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  1. a few questions about "my" chromebook

    I disagree completely as the "IT guy", or to give me the actual title used in Ireland, ICT Co-ordinator, who runs the systems of many schools. I pride myself on knowing what the school needs, and making sure they have that. Be that restricted net, or open, programs, devices etc.
  2. problems deleting

    Control Panel, Add Remove Programs, select program, remove. After that, go to where it is in your programs folder, find it, shift delete. Assuming windows.
  3. Blizzard games

    Starcraft and Starcraft 2.
  4. a few questions about "my" chromebook

    Use your own stuff at home, use the school one at school, and don't try and mess with tech that you do NOT own or control. You will just make your sysadmin pissed off with you. I can appreciate that you think you know better (and it's quite possible you do based on some of the situations I've run into when I take over schools), but there are ways to go about it that don't attempt to break what's already there. You approach, you give information, you give alternatives, you show you can be trusted. Right now all I see is "I want to do this, and I don't care if it breaks the whole setup". So from my point of view you'd be marked as someone who should not be let have their own way on a school network or device. And so I tell you, one last time. Don't mess with tech or networks that are not your own without EXPRESS permission. You will regret it.
  5. a few questions about "my" chromebook

    If people have problems with the schools computers, contact your ICT Co-Ordinator or System Administrator. These are school machines that you are using. I can understand your frustration, but these are for school work, not "nomral net activity". You want to watch your own youtube, use something else. I know this sounds harsh, but trust me, you risk more by trying to bypass the schools settings than you do by just using something you actually own.
  6. a few questions about "my" chromebook

    It's not yours to mess with. Don't. As someone who is usually the person who gives them out to the schools, you don't know better. Don't mess with it. You want to "do something" get your own one, as if you try to break this you WILL fall afoul of the agreement you have with the school. This is not your gaming machine. This is not your machine. Do not break it.
  7. email address finder

    Potentially, but let's go with "something like that depends on a large number of variables". And if doing research, google is your friend.
  8. Just to clear it up, and not to drag out this conversation; You'd be wrong in your assumption. Like Sebkinne I run an online business ( I run a European reseller actually) , I have had to ask people for their ID, and have had to provide mine too. It can and does happen. You can choose to say I am lying, or accept what I say at face value. I can understand the frustration and confusion though, and hopefully Seb helps clarify it for you (he's much better at that than I am).
  9. No legitimate business asks for verification of identity? I must disagree. I have had to do it on occasion. I run an online store, and sometimes Shopify flags an order as potentially fraudulent for a variety of reasons. When that happens, I have a choice. I can ignore the warnings, or verify the person buying is the person paying. If you don't want to provide proof of identity or address, you don't have to. But then they don't have to accept your order.
  10. WWIII simulator

    I know the Introversion team. Great bunch. Fun side story, at Defcon's launch part it was my fiancé's birthday. Middle of the launch they wheeled out a birthday cake and sung Happy Birthday in front of all the games journalists that were there.
  11. WWIII simulator

    I do love Defcon. I'm in the credits of it.
  12. hacking login interface of home routers

    Can you not use your own router? Or perhaps just ring them and ask them to make the changes you wish?
  13. Sharing bank account number and sort code

    Well to give an idea my business one is clearly available for people to pay me. So far zero issues over 4 years of business. Sharing that information to get payment is not an issue. Now if someone wants to take money from your account they need a lot more than just those two pieces of information. Usually a form needs to be filled with a signature etc to setup things like that. In short, there are always some risks, but they are essentially negligible in day to day operations.
  14. Shop Missing Items, no answer from support

    It can vary, as it is only two people running the store. However recall that they are only back after 4 days off due to thanksgiving.
  15. Suggested products for a newbie

    Different tools for different jobs. For our OP: Hi, welcome. In all honestly, learn how your own systems work, then setup a test bench of sorts and then decide what you want to concentrate on. From there, that is when you will know what tool suits you best. Though they are all rather good to say the least.