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  1. I could run a game server but I'm not sure with 256 MB of ram what I can run. Any ideas, maybe an older game but it needs to have a linux server... I also found Jinzora; it lets you stream some music. But first, I need to sort my 12 000 songs that I just added to my collection
  2. I could but I'm not sure who I trust,even with limited user access, once you've got access to the shell, you can generally get your way around to root level. Any more ideas?
  3. I've got a VPS that I'm not using at the moment and would like to do something with it. Shoot some idea my way please. Here are the Specs: 256MB Guaranteed RAM 10GB Disk Space 75GB Data Transfer / month 1 IP Address It's not much but I'm sure you guys have a great idea somewhere around. IRC/Bittorrent/P2P/Warez are not permitted on the network so there's no use to go that way. I thought of a few but I already have all of the below: - Web server - File server - Backup Server - Remote Backup Server - VPN Server I also looked on google but nothing attracted me and I consulted the "What to do with an old PC" thread but most of the stuff relates to LAN based servers.
  4. If it's for legal and with the consent of the NetAdmin, you can install a VPN server and connect to the network remotely (as if you were inside the local network). Darren made two segments recently about that: http://revision3.com/hak5/sslvpndsolo http://revision3.com/hak5/vpnsandkindleconsole
  5. Ask them for a Fair Use Agreement (as Deveant mentioned) and if they can't provide you with one, record the name and employee number of the person that gave you the information. If they don't have a Fair Use Agreement, they can't shut you down without a valid reason (and using what you paid for isn't one). With the recorded info, you will have material to fight them back and to tell them to F*ck off. This is the way I dealt with a few companies and it usually work because you keep track of the info you receive (and you can magically misplace the recordings of the info that doesn't please you)
  6. There sometimes is a reset jumper (usually close to the battery) that will let you reset the the BIOS to the original settings, you could look for that...
  7. I heard of similar issues, call your ISP, explain where it's coming from and ask for exact logs detailing for where the files were being downloaded. Could someone be downloading stuff from your internet (unsecured WiFi)? It's most likely an error from their parts.
  8. My name is Cedric a.k.a Cedric Favourite game: TF2 Favourite OS: Anything (but I'm not a big MAC fan) Favourite console: PC Nationality: Canadian Accent: Canadian French Sex: Male Age: 20 Race: White Height: 5'9" Build: Somewhat skinny, Somewhat muscular Favourite band: N/A Favourite book: N/A Favourite author: Tom Clancy Favourite movie: The Italian Job Favourite director: N/A Favourite TV Show: Lost Favourite actor: N/A Favourite actress: N/A Favourite Pinup: N/A Favourite Comedian: N/A Other hobbies: Climbing, Rock Climbing, Cycling Car: Acura CSX Occupation: Student / Coop: Junior Wireless Systems and Research Engineer
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