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  1. Just drop the .iso file in the root directory of the USB drive and add the following to your menu.lst file. Its similar to the Ubuntu configuration. title BackBox 3.01 find --set-root /backbox-3.01-i386.iso map /backbox-3.01-i386.iso (0xff) map --hook root (0xff) kernel /casper/vmlinuz boot=casper file=/preseed/backbox.seed iso-scan/filename=/backbox-3.01-i386.iso quiet splash locale=en.UTF-8 -- initrd /casper/initrd.gz boot
  2. Thanks a lot Jason. I figured out what was happening. Apparently I had to pass the player argument to the console() function by reference. After that everything worked great. I will post the result after i get that new system for saving and loading of room variables integrated into the project.
  3. Thanks Jason. Also I was having some trouble when i tried to eliminate some global variables (namely, x and y). i know that somewhere in the main function, the position of the player is getting set to 0,0. So, this results in the player not being able to move. while(g) { if (player1.get_x()==0 && player1.get_y()==0)//starting point { if (room00.get_event()) { room00.set_exits(true,false,false,false); cout<<"As you venture into the Elderwood you are filled with an ominous feeling."<<endl; room00.get_exits(); console(room00,player1); } else { cout<<"You can't go home! You have to find that package!"<<endl; player1.set_position(0,1); } } if (player1.get_x()==0 && player1.get_y()==1)//bandit attack { system("cls"); room00.set_event(false);//you can't go home at this point. You have to find the package stolen from you room01.set_exits(true,true,true,true); if (room01.get_event()) { cout<<"As you walk down the path of the Elderwood, a pair of bandits leap from the trees, swords drawn!"<<endl<<endl; cout<<"Prepare for battle!"<<endl; battle(player1, 2, Bandit,true); system("cls"); cout<<"As you strike down the last bandit, you feel a wooden club hit you over the back of the head, throwing you to the ground, "; cout<<"throwing you into unconciousness"<<endl; cin.get(); cout<<"You wake up in the clearing where you were attacked. Judging by the position of the sun in the sky, "; cout<<"it has been a few hours since you were knocked unconcious. You check for your sword and other equipment "; cout<<"and panic as you realize that the package you were sent to deliver is missing! "; cout<<"The bandits must have stolen it! But, strangely, all of your other equipment is where you left it. "; cout<<"How strange.... "; room01.set_event(false); } else { cout<<"This is where the bandits attacked you before. The bodies of those you managed to kill lay where you left them. Apparently bandits don't bury their dead."<<endl<<endl; room01.set_mon_num(); battle(player1,room01.get_mon_num(),Goblin, false); system("cls"); } room01.get_exits(); console(room01,player1); } ... and the while loop continues on for all the rooms. This is the console function here. Thanks for all your help Jason. I have been messing with this code for a day or two now and still can't get it to work right. void console(Room room,Player player) { cout<<room.get_description()<<endl; string command; string start; string end; int temp; bool kg=true; cout<<"Please enter your command."<<endl; while(kg) { cout<<"> "; getline(cin,command); if (command.substr(0,2)=="go") { end=command.substr(3); if (room.check_exit(end)) { player.move(end); cout<<player.get_x()<<","<<player.get_y()<<endl; kg=false; } else { cout<<"there is no exit in that direction"<<endl; } } else if (command.substr(0,5)=="stats") { cout<<"Your stats are: "<<endl<<endl; cout<<"STR: "<<player.get_str()<<" "<<"+"<<player.get_str_mod()<<endl; cout<<"DEX: "<<player.get_dex()<<" "<<"+"<<player.get_dex_mod()<<endl; cout<<"CON: "<<player.get_con()<<" "<<"+"<<player.get_con_mod()<<endl; cout<<"INT: "<<player.get_intel()<<" "<<"+"<<player.get_intel_mod()<<endl<<endl; cout<<"HP: "<<player.get_hp()<<"/"<<player.get_max_hp()<<endl; cout<<"AC: "<<player.get_ac()<<endl; cout<<"You have "<<player.get_gold()<<" gold pieces."<<endl; cout<<"Your level is "<<player.get_level()<<" and you have "<<player.get_exp()<<" exp!"<<endl; } else if (command.substr(0,6)=="search") { player.search(room); } else if (command.substr(0,4)=="save") { player.save(room00,room01,room10,room12,room_neg21,room11,room_neg20); } else if (command.substr(0,4)=="rest") { cout<<"You set up camp for the night..."<<endl; player.rest_hp(); cout<<"You wake up feeling refreshed!"<<endl; } else if (command.substr(0,4)=="help" || command.substr(0,1)=="?") { cout<<"*****************COMMANDS*******************"<<endl; cout<<"Stats Displays your stats"<<endl; cout<<"Go <direction> travels in a given direction\n(north,south,east,west)"<<endl; cout<<"Search searches the room for any clues or hidden items"<<endl; cout<<"Exit exits the game"<<endl; cout<<"Save saves your game"<<endl; cout<<"Rest you set up camp for the night,restoring hp. But watch out!"; cout<<" You never know what might be there when you wake up..."<<endl; } else if (command.substr(0,4)=="exit") { cout<<"exiting the game..."<<endl; exit(0); } else if(command.substr(0,12)=="console-exit") //developer administrator command; exits the function instead of just exiting the game { cout<<"exiting console.."<<endl; kg=false; } else { cout<<"invalid string"<<endl; } } }
  4. Well i am trying to actually write a load function that will take values from a file and use them to set my coordinates and events. But i am having trouble working with the Room class values. I probably need to do something with pointers (if i dont want to resort to global variables), but i am not very good with them. Could someone help me out? These are the load and main functions: void load(); int main() { Room room11; load(); return 0; } void load() { ifstream load("rm.dat"); int x,y; bool event; if (load.is_open()) { load>>x; load>>y; load>>event; room11.set_coordinates(x,y); room11.set_event(event); } load.close(); } Heres the rm.dat. The first two values are the room coordinates and the second is the boolean value for the Room event: 1 1 1 1 2 0 So, any ideas? Thanks.
  5. Thanks Morfir. I got top marks for it in my class. And Jason, are you suggesting putting data in external files? And then loading it when i need to?
  6. So, I thought some people would enjoy this blast from the past. For the final project in my Programming class, i decided to program a text-based game in C++. And this is the result of my hard work. Source Code is included. Tell me if you like it. Game EDIT: By the way, this is also being released under GPL.
  7. I can see where you are coming from Infiltrator. Email servers run at home are more secure and give you more privacy than external services. Also, i have heard Postfix as a possible server software you might want to look into. Good luck.
  8. Encrypt with TrueCrypt? Even if they scan the device, they can't legally force the password out of you.
  9. It sounds something like a virus i have removed before called SecurityTool. I would suggest booting into safe mode and see if you can install the free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, found here: Malware Bytes If you can, scan the computer with it and see if it picks up your virus. If that doesn't work (a long shot), go to the msconfig and remove all entries (in safe mode). And then, reboot the computer and see if the virus has stopped. If it has, you know that the problem is in the msconfig. Then, gradually readd entries one at a time so you know which entries are the virus entries.
  10. There are also a few sites that I use pretty often. Url Void (shows the ratings of a website from WOT, etc...) I do proxy (proxy) These are all from the makers of www.novirusthanks.org, makers of everyones favorite online antivirus Theres a complete list of all of their services here: services
  11. Portal 2 is amazing. Anyway, I have been playing Brink lately. Its a pretty good game.
  12. so, i found that i have quite a few links lying around in my bookmarks and thought i would post them up on the forums. IBM article (lots of cool random tidbits of information) Linux Journal (a linux journal article about customizing the program screen) Bash Shell scripting Oh and this last one is actually a Javascript linux emulator. Very cool to play around with. JSLinux Anyway hope this is useful to someone.
  13. So recently i was just playing around with my mutlipass, trying to put on additional distros and such when i ran into system rescue cd. I could manage to get it to boot but then when i tried to start the GUI it started to hang. It mentioned a file called "sysrcd.dat". I pulled this file out of the iso and put it onto the root of the drive and it worked fine. Here is my menu.lst entry for it: title System Rescue CD find --set-root /systemrescuecd-x86-1.6.2.iso map /systemrescuecd-x86-1.6.2.iso (hd32) map --hook root (hd32) chainloader (hd32) boot i throw the iso onto the root of the drive along with the "sysrcd.dat" which is in the root of the iso if I am not mistaken. Hope this helps.
  14. Yeah i was just trying to write this crappy little script more as practice than anything else lol.
  15. I actually meant with just an offline attack like the one shown on the latest episode. Because the pineapple wasn't actually connected to the internet was it? Or am i mistaken?
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