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  1. Thanks for the indepth reply, ill pass that on to my boss, sounds like a solid solution :)
  2. We are using a portal page with our student network, maybe its a good idea to use it all the way through. less to keep an eye on. Thanks for your reply :)
  3. Hi guys Im currently working on tuning our schools wifi network in our city. Our security is certificate based, which only can be distributed by administrators. So far its been working ok. After a powerfailure recently it all went haywire to such depths that I dont wanna go into details about that here. Anyway, we have decided to scratch the certificate based security on our closed wifi and are looking for alternatives. MAC address based is just too much work for our overburdened admins, and password based..well.. not an option either. So I was wondering if any of you guys happend to come up with other (free or cheap) solutions. Any help will be appreciated Note: Sorry for typos and stuff that doesnt make sense, our coffee machine is down and we know what that means.. Regards F
  4. Thanks Snubs, Ill keep an eye on your shop :P
  5. Funny you should say, I have the exact same problem, got everything working apart from the essential things..(touchscreen, wifi, tilt function) kinda bugs me the drivers i've been working with a diffrent kernel from what im using..now its just gathering dust /flails madly I suppose you been looking at this http://pof.eslack.org/blog/2008/04/14/linux-on-htc-shift/ before :)
  6. Hi guys, Im a big fan of what you guys are doing. Love the stuff and playmindedness..is that a word? hmm nvm, I was however kinda disappointed to see you didnt have that polo for sale in the shop, i realize you are just trying out diffrent merchandise, but let it loose i say ;) hi54hak5 :)
  7. Hi, im FreeRunner I watched your show a few dozen times like everyone else here and simply loved it. Had a great laugh bout the 90s show tbh, brought back loads of memories. Just gonna drop the info like the rest of you guys Favourite game: Bullfrog: Syndicate or SWG(precu) Favourite OS: OSX or Ubuntu..depends on what the need is Favourite console: Atari 2600, my first love Nationality: Danish Accent: -drunk- Sex: Male Age:29 Race: Scandinavian Height: 50'12" Status: in relationship Build: polstered for artic winter/regular Favourite band: Jamiroquai Favourite book: BCC's book of endangered species and how to cook them Favourite author: Douglas Adams Favourite movie: Starwars ep 4 Favourite director: Peter Jackson Favourite TV Show: does Hak5 count? ;) Favourite actor: Harrison Ford Favourite actress: Felicia Day Favourite Pinup: Angelina Jolie in Hackers..hawt Favourite Comedian: Andy Kaufmann Other hobbies: googling you, feeding ducks bread with chili and general slacking, app development Car: oh i travel by firewire Occupation: government network administrator, 3rd level support when i bother to pick up the phone :)
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