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  1. I can't wait for Y2K2. Or should it be called: Y2K's Revenge Y2K2: Revenge of the Nerds 11111111 11111111 11111111 11111111 2038: Return of Initech
  2. Everyone knows that Wikipedia.org is the only trustworthy source of information the internets.
  3. So, I have recently connected our c550 to the network and our vendor must have set an administrative password because it is no longer the default of "0000". Inevitabley I will assign it a static IP, but for now I cannot find anything on the machine indicating what its MAC address is (which I find extremely frustrating). I would like to install it on my DC but I don't know what IP it grabbed from the DHCP server. I did an IPscan before and after I plugged it in, but I have the same number of live connections in each report. Apparently it does not respond to pings (or I dont know what I'm doing). I want to avoid reseting the whole machine in order to reset the admin password because the copy counter must remain where it is for billing purposes. So, anyone know how to bypass the admin pw or have any better ideas?
  4. "Do we really need an Anti-Virus program? I thought the firewall protects us." "Why is your computer the only computer with a CD burner?" or "Why does my computer not recognize my flash drive?" and "Why can't I work on this (confidential) report at home? My computer came with Norton when I bought it. (5 years ago)" "My computer doesn't work--I want a new one." "Nobody will ever find my password under my keyboard." "I sent this to the printer 20 times and it's still not printing." *Calls my phone from the phone in question* "My phone isn't working."
  5. Not to downplay the significance of this year's flooding, but I like the "The Flood of 2009" declaration as if it were a bibilical event.
  6. Nice, I think this section will get a lot of use. Thanks VaKo!
  7. If you don't know anyone, you may have to start in a non IT position until the organization gets a feel for your abilities. I worked as a Teller at a bank part time while I was in school. I went full time as a Head Teller, moved to Credit Analyst and finally IT/IS Officer in a year and a half. Taking a lower paid position at first may be tough, but it's worth it in the long run...it may even be necessary given the current job market. I'm 26 and had the same experience--I did tech support for a dial up internet company when I was in high school. Speaking of which...does anyone remember the joy of Hayes compatibile AT command strings? I certainly do not miss 56K modems.
  8. Anti419

    Tribes 2

    Did you ever play on TWL?
  9. Hello Everyone, After being frustrated with users clicking on links that infect their systems with mal-ware, I discovered Google's Safe Browsing API. However, my programming experience is limited to BASIC and a little C++ and Java. I looked around the intranets for a while and could not find a pre-made IE BHO for this API. Unfortunately, Firefox is not an option for us as it is not compatible with some web applications we use. Does anyone have some code and instructions for implementing this in IE 7 and/or IE 8? Thanks!
  10. Anti419

    Tribes 2

    Nice....I forgot all about Lak Rabbit.
  11. Nice...Me likey both suggestions. Thanks!
  12. Anti419

    Tribes 2

    Any Tribes 2 players out there? I haven't had it on my computer in years...are there still decent servers up?
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