink...

Race: White American

Height: 6'2"

Status: Stable, showing signs of recovery

Favorite artist: Immortal Technique

Favorite book: Mona Lisa Overdrive

Favorite Person Reading this: Noone

Favorite author: William Gibson

Favorite movie: Layer Cake

Favorite director: My friend Joel

Favorite TV Show: Heroes

Favorite actor: Daniel Craig

Favorite actress: The girl in Scarface

Favorite Pinup: WTF? is this the 1920's? Am I painting my b-52?

Favorite Comedian: Mike Chetland

Car: 2007 Honda Civic Coupe

Occupation: Student

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My name is Gustavo a.k.a Odin also Dark since my alterego is Darkodin :P

Favourite game: final fantasy

Favourite OS: Fedora altho must use XP

Favourite console: PS3


Accent:Maracucho (some will have to know this one :P)

Sex: Male


Race: hispanic

Height: dont remember

Status: surviving

Build: ladies cant get enough of me

Favorite band: Linkin park

Favorite book: The Hobbit

Favorite author: Tolkien

Favorite movie: Final Fantasy Advent Chlidren

Favorite director: dont know

Favorite TV Show: Stargate Sg-1 and Atlantis

Favorite actor: dont konw

Favorite actress: dont know

Favorite Pinup: hi, im gustavo (works every time)

Favorite Comedian: currently Gabriel Iglesias

Other hobbies: Gaming, playing guitar, making websites, projects that could end human race, but dont we all?

Car: Toyota Corolla

Occupation:Student, making a company for game dev and webdev too, part time chef.

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My name is Jody a.k.a Omega

Favorite game: Merlin's Box

Favorite OS: Mac OS X & FreeBSD (it's my post, I'll pick two if I want)

Favorite console: PS3

Nationality: US

Accent: Generic US East Coast (used to be a DJ, it beat the southern accent out of me)

Sex: Male

Age: 34

Race: Anglo-Mutt w/German for taste

Height: 6'3"

Status: Confused

Build: 'average'

Favorite band: Fleetwood Mac

Favorite book: A World Out of Time by Larry Niven

Favorite author: Douglas Adams

Favorite movie: The Last Starfighter

Favorite director: none

Favorite TV Show: all my favorite shows get canceled

Favorite actor: Sean Connery

Favorite actress: Joan Cusack

Other hobbies: Photography, Remixing Music

Car: 2008 Toyota Yaris

Occupation: Technical Support

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Hey Guys, I'm Luke, from Australia. Just got started watching the show.

Favourite game at the moment: BF2

Favourite OS: Slackware

Favourite console: XBOX

Nationality: Australian

Accent: English

Sex: Male


Race: White European

Height: 180cm

Status: De-Facto

Build: Tall - Medium build

Favourite Artist: Arnej

Favourite book: Technical Manuals

Favourite author: Eh...

Favourite movie: Office Space

Favourite TV Show: 24

Favourite Comedian: Eddie Murphy

Other hobbies: DJ, Producing, Mountain Bike Riding, Photography

Car: Nissan Pulsar

Occupation: Many Titles: Network Engineer/Firewall Specialist/Security Analyst

Certifications: CCNA, CCSA, CCSE, almost CCSP

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Hi, I'm Dominic but since I got internet, I am known as Brainhacker12. I think this nick sounds nooby, but changing your nickname is reeeeally lame. Friends call me Limbo, but that's an other story.. :-)

Favourite game: Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors

Favourite OS: Windows XP Pro 64-Bit (& Windows Vista 64, because the built in chessprogramm is as strong as I am)

Favourite console: Wii, hoping to own one soon

Nationality: Swiss / Italian

Languages: Swissgerman, German, English, French

Other Languages: VB 6.0, C++, C#

Accent: hmm... like Swiss talk near the city of Langenthal

Sex: Male

Age: 22

Race: pale white European

Height: 1.69m = 66.54 Inch

Status: Single

Build: Small

Favourite band: The Bloodhound Gang

Favourite book: Classical Electrodynamics (By John David Jackson)

Favourite author: Richard Feynman

Favourite movie: Once upon a time in the west

Favourite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory

Other hobbies: Basketball, Inlineskating, Overclocking, Casemodding, Snowboarding, Rubiks Cube, Chess, Cryptography, watch the quantumcomputer getting invented

31337 hobbies: Cryptography, Building databases of Rubiks Cube positions, Hacking the aquacomputer water pump (long story), recover WEP Keys, building my own cluster, programming reversi and chess programms and build opening databases (very bad ones so long), programm physics simulators, trying to understand quantum computers

Car: None, I use public transportation

Occupation: Physics Student

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Favorite game: twistin L's

Favorite OS: XP/Server2008

Favorite console: Xbox360

Nationality: US

Sex: Male

Age: 21

Race: White American

Height: 6 foot

Status: Dating schoolwork

Build: Tall slender

Favorite band: Kottonmouth Kings

Favorite movie: Zeitgeist

Favorite TV Show: DEA, Cops, South Park

Favorite actor: Jason Statham

Favorite actress: Angelina Jolie

Favorite Pinup: Angelina Jolie

Favorite Comedian: Katt Williams

Other hobbies: Longboarding, Chronic, Cannabis activism, IT Professional, Student

Car: Loaded 2006 Vanguard - 97mm Flywheels

Occupation: Helpdesk and Network Technician (Education)

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Hi guys,

Favorite OS: OS X

Favorite console: SNES

Sex: Male

Age: 27

Race: White

Height: 6 foot

Status: dating rosey wrist

Build: Tall average

Favorite band: too many to choose from

Favorite movie: mall rats

Favorite TV Show: futurama

Favorite Pinup: Jenna Jameson

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Name: CryptixCoder(Markus)

Favourite game: Call of Duty 4

Favourite OS: Windows XP

Favourite console: XBOX 360

Nationality: US

Accent: American

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Race: Black/Native American

Height: 5'.6"

Status: Complicated

Build: Good Shape

Favourite band: Disturbed

Favourite movie: Iron Man

Favourite TV Show: House

Favourite actress: Jessica Alba

Favourite Comedian: Carlos Mancia & Dave Chappelle

Other hobbies: Programming, Game Design, Capoeria, Mauy Tai, Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu

Car: Lotus Elise

Occupation: Programmer, Owner of SyncWare & Gym Supervisor

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Hey Guys,

Just another n00b, been watching the shows for a while so I thought I'd take a look at the forums and introduce myself :)

Favourite game: WoW, although I don't really get the time to play

Favourite OS: Difficult this one, depends what I'm doing, probably Ubuntu, Backtrack, or XP

Favourite console: Don't have one

Nationality: British

Accent: English (or whatever I need it to be ;) )

Sex: Male


Race: White European

Height: 6'1"

Status: Engaged

Build: Tall, stocky, need to get in shape a bit

Favourite band: Tough one, maybe the Killers, possibly Pendulum, probably just about anybody :D

Favourite book: Don't have one

Favourite author: Ditto

Favourite movie: Casablance, Hackers, or either of the Transformers movies

Favourite director: Don't have one

Favourite TV Show: 24, Fringe, or Battlestar Gallactica (the new series)

Favourite actor: Kevin Spacey, or possibly Keiffer Sutherland

Favourite actress: Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman, Megan Fox

Favourite Pinup: Don't have one

Favourite Comedian: Me

Other hobbies: Photography, anything techy, job hunting (..........), moderator for a big UK based forum.

Car: Not even worth mentioning, would love a Dodge Charger or an Aston Martin DB9

Occupation: General technical security consultancy, penetration testing (infrastructure/web applications).

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Right on, here we go:

Favourite game: Hide the hammer. And by hammer I mean my ...

Favourite OS: Cisco IOS

Favourite console: Putty :P

Nationality: American

Accent: So-Cal

Sex: I'm married so, not often enough.

Age: 39

Race: Caucasian

Height: 6'

Status: Online.

Build: Slim

Favourite band: Mostly indie stuff. No one in particular.

Favourite book: A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Favourite author: The dude that wrote the Ice and Fire series.

Favourite movie: Too many to list.

Favourite director: Don't care

Favourite TV Show: Firefly, Dr. Who, BSG.

Favourite actor: Tom Hanks

Favourite actress: Jodie Foster

Favourite Pinup: Rebecca Gayheart

Favourite Comedian: Robin Williams

Other hobbies: I have kids and a wife...no time for hobbies...

Car: Yeah, a Toyota Corolla, 30+ MPG (that means nothing right now...)

Occupation: IT Specialist. Network management and configuration.

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