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  1. tera setup

    Best bet is to ask in the actual Tetra forums.
  2. iCloud ID credentials

    Have you tried looking in the Rubber Ducky part of the forums? https://forums.hak5.org/forum/56-usb-rubber-ducky/
  3. Keyboard Alignment

    Welcome to the forums. Each device that Hak5 makes has it's own section: https://forums.hak5.org/forum/56-usb-rubber-ducky/
  4. USB Rubber Ducky

    https://forums.hak5.org/forum/56-usb-rubber-ducky/ Best place for all to do with the Ducky.
  5. Newbie needs help

    Hi there, welcome to the forums. First thing, learn to use the search functions available online. I don't say that to be cruel, I say it because learning how to find information out is INVALUABLE. Now why do I say that firstly? Because using the search function would have brought you to a full topic already loaded to bear with EVERYTHING to get you started: So, I hope that gives you some ideas, and also, spending some money on books is never a bad idea. There's a great one on Penetration Testing called just that. "Penetration Testing, A hands-on introduction to hacking" by Georgia Wiedman published by No Starch Press. A great read.
  6. Why is Hak5 leaving the warehouse?

    Tacos. The reason is tacos.
  7. Etcher works pretty well too.
  8. What's your PC's specs?

    This is a slightly older one of my monitors, Yay for triple!
  9. Not one of the hak5 products is working properly

    Everything I see about this has me thinking the following. The products work fine. OP doesn't know how to use them, or where to use them, and their comments regarding that it's fine in a Library etc proves it.
  10. Rubber Ducky

    Hi welcome to the forums. Did you know that each of the Hak5 products has it's own part of the forums, full of guides and answers to questions? You asked about the USB Rubber Ducky, so check out https://forums.hak5.org/forum/56-usb-rubber-ducky/
  11. How to ask a technical question

    https://digi.ninja/blog/asking_for_help.php Another way of asking it, and very well written too. I think by someone on here..... :)
  12. Not one of the hak5 products is working properly

    Public law to use, I doubt it's law to interfere with.
  13. Is it possible to?

    Not wrong at all to ask in lots of places, makes sense if nothing gives an exact. Just when googling I only really got a potentially yes rather than an exact.
  14. Is it possible to?

    Google (and reddit where you also posted) seems to say "potentially".
  15. Not one of the hak5 products is working properly

    If he is in the US, they are. Unless it's a private school of some sort, in which case they belong to that facility. But either way, without explicit written permission, that's illegal, and we really cannot and will not help.