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  1. I was an avid drinker in High School and College, but found it very easy to quit....got a HUGE wake-up call after a near death exp with alcohol poisoning. These days my fix is Jolt, Red Bull, Bawls (Thanks to a fellow Cornell Grad) and AMP. Although, I do every once in a while go to my friends bar (Ahhh yes, good to have a friend with a bar) and go have a few pints of Guinness get a good buzz and then drink some coffee. I do have vices being that I'm a gamer at heart; playing WOW, Gears of War and whatever else places me in a surreal environment...anything to break me away from the reality of
  2. I used to get Tech TV back in the states before it became the crappy G4. This is one of the reasons I watch Hak.5 in Podcast now...Its a great show and I love the format. I will have to check qipcast out. :twisted:
  3. Riiiiiiggggghhhhht..... :twisted: If you say so LOL!
  4. Absolutely...I'm the most evil sociopath you will ever meet....LMAO! :twisted:
  5. I agree...posting gives you nerve damage too! :twisted:
  6. They asked Pakistan where Osama Bin Ladin was and got told to "Just fucking google it!"? LMMFAO! :twisted:
  7. Yes we do...technology is amazing isn't it? And you guessed right! :twisted:
  8. I wonder if that made Germany's version of Pimp my Ride? :twisted:
  9. Corner shop owner? LOL, too cool...No I have a Terrorist Hunter Permit...(Military)
  10. People want to blame the government, the system...whatever. Truth of the matter is that society as a whole is F@cked up. America has become spoiled and is headed in a downward spiral if it doesn't fix itself. We spend too much time worrying about what other people are doing that we don't take the time to look at the crap thats going on on our own soil. The principal in this situation was wrong and didn't use sound judgment in this matter. It was more so a knee jerk reaction to whats been happening in other schools across the country. Its easy to sit behind a desk and come up with a quick f
  11. LOL, Ill just stick to Goldschlager! Actually Patron Tequila is pretty good too! :twisted:
  12. Favorite game: WOW, Gears of War, KOTOR II Favorite console: I have all! Nationality: Hungarian Sex: Male Age:36 Race: White Height: 5'11" Status: Married Build: Medium Muscular Build... Favorite band: Diverse, but I cant stand Country! Favorite book: Favorite author: Tom Clancy, Stephen King Favorite movie: Office Space, Hackers, War Games, and Sneakers Favorite director: Kevin Smith Favorite TV Show: Mythbusters, Men in White, Lots of DSC shows Favorite actor: Favorite Comedian: Carlos Mencia Other hobbies: Gaming, Music, Reading, Podcasts, Art & Design Car: No Car...
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